Stepping Into Destiny on THE VOICE Season 15 Blind Auditions Week 3 Recap

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October 2, 2018
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October 15, 2018
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Stepping Into Destiny on THE VOICE Season 15 Blind Auditions Week 3 Recap

There’s only one more week left of “The Voice” season 15 Blind Auditions before each coaches’ teams will be full. The third week of Blind Auditions brought a new duo, which hasn’t been seen on the show for a few seaons now. It was Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson’s first experience hearing such an artist combo during the Blinds.

Coaches Kelly and Blake continued to fight it out over obtaining the best Country artists this season. And Jennifer, who was the last coach left with a Block, finally used it during Monday night’s show.

After next week, “The Voice” will enter into the Battle Rounds where each coach will have a Team advisor. Team JHud will have Halsey; Kelly Clarkson will be joined by Thomas Rhett; former ‘Voice coach CeeLo Green will be there to back Team Adam; and Team Blake will have Keith Urban.

At the start of Monday night’s show, each coach needed seven more artists. Jennifer Hudson said Season 15 of “The Voice” is about “all girl power.” Blake said “the claws are about to come out.” Jennifer also said it’s in the air that the females are going to take over.


One Up is a duo with Adam and Jerome. They’re a duo on stage and in real-life. They were first cast as “love interests.” They were curious that Jennifer and Kelly hadn’t heard a dou yet on the show.

Chair turns: Kelly,Jennifer, Blake.

Adam said he is the falsetto of One Up and Jerome is the berrotone. Adam told the coaches that he and Jerome met then they fell in love. Jerome said Motown is music that’s timeless and that’s what they want to do. Adam vouched for Blake by stating he has the most success with duos in The Swan Brothers, with that, he’d be a good choice. After their families came out onto the stage, Kelly reacted they are proof that “love is limitless” and their voices are “undeniable.” Blake siad he’s the only coach with a proven track record with success of duos. “I’m your cowboy” stated Blake.

Coach: Kelly. She was blown-away that the duo picked her. Jennifer and Blake were also shocked.


She wants to leave a legacy for her children and “wants them to see that they can do anything.” Has two children – 8 and 5 and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She plays on stage for tips. Natalie sang “Bararduca” for her Blind Auditoin. Adam immediately turned around.

Chair Turns: Adam, Jennifer

Adam chastised the other coaches for not turning their chairs. Jennifer said Natalie’s voice is like “an oncoming train” and also shamed the other coaches for not turning. Aam told her the “type of grit” she has, they don’t find it very often. Jennifer said Natalie has a voice that could sing the clouds out of heaven.

Coach: Adam. Adam told Natalie that he willnot let her down. He called her “a beastly rock-and-roll singer that can do a lot more.” Everyone’s going to be surprised.


When she was 19, started a band that she was the lead singer in. Hannah signed with a Country label and toured with Rascal Flatts. Later, she said she had to “step-away…it’s just hard to be in a band.” Carson Daly played a personal video message from Rascal Flatts who encourged her Blind Audition. Hannah sang “Baby Now that I Found You.” Unfortunatey, no chairs turned for her.

Blake said he knows Hannah. She toured with him as well. Blake said he already had artists that sound like her. Kelly also wanted to turn. But, didn’t because she said she was “waiting for one thing. Just didn’t hear it.” Blake said he feels bad for Hannah. She did a good performance “I’m being really picky. I need someone special.”

Jennifer said she’s waiting for someone “speical” before she uses her Block.


He’s 23 year old. He was number five in the nation when playing football in high school. Becaue his grades were bad, he lost all of his scholoarships. Mike currently works in construction with his father. He said music filled a void for him. Mike currently does open mic nights. Mike sang “So Sick” for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turn: Jennifer

Jennifer turned for Mike at the very end of this song. Jennifer said she loves that he didn’t give up. “The voice was always there.” Kelly was amazed how different his singing voice is from his speaking voice. Adam said it went from about to be “no turns to one of my favorite moments of the day.” She said he has the right material, he has the right voice.


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 3, Joey Green

Pictured: Joey Green, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

He’s 35 years old from Crawley, Texas. Joey runs a screen-printing business out of his kitchen. His music genre is similar to Counting Crows. Joey lost his sister who passed away at 41-years-old and she was his biggest fan. Joey sang “Baba O’Riley” by The Who. As Joey sang, all the coaches were egging Adam to turn his chair. Tired of waiting, Jennifer decided to turn her chair.

Chair Turns: Jennifer, Blake

Jennifer yelled at the coaches “what is wrong with you people!!?” Jennifer admitted that “that’s not neccesisarily my lane”. But, his voice deserves to be on the stage. Blake exclaimed tht he’s glad that Jennifer admitted that it’s not her lane. Joey labeled himself a Country/Americana artist. Jennifer said passion is the most important then and she’s a passionate coach.

