Slow Start to AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 16 Quarterfinals Lives Week 2 Recap

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August 10, 2021
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August 25, 2021
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Slow Start to AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 16 Quarterfinals Lives Week 2 Recap

Pictured: Johnny Showcase -- Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The second week of “America’s Got Talent” season 16 live shows Quarterfinals week 2 had a very slow start, making the judges – Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara very disappointed in the shows first few acts of the night.

The first act to perform was T.3, or Tik Tok Tenors who received the wrath of Simon Cowell who told them they “just blew it.”  Then it was Dokteuk Crew’s turn who is a dance group.  They’re highly produced performance was panned by all the judges except for Howie Mandel.  Things took a turn for the worse when comic group Johnny Showcase came out performing an octopus song along with an octopus prop.  Simon’s reaction – “it was horrific.”

The night got onto a positive upswing which started with singer Tory Vagasy, followed by more acts the judges liked – Aidan Bryant, Peter Antoniou, Korean Soul, Josh Blue, Victory Brinker.

Tuesday’s Results Show will once again leave only seven acts moving on to the show’s Semi-Finals.  Special guests to perform on Tuesday’s show is former AGT winner, singer Cody Lee, and H.E.R., and past AGT psychic act “The Clairvoyants” will return to perform.

Voting is open until 7 am EST, Tuesday morning.

T.3 , a.k.a. TIK TOK TENORS (Singers)

T.3 performed the opening number to AGT’s live show Monday night.  Sofia said when she’s watching them she felt like it’s something she shouldn’t like.  But she enjoys it.  Simon reacted “I’m completely in agreement with Heidi.” It was a great idea, with a horrible track.   He said they could have had a fantastic moment with “just vocals.  This could have been a real moment. You just blew it.”

T.3 said they want to sing in front of as many people as possible.  They hope to win the Vegas show.

DOKTEUK CREW (Dance Group)

Pictured: Dokteuk Crew — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Dance group Dokteuk Crew performed  next.  Heidi told them “I really like you guys.  I can see how you really rehearsed.”  She said the visual optics (referring to the orange lighting and orange costumes) elevates the whole dance.  Sofia said “it was a little too much orange for me… it was super synchronized.”  She said the orange colors made her a little “confused.”  Simon said the production of it, “we lost you.”  He said they were “so amazing on that first audition.”  Howie loved it.  He said, “not enough orange.  The synchronicity was great!”


Pictured: Johnny Showcase — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Sofia said she felt like they lost their essence and didn’t understand why they had an Octopus as part of the performance.  Heidi explained that there was an octopus in the song.  Simon, who buzzed during their live act, reacted “It was horrific…absolutely horrific” and the song about the octopus was horrific.  Howie also buzzed and said “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  He thought they were trying to be serious.  He said, “I didn’t get the joke.”  Heidi loved it!  She said her brain was about to explode because there’s so much going on.

Crews asked Johnny to explain their performance and why the octopus.  Johnny responded that the octopus has eight brains in each leg.  That’s a lot of brains and I thought we’d bring all of them here!


Tory said being on the live shows in Hollywood is like a dream come true and she’s excited to get her “happily ever after.”   Howie said she’s an amazing singer and thinks they’ll see her on Broadway.  He said, however, she doesn’t have a chance against Jimmie Herrod.  Simon said Tory, we know who you are and where you want to be.  “It started out as a good performance and ended up as a great performance.”  He added, this is the best act we’ve seen so far tonight.  Heidi said she has a crystal clear beautiful voice and a princess come to life.  Sofia said “it felt so real…If I was you, don’t worry about winning this competition because Broadway is waiting for you.”  When Crews asked Tory about Howie’s comment, Tory responded, “don’t let the Howie’s of this world get you down.”


Shuffolution was born at the electronic music festival.  They said since the AGT audition, they’ve grown tighter.  A lot of them have quit their jobs and want to keep going until they get the show in Las Vegas.  Simon reacted that their audition was one of his favorites.  But, their live performance was “one huge step backwards.” He said it felt like something he’s seen a thousand times.  Heidi said maybe they have to change it up because it gets “really repetitive.”

Howie said he thinks there’s a lot of pressure, and he saw one of them fall.  Simon commented that, that was the “best part.”  The dancer frowned in reaction to that.  Howie continued, “It just shows you how much it means to you…you got up and continued to dance.”  Sofia said she didn’t like the song and last time it felt more like a cheer leading thing.  “Something happened tonight.  But, you guys are great,” she finished.

Crews said a dance crew has never won AGT.  They reacted that they’re going to work smarter and harder to combat against the negative comments they received from the judges.

