Spider-Man Fights God-like Power in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, Comic Con 2013

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Spider-Man Fights God-like Power in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, Comic Con 2013

Hall H at this year’s Comic Con saw a lot of big Hollywood movies with A-list stars attached – Aaron Eckhart for “I, Frankenstein”; Scarlett Johannson and Chris Evans for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”; as well as Jamie Foxx and Andrew Garfield for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”.

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Director of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Marc Webb said about this continuation from “The Amazing Spider-Man” released last year, also directed by Webb,said this movie will show “One of the most exciting chapters in Peter Parker’s life. He’s learning to be very good at being Spider-Man. There’s a level of virtuosity that we haven’t seen before. That fun, playfulness and confidence makes that character that much more appealing,” said Webb.

The star of the movie, Andrew Garfield who portrays Peter Parker/Spider-Man, said “We get to build on a foundation that we set with the first one. Garfield said, “We get to expand and explore. Alexander Kurtzman and Steve Ditko wrote something layered and rich, twists and turns and with dimension. It’s going to be a really fun picture.”

Webb said, they wrote a villain that challenges Spider-Man and actor Jamie Foxx plays that villain. Foxx said he knew a lot about Electro before he got the part. His main goal was to make Electro four-dimensional. He said Max Dillion who turns into villain Electro, is a genius electrician. But, he is a “broken guy”. Foxx wanted to capture three things while playing Max Dillion (Electro) – being betrayed by love, being portrayed by his family and being portrayed by his job. “It sets it up for that old school villain who turns into someone who really wants to get get-back, said Foxx. Electro is the absolute opposite of Peter Parker

Webb describes Electro as being “God-like in his power.” When someone like Spider-man comes into contact with him, he’s like a thousand third rails, you’re obliterated. So how do you fight someone when you’re most powerful weapon – your webs conduct electricity,” explained Webb.

Garfield said Spider-Man has split personalities. He is Spider Man. He is the older brother, then he is Peter Parker. He is the younger brother. Younger brother in the shadow of himself. Then he becomes human, but too human. “Peter goes through historically, the worst crap that someone can go through. He comes home and has to deal with paying rent. That’s the mundanity versus the super-human fantasy,” said Garfield.

Jamie Foxx said his daughter is a big fan of Spider-man and said when he heard that he got the part of Electro, his daughter said Spider-man will kick his ass. Foxx said yes, but he’s going to do a lot of ass-kicking too. Foxx said he wanted Electro to be a “very serious individual” that wants to burn the city down and burn Spider-man with it.

Webb said in this movie, “We wanted to be a universe that was a little be more elaborated.”

As for Peter Parker’s love interest, Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone), Garfield said “as time passes, intimacy issues abound”. One fan was curious about the number of villains popping-up in this sequel and asked Webb, “Are you putting in too much?” Webb admitted to having more villains in this Spider-Man, but assured not to worry because, “the main villain in this movie is Electro. An incredibly powerful villain,” stated Webb. The fan said he demanded “carnage” in The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

When the movie comes out, Webb said, “People will be intrigued by the movie and there’s going to be a lot of people talking about it after it.”



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