Coach: Blake. Joey said he has family from Oklahoma is why his chose Blake. Blake siad Joey has a raspy, gravily voice and glad he chose him.

Jennifer warned that Blake better look out for her Block.


Zaxai parents are from Haiti and moved to Brooklyn, New York. His mom is a nurse. His father is a pastor and a cook. Zax got a job at Radio City Music Hall as an usher. He said it was there where Kelly CLarkson accidently kicked him in the back of his head. He sang “Come and Get Your Love.” Jennifer turned on his first note.

ZAXAI Interview Below:

Chair Turns: Jennifer, Kelly (Blocked)

Zaxai told Kelly about how she accidenty kicked him in the back of his head at Radio City Music Hall. He hugged him and told him she’s sorry, and said “that’s karma I’m Blocked.” Zaxai showed-off his two-step dance moves. Jennifer told him he’s such a showman and a performer. Jennifer told Zaxai welcome to Team JHud and she won’t kick him in the head.

Coach: Jennifer. She said his voice is “so soulful” and can’t wait to “groom him.”


Erika is 20 years old from Miami, Florida. Her daid is a guitarist and he introduced her to Gloria Estefan. She calls herself a dark artist. It’s easy for her to bring out the “sass” and can do a great Shakira imitation. When she’s not in school, Erika gigs with her friends. She said the song she chose for her Blind Audition is abut women empowerment for her. Erika sang “New Rules.”

Chair Turns: Kelly

Adam told her that she has an incredible voice and it’s very modern. Jennifer said she has depth, range and attitude. She’s looking for something different she said. Adam said her voice is so precise, that it could have been taken off the radio. But, Kelly will help her with emotion and will be good for her. Erika told Blake that she met him at a concert, gave him her demo CD. He signed it and gave it to another fan! Blake told her it may come as a shock to her, he doesn’t know that song and said he’s never heard a voice like hers before. Kelly said she has incredible pitch, tone and a sassy R&B vibe.


From San Diego and is an astrophysicist. He works with NASA. Jarred said he met his wife when they were twelve. He sang “Tired of Being Alone” by Al Green. He said music has always made him happy.

Chair Turns: Adam, Blake

Blake said the excitement in his voice was contagious and doesn’t know anyone who’s more happy to sing in his falsetto than Jarred. Adam told Jarrad that he heard him and he needs help with his falsetto and that’s his speciality. Jarred said this is far out of his comfort zone because he has a PHD in Astrophysics. Adam promised if Jarred teaches him Astrophysics, he’ll teach him falsetto.

Coach: Adam. Adam said he likes Jarred a lot and glad to help his falsetto.


Sam is from New Hampshire. He has a love of 70’s singers/songwriters from hanging out wiht his Dand listening to artists like John Denver while camping. He does about 200 shows per year currently. “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce. Unfortunately, no chairs turned for Sam. Kelly said she wanted to hear what his upper register sounds like is why she didn’t turn. Adam commended him for singing Jim Croce which is difficult. He told Sam that his voice is beautiful.
Jennifer was also waiting for a “level change.” Adam told him he needs to interject a bit more intensity in certain spots.

Sam is the fifth artist to get selected for the Comeback Stage by Kelsea who like that Sam can also write. She also said she picked him because every coach told him that his voice is gorgeous.


Colton is from Alabama where homosexuality is not welcome. His mom supports him and is proud of his courage. Colton said he’d like to work with Jennifer Hudson. Colton sang “Alive” by Sia.

COLTON SMITH Interview Below:

Chair Turn: Jennifer

Jennifer stood up to cheer him on and yellled “sing baby!” Adam told Colton that he looks “trippy” and is a badass who’ll do “great things.” Jeniifer sid she could sense his character and wants to continue to bring it all out of him. Jennifer said she could tel that he has stage presence and at JHud productions is not all about skngnig but lso about showmanship which Colton has.


Kayley works as a carpenter in Nashville, Tennesse and says she’s ready to learn from the coaches on “The Voice”

Chair Turn: Blake

Kelly said she couldn’t get if she was Country in her singing of Fleetwood Mac. Blake yelled if “you couldn’t hear the Dolly in her voice…what’s wrong with you?” Adam actually told Kayley that she has a great coach in Blake. Blake said Kayley’s voice is a tender, soulful Country thing and it’s looking good for him this season. Kelly stated that she’s looking for a big, round sound Country singer. It also seemed that Kayley’s Fleetwood Mac song choice threw her off a bit.


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 3, Kirk Jay

Pictured: Kirk Jay, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

22 years old from Bay Minette, Alabama. He grew-up in a two bedroom, one bathroom trailer. He said some days there was no food. He started to sing Country and now has a Country band which is his full-time job. “I always prayed that I’d make it out some day. Kirk sang “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts. He said he’s had a lot of broken roads and the song is like a prayer for him.

