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Star-Like Auditions! THE VOICE Blind Auditions Premiere

Posted on September 23 2014 by Editor

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Star-Like Auditions! THE VOICE Blind Auditions Premiere

The search begins yet again this season on NBC’s “The Voice” to find that one mega-talented singing budding star. Hoping to be the one to discover them – thus begins the race amongst mega-stars in their own right – newly joined o the coaching panel Gwen Stefani, and Pharrell Williams. Returning super-star coaches are Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Hosted by Carson Daly, “The Voice” kicked off it’s seventh season on the Universal Studios lot with the Blind Auditions round.

The coaches opened the show by performing “No Doubt” song “Hella Good.”

Adam Levine, Pharrell, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton performance



Luke Wade, Team Pharrell

The first coach of the night to win over a contestant was Pharrell. He was impressed by Luke Wade who is a 31 year old singer from a family of artists.

Chair Turners: Adam, Gwen, Bake, Pharrell

Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani

Coaches Comments: Gwen’s stated her case to try to win Luck over by pointing-out that she’s been in a band since the age of 17. Adam warned Luke NOT to look into Gwen’s eyes. Adam got up on his chair. Pharrell stood up for Luke, and said all he wants to do is be Luke’s “amplifier”. Gwen argued that she’s “fresh and excited” and can focus on him more.


Elyjuh René, Team Gwen

Elyjuh is a performing arts singer. He sang Beyonce song “XO” for his Blind Audition and adding his own style to it.

Chair Turners: Adam, Pharrell

Coaches Comments: Pharrell called him one of the most amazing vocalists that he’s seen.

Blake expressed his disappointment of not having the opportunity to haze Pharrell about his big hat, but Pharrell didn’t wear it!



Clara Hong, Team Adam

Clara said she’s been a fan of Pharrell’s since she was in Middle School. So, it’s surprising that she didn’t pick to be on his team!

Chair Turners: Adam, Gwen, Pharrell

Pharrell Williams is silk

Coaches Comments: Clara called Pharrell silk when he told her, her voice is silk. Then she said, “your voice, your voice!”


Damien Lawson, Team Adam

Carson Daly went to LAX to meet the next artist – Damien who is 35 years old. Damien is a TSA agent at Los Angeles International Airport. He was there when there was a shooter that targeted the TSA who shot and killed one of his co-workers in November. Damien sang at his funeral. He said he only needed one chair to turn, he got four!

Chair Turners: Adam, Gwen, Pharrell, Blake

Coaches Comments: Daminen cried after his audition after being over-come with emotion. Blake talked about his favorite pocket knife that LAX took from him. In the way that we said yes to you, I’d like a yes from you. Blake compared him to Bill Withers.



Bryana Salaz

Bryana is 16 years old from Antonio, Texas, and said her family moved around a lot.

Chair Turners: Adam, Blake, Gwen

Coaches Comments: When she told Adam that she’s from Texas, Blake yelled “She said she’s from Texas!” Adam told Bryana that she is already so much better at singing than Blake is. Gwen told her that she can relate to her because she’s a girl! It must have worked because she’s on Team Gwen.


John Taylor Williams, Team Gwen

Taylor, from Portland, Oregon, works at “Sniff Dog Hotel” because he likes dogs. He plays music at the hotel when he’s not serving there.

Chair Turners: Adam, Gwen

Pharrell Williams

Coaches Comments: Pharrell told Adam that he turned around because, basically, he heard himself! Taylor did sound a lot like Adam! Gwen told Taylor about the Kanye West song he sang during his Blind Audition, “You made it your own, you can tell you are an artist.” Adam said “every single note you hit was perfect.” Gwen expressed, “I need to work with someone like you in a greedy kind of way.” She said she needs to write a new record and feels she’ll be pushed by someone like Taylor. Gwen also said that Taylor was making her “hot”. Pharrell sided with Gwen and added, “Adam understands your voice. But Gwen understands your future.”



Allison Bray Team Blake

At her audition last season, Blake told Allison “promise that you’ll work as hard as you can on your pitch.” He said if she does, she’ll be a threat. Since last season, Allison graduated from high school and started a band.

Chair Turners: Gwen, Blake, Adam

Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton boos

Coaches Comments: Blake said her voice is “like a breath of fresh air” and said her pitch is great. Blake also told her, “It’s the first time that I’m excited sitting in this chair.” Pharrell gave Blake an endorsement.  Then, Blake hugged Pharrell and called him is “boo.” Adam told Allison to stay in her lane, but be a passenger in his car.


James David Carter, Team Blake

James who is a country singer, was the last audition of the night that had the coaches fighting each other to win him over. Adam was the first to turn his chair.

Chair Turners: Adam, Gwen, Pharrell, Blake

Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani

Coaches Comments: When Blake looked over and saw Adam standing on top of his chair, he asked him what does it mean to be standing on his chair like that. Adam said “it’s the highest possible point on my chair.” Gwen challenged that by taking off her shoes then standing on the back of her chair. Pharrell told him there wasn’t a nervous second in his performance, and as a coach, it’s what they dream for.

Blake argued for himself that he can’t stand on chairs, “mostly because I’ve been drinking too much.” He said out of 7 seasons, it’s the best country audition that he’s heard. Adam told James that he’s never seen a Blind Audition that was so “star-like.”


The pool of talent auditioning for “The Voice” is so vast that there are many talented singers who get turned away by not having any coaches turn their chairs for them. In the season 7 premiere episode the singers left without coaches were 52-year-old Dennis Bell who owns a dirt contraction business. He stopped singing 22 years ago after losing his father to a heart attack. Blake said he has a “cool country sound”. Adam told him he has the gift of moving people with emotions in his singing.

Megg (22 years old), who is a mini version of Gwen Stefani with her clothing and singing style alike. She over-topped her singing by keepig her voice loud and thundering while practically scaring the coaches. Blake said “I thought it was a little bit dramatic” but pronunciation was a big thing too. Pharrell said she’s like a “power-house” but was missing the settlety the Gwen has. Gwen said she’s awesome and would like to work with her in the future.

Bianca Esinal who sings with her father in the subways of New York. She sang “Foolish Games.” After no coaches turned their chairs, Bianca was visibly hurt and started to sob a bit. Blake wanted her to show the bigger upper register of her voice. Pharrell said, “what you didn’t feel, we didn’t feel.” Pharrell asked her the next time that she comes back she’s going to have what? She answered, “a good time for myself.”


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