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Something About Caila – THE BACHELOR Overnight Dates Recap

Posted on March 05 2016 by Editor

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Something About Caila – THE BACHELOR Overnight Dates Recap

This week on “The Bachelor” it’s the over-night dates. Ben and the remaining three women – Caila, Lauren, and JoJo continued their romances in exotic location Rio Chico, Jamaica.

Ben, who is trying to find his wife, claimed that he has strong feelings for three of the women. However, by the end of the episode, he showed that his feelings were a bit stronger for two of the women.


On recapping the bachelorettes, Ben called Caila the most beautiful woman he’s been around. His concern about Caila is her lack of ability to open-up and fully share her feelings.

Ben said it was love at first sight with Lauren and questioned if it’s too good to be true with her. He stated that she may be too good for him. Like Caila, Lauren also hasn’t shared her feelings with Ben. Ben said he feels the most “gitty” with Lauren, like a “school boy chasing his crush” he described it.

Ben said there’s an instant connection with JoJo and that she opens-up a whole new side of him. It’s a side that can laugh and joke more. He said he’s very confident around JoJo.


Ben called his feelings for Caila “deeper” than for any other girl.

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Caila was hoping to be able to tell Ben that she’s in love with him. However, Caila’s reserved tone of the first part of the date made Ben un-easy. Their silent boat ride at the top of their date was very awkward. Ben discreetly tried to figure out what was wrong with Caila. Ben said he’s looking for a woman who can tell him what’s on her mind where they can openly communicate.

Caila contemplated on telling Ben that she loves him (which she finally did towards the end of their date). Ben said she’s the woman that he’s falling for. She told Ben that it was bothering her knowing that Ben might be in love with one of the two other women left.

During dinner, Caila told Ben that she’s in love with him. Ben responded with a kisses. She said she could see in his eyes and “feel in his breath” that he feels the same about her. Ben was happy because it was what he’s been looking for. Caila said that there’s never been a man before Ben that makes her feel complete and makes her feel understood. Caila decided that she wanted to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite. By the looks of their constant kissing, they no doubt, had a passionate night in that Fantasy Suite.

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