AIDAN BRYANT (Arielist/Acrobat)

Aidan’s been watching AGT since he was a kid.  He’s now 16-years-old and never thought he’d be on AGT.  He saved up to buy a rig for him to practice his Ariel acrobats on.  His mom hooked-up their tractor to his rig to help with the up and down actions while he practices.  His ultimate dream is to perform on a stage in Las Vegas.  Aidan said he’s upped his game by adding more danger to his act for his first AGT live show performance.

Aidan received a standing ovation from the judges and audience.  Heidi told him that he’s an inspiration because for him only doing it for two years, it’s amazing how good he is.   “I just love it so much.”  Sofia said “I don’t know much about anything,” she continued that he doesn’t look like he just been doing this for two years.  Howie said “I love what you did.” He added that his constructive criticism was that Aidan spent too long on the resets.  Simon told Howie to “shut up.”  Because “he’s 16 years old, he has no safety mat..he could have broken his neck.”  Simon added, “this is a star in the making.”

Howie’s Golden Buzzer act was up next!  Crews asked Howie why he pushed his Golden Buzzer.  Howie replied, it was because who they are and what they stand for.  In these times we need a hero and in these time, nurses and first responders are heroes.


Their dream for the choir is to spread a little hope and joy throughout the country.   Howie said he feels so emotional.  “This is one where I can’t detach the story from who you are and how you sound.”  He said it’s people like them saving our lives and America would be crazy to not vote them as one of the seven acts to go through.  Sofia reacted that “it was emotional, it was spiritual. Fantastic.”  Simon said “America needs you right now, the world needs you right now” and we need them.  Heidi said they also touched her emotionally and thanked them for being on AGT.


The members in this act said they all met at Muscle Beach in Venice Beach, California.  At their AGT audition, Heidi said she didn’t see muscles.  They said they’ll live with that for the rest of their lives.  For their first AGT live act, they’ve come up with one of the most high flying dangerous acts that they could come up with.

Simon buzzed them at the beginning of their performance.  Crews asked Simon why the buzzer?  Simon explained that “it was a mess.  The balls were too small.  It was messy,” and “I would call that no Magic Mike.”  Howie didn’t agree.  He loved the weights much better from before.  What they do, he can’t do and felt like he was attending Heidi’s Bachelorette party.  Heidi who clearly enjoyed the act, stated that she couldn’t hear Simon’s buzzer because she could only hear the audience screaming.  Sofia said they make it seem fresh, and “the bodies are great!”  Crews asked them about raising the steaks and Simon’s buzzer.  They said thank you for the buzzer because they always overcome obstacles.


Pictured: Peter Antoniou — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Peter said to see how blown away Sofia was by his last trick on AGT was “very gratifying” and making it to the AGT Live Shows, he has to do his best and make no mistakes. He’s pushing his talent further than he has before.

Peter left a blind fold in front of Simon who tested it out to confirm that it was not see-through.  Peter said AGT producers bought him 2000 cans of food for his live performance.  Peter put on the blindfold and gave judges Howie, Heidi and Sofia five seconds to pick out a can of food.  He asked them to open up the can. It was up to Peter to say what was in the cans.

He asked the judges some personal questions their favorite dishes to mind read what was in their cans.   Peter correctly guessed tomatoes for Howie, corn for Heidi, and black beans for Sofia. He asked Sofia to join him at a table where there was “a special meal” for them.  There were four cans he brought from England.  Simon was to choose the can that Sofia would eat.  Three of the cans had a pig’s face in it.  Simon chose the blue can.  Peter gave Simon one last chance to change his mind.  Simon chose the yellow can which Sofia would have to eat from.  She was blindfolded before Peter opened the can.  It was a can of pineapple.

Simon had a can in front of him.  Inside was a piece of paper that had all the judges favorite dishes on it.  Howie reacted that it’s kind of unbelievable. Heidi loves how there’s so many layers to his act and “it’s super engaging.”  Simon said he changed his mind, and Peter “is a wizard.”

KOREAN SOUL (Vocal Group)

Pictured: Korean Soul —Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

They are from South Korea and said they want to be famous American stars.  They all quit their jobs to take a risk.  They chose to sing “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Areosmith which they are nervous about because it’s Rock and they put the song in their own style.  Sofia and Howie gave them a standing ovation.  Heidi reacted that it was different to hear that song that way.  She aid “well done.”  Sofia loved it and loved the outfits.  She said they look a “little bit sexier than the last time!”  She thinks they’re getting better.  Simon said he likes them and he does miss the harmonies.  “The song was a bit predictable” and wanted to hear them do something that they haven’t heard before.  Howie called it his personal favorite moment of the night.

Crews asked what it means to them.  The band leader said they are really happy because they are getting closer to their dreams right now.

