Smashing the Stage on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Week 7 Recap

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July 1, 2015
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Smashing the Stage on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Week 7 Recap

It’s the final week of “America’s Got Talent” season 10 auditions. The judges stepped into the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood for the last time until next season. Howie Mandel arrived late due to his creative mode of transportation in the streets of Hollywood. After his arrival, the auditions began. The acts ranged from moderately attractive dancing Dads to an “extreme eater” who’s a chef in Chicago!

DADITUDE – 3 “Yes” Votes

AGT season 10, Daditude

They are a group of dancing dads ages 42 to 55. They have all worked as “professional dancers” 20 years ago! Mel B thought it was cute, and hot because they can still move that way. Heidi said they have talent. Howard said “fun, but NOT a million dollar act,” and voted “no.” Howie “loved” what they brought to it and that they dressed like dads.

NICK & EDDIE – “Yes” Votes

Two young men named Nick & Eddie sang a retro style song to big band music. Mel B. said “definite yes” vote and they got enough other “yes” votes from the other judges to go through to the Vegas round.

AGT season 10, Xavier, Benton

XAVIER is a magician that juggled multiple hats (literally!). Following his audition was BENTON who’s a stay at home dad with an impressive, raspy rock-n-roll voice. Xavier got 3 “yes” votes, and Benton got 4 “yes” votes.


Former life insurance salesman is now a “hand and face contortionist” who said AGT has never had an act like his on the show before. His audition was less than impressive and had the judges perplexed as to what was moving on his face as his fingers waved around. Mel B. called it a party act and all the judges gave him “no” votes.

RYAN SHAW – “Yes” Votes

AGT season 10, Ryan Shaw

Ryan sang “I Believe in Yesterday”. Howard said the entire time that he was singing, he had goosebumps. “You know how to make a song your own. Fantastic performance” Howard said. Ryan is through to the next round.


AGT season 10, Selected of God Choir

Their Choir has been together for 15 years. Larry explained their style to Mel B. as “contemporary gospel with a spin of traditional.” When they were done with their original and powerful sound, the judges and the audience gave them a standing ovation. Mel B. said “I’ve been waiting for that feeling and from the moment you started, you gave it to me. Howard, who was the first to stand, said “you are superior, perfect and extraordinary performers.” Heidi said it was great and she really enjoyed them. Howie was impressed that “just the breath coming from your lungs moved everybody in this room.”

DUO VOLTA – 4 “Yes” Votes

AGT season 10, Duo Volta

The two told the judges that they were formerly dating and decided to recently break things off when the male partner thought it was affecting their performance. After their perfect audition, Howie weighed-in first by calling the guy “stupid” for leaving his partner. Mel B. called it really beautuful to watch. Heidi said it was a sexy act. They both also said he is “stupid”. Howard agreed, “she is so hot” and he wouldn’t be able to stand it if she was dating someone else. BTW, it was a “yes” vote.


AGT season 10, Patrick Bertole

This “extreme eater” who is a chef and owner at a Chicago restaurant ate 120 raw eggs that weighed 15 lbs. It’s a world record because Patrick said “nobody’s dumb enough to do this but me.” Howie reaction was “it is a form of entertainment and it is a talent” but a talent that he probably wished he didn’t have. Heidi said “it’s amazing that you can do this.” Howard said you have a guy that wants to destroy his body but is this entertainment, and he said “yes.” Mel. B had to be the deciding vote. She said “it’s kind of gross. But, I like gross” and she said “yes.”

3 SHADES OF BLUE – 4 “Yes” Votes

AGT season 10, 3 Shades of Blue

Howard was happy becuase they are a rock band and he’s been looking for a good rock band to be on AGT. When they were done, Howard complimented them for “having the guts to come out and put it on the line.” He said they will do well on the show. Mel B. pointed-out that the vocals were not so strong. But, thought they still had the “whole package”. Howie said “as a rock band they brought everything that they needed to bring. Heidi disagreed with Mel B. and liked the vocals. She did agree that they are “the whole package.”

EVIL CHIKIN- 4 “No” Votes

AGT season 10, Evil Chikin

Evil Chikin was “all pumped up with” bad harmones, and received 4 “no” votes.

LATIN SWAG – “No” Votes

When no on was impressed with these two male Latin dancers went from calling themselves a “2 million dollar act” to a “$20,000 act”.

GEM CITY JEWELS – 4 “No” Votes

AGT season 10.Gem City Jewels

Howard asked if they are “super-stars” because that’s what he’s looking for, and they guaranteed him “10 thumbs up” that they are. But when they started singing and dancing, it was clear that they were not talented. ALL of the judges hit their buzzers. Howard told them that Mel B was the last one to hit because they reminded her of “The Spice Girls”.. Nick Cannon said when he looked at the girls, he saw a diamond, and he saw a ruby but what they need is a Sapphire – which is him!!


AGT season 10, Pretty Big Movement

The founder said she wasn’t getting gigs because she was told she is “too big” so she started “Pretty Big” – a group of seven plus sized dancers. Wearing afro wigs they gave an impressive performance of a James Brown song by lip-syncing and dancing. They even ended with the draping of a cape on the back of one of the dancers. Mel B said they are “inspiring for all the curvalicous women out there.” Heidi said she couldn’t take her eyes off them an it was “a feel-good act.” Howard said with all the dancing it must be hard to stay pretty big. Howie said even if they weren’t big it would be an amazing act. He called it “an anti-spanx campaign.”

ERIC – 4 “Yes” Votes

AARON SMYTH – is a male dancer. Mel B. called it “seamless.” He got all “yes” votes.

DUO MAELAN – 4 “Yes” Votes

They described their act as an “exhibition show dance.” Howard called them raw talent. Heidi said that’s the way to score an audition, with that “amount of fire.”

THE MOVES – 4 “Yes” Votes
A large dance troupe made up of men and women. The judges loved their audition. Heidi said it was like an explosion.


AGT season 10, Delighted Tobehere

“Delighted Tobehere” auditioned in drag.   Howard said he took him by surprise, and thinks that he’ll have “a big compact” on the show. He also said he could see him going bigger and better. All the judges said “yes” to him.

VOX – 4 “Yes” Votes

AGT season 10, Vox

They are a boy band that all meant in college. But, they are NOT “boys”, they are men. Howie was trying to find out how long they had been together. “Vox” means voice in Latin. Before they started, Howard looked doubtful, but when they began to sing beautiful Opera, he and the other judges were pleasantly surprised and had smiles on their faces. Howie said he felt that power and called them the “classiest” boy band there is. Howard said he was won over by their sound.


AGT season 10, Joanna Kennedy

She’s a “passion and intimacy” expert. She’s on the AGT stage to teach kissing. Howard enlisted voluntary help from Nick Cannon since Nick is single. Howard said Nick is divorced so he needs help. Joanna went to get her “friend” and brought out a life-sized blow-up doll. Howard insisted on grabbing someone for Nick, whom is looked in the audience for. He brought-up a big chested woman. Howard buzzed Nick just before he went in for his kiss, them Howei and Mel buzzed him. Howard called it the weirdest thing he’s ever seen and joked that it’s a family show. She go all “no” votes.


AGT season 10, Samantha Hess, Neil Patrick Harris

Piers Morgan , Marlon Waynes, Michael Buble, and Neil Patrick Harris will join the judging table this season as rotating celebrity guest judges. Even better is these fifth judges will have the power to save some acts by using the Golden Buzzer! This will be good!



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