JOSH BLUE (Comedian)

Josh said growing up, his family didn’t treat him any different because of his palsy.  He became a member of the US Soccer team.  He said he didn’t know he was any different until someone told him he has a disability.  Josh has been doing stand-up for a long time.  He’s on the show to show the world that he’s a comedian that happens to have cerebral palsy.

Howie reacted that Josh is “amazing” and he checks every box.  “You’re a super star”  He said everyone alive is disabled somehow.  Sofia said everything he says is funny.  Simon said “you’re very naughty…we need people like you in our live show.”  He said there’s a buzz before Josh comes on.  What is he going to say?..etc.  Heidi called Josh a “one of a kind”  and they’re very lucky to have him on AGT.

Simon had the idea to give Victory a Golden Buzzer from all of the judges.


Pictured: Victory Brinker — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Victory is nine years old with ten brothers and sisters.  Victory said she changed her song at the last minute on her AGT audition.  For her live show, she sang another opera song.  Victory received a standing ovation from the judges and audience.  Simon said “I know nothing about classical music.”  He said he does remember Carrie Underwood auditioning (on American Idol) and made the prediction that she would sell millions of records  He predicts that Victory will emerge as one of the top artists from these shows.  Sofia said Victory does it like it’s so natural.  Heidi said Victory has the most amazing gift and called her the cherry on top to this amazing night.  Howie said people have to vote and he knows Victory will make it through.



Updated August 18, 2021


“America’s Got Talent” live Quarterfinals show week 2 results show didn’t waste any time in getting started with the voting results from Tuesday night’s live show.  The acts who had the least amount of votes were called out by host Terry Crews to step forward on the stage.
Those acts were all singers – Korean Soul, Tory Vagasy, T.3  were the bottom three and their fates rested in the AGT Instant Save Vote.  The results of the vote were revealed at the very end.

The first result of the night was next.  The two acts going head-to-head to see who got more votes were Northwell Health Nurse Choir, and dance act Shuffolution.  America voted for Northwell Health Nurse Choir!  They are Howie’s Golden Buzzer.  Howie said he loved what they did and what they do for the world and this is a heroes welcome.

Past AGT contestants who were runner-ups in season 11, “The Clairvoyants” returned to the stage.  Judges Sofia, Heidi, and host Terry Crews joined in on their Las Vegas themed act.   At the end of it “The Clairvoyants” predicted the objects that the judges and host would select.

The next two acts were brought forward to hear their fates.  It was Opera/Classical nine-year-old singer Victory Brinker and aerialist Aidan Bryant.  Thankfully, they were announced to BOTH be going through to the Semi-Finals!! “I just love watching young people chase their dreams,” said Heidi.

Pictured: (l-r) Victory Brinker , Aidan Bryant — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


One more act to go through was announced next.  It was psychic/mentalist Peter Antoniou, and variety act Positive Impact Movement who went head-to-head.  The act that is going through is Peter Antoniou!

Sofia said “he’s going to keep having me there because he’s not going anywhere!”  She said he’s amazing and for him to keep doing exactly what he’s doing.

There were three acts left – Dokteuk, Josh Blue, and Johnny Showcase.   America voted for Josh Blue!  Josh said they’re trying to give him a heart attack!  Simon said Josh was “sensational last night” and he along with others are making this “a great, great competition this year.”  Simon added that Josh has the ability to win this whole thing.  Josh responded, “let’s do this!”

2019 winner Kodi Lee returned to the AGT stage to perform “Hold On”song with Grammy Award winning super-star H.E.R.

H.ER said she was moved to perform with Kodi because he’s so inspiring.  Kodi said it was great to perform with H.E.R.  Kodi will be one of the stars on the AGT stage show at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.  The show opens November 4th, 2021.

Pictured: (l-r) Kodi Lee, H.E.R. — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


Aspiring Broadway singer Tory Vagasy won the Instant Save vote!  She thanked everyone who showed her kindness.  The last two acts – T.3, and Korean Soul were up for the Judges’ vote, which happened after the commercial break.

Pictured: (l-r) Tory Vagasy, Terry Crews — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


Before the vote, the two acts said a few words.  Korean Soul said they want to spread love, joy, healing and hope.  They asked the judges to please give them another chance.  T.3 said they want to “bring a different side of T.3 to the next round” and they also want to  “spread love and joy,”  and “just want to sing for you guys.”

Heidi and Sofia voted for T.3.  Simon and Howie voted for Korean Soul.  Because the judges’ votes were tied, the vote fell to who America voted for.  That was Korean Soul!

NEXT WEEK these acts with perform:

The Curtis Family C-Notes
Lea Kyle
Michael Winslow
Brooke Simpson
Rial Cris
Klek Entos
Unicircle Flow
Keith Apicary
World Taekwondo Demonstration Team
America’ Wild Card revealed!!



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