KIRK JAY Interview Below:

Chair turn: Blake, Adam, Kelly, Jennifer

Adam asked if Blake turned because he sounded like a bit of Cee Lo Green in there. “It was like Cee Lo and Blake made a Country baby.” Adam added that if he doesn’t come to his team, then he’d love it if he went to Blake’s team. Kelly observed that she heard a little bit of Biran McKnight, then asked what kind of record he wants to make. He answered, “Country to the day I die.” Kelly said his voice has a big soulful presence and bragged that she sang with Rascal Flatts. She said she can represent both worlds. Adam told Kirk that honestly for the first time in his life, he’d love to see him on Blake’s team. Blake was estatic and jumped-up and kissed Adam. Jennifer asked why he chose the song. He said it’s the first Country song he heard cried. Jennifer urged Kirk to go with his heart while Kelly was carrying-on how she’s Country too! It also din’t help Kelly that Adam walked over to point to Blake.

Coach: Blake. Blake said that’s the kind of artist who he wants to take his spot on Country radio. That’s what he wants the them feel like and sound like.



Caeland is friends with Red Marlow from two seasons ago. Red suggested to Caeland that he come to Nashville and play. Caeland was singing in the background before auditioning for “The Voice.” He sang “Dancing in the Moonlight” for his Blind Audition. Jennifer and Blake turned at the same time.

Chair Turns: Jennifer, Blake

Blake reacted that he wanted to buy that version of the song to put on his playlist and told him that his voice is so unique. Blake added that Caeland sounds like a singer from the 1970s. Jennifer told him that she’s a fan of Caeland’s voice.

Coach: Blake. Blake said Caeland has the type of voice that if you heard it on the radio, you’d know that it’s him.


Madison is 24 years old. Her father is the keyboardist from Journey and wrote “Don’t Stop Believin.” He was inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. Madison aid she’d like to work with Kelly Clarkson because she’s been able to work with different artists and has remained relevant. Madison sang “You Oughta Know” by Altantis Morrisette. Unfortunately, no chairs turned. Kelly said she wanted her to be reckless and was “too perfect sounding.” Kelly advised her to “be more angry.” Blake told Madison that her range is incredible and agreed with Kelly that she “needs some anger issues.”

Madison was the final artist chosen for the Comback Stage for Kelsiea.


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 3, Lela

Pictured: Lela, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Lela is 15-years-old from Miami Florida. She wants to mix her Cuban music with R&B. Lela sang “Havana” by Camila Cabello. Kelly turned for Lela right away.

Chair Turns: Kelly, Jennifer

Jennifer said she could tell that Lela “has some moves.” Kelly said she loves it when singers start singing in Spanish and it’s really in on the radio now. She wants to hear more people do it. Blake told her he thought she was an incredible. Kelly said if she’s on her team, she wants Lela to keep to the bilingual thing.

Coach: Jennifer. Jennifer said Lela is a great representation of the Spanish feel.


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 3, Cody Ray Raymond

Pictured: Cody Ray Raymond, Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

He does martial arts and joined the military (the Airforce) as Security Enforcement and was in the North Pole for one year by himself. Cody said to escape, he would play the guitar. After the military, he played on the streets for food then started playing shows. Cody sang “Born Under a Bad Sign” song for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turns: Kelly, Jennifer

Kelly called Cody “so soulful” and has “crazy runs.” She also said his voice sounds “effortless.” “Alice in Chains”, “Pearl Jam”, “Nirvana” were his inspirations.

Coach: Kelly. Kelly said Cody is “sick” and she heard something different in him. He has that grunge background. Adam was dissapointed that he missed-out on turning for Cody.


Jake comes from a gospel singing family and he and his family has toured. Jake sang “When the Stars Go Blue” song.

Chair Turn: Adam

Adam turned his chair on Jake’s last note. He said he turned for Jake’s raw talent. Ada said Jake has the most unique tone he’s heard all season. Blake said he regretted not hitting his button.


Abby is from Cincinati, Ohio who is “The Singing Princess.” That means she’s a character singing actress at kids birthday parties. Abby had an accident when falling off of a horse. Abby said she’s been sining in her room for 13 years. Her number one coach she’d like is Kelly. Abby sang “Scars To Your Beautiful” song.

Chair Turn: Kelly

Kelly told Abby that her tone is incredible. Kelly also said she heard some Tori Kelly in Abby’s voice.


The Voice 15 Blind Auditions week 3, Funsho

Pictured: Funsho, Photo by: Tyler Golden/ NBC

Funsho was born in Nigeria. He said his family had a lot of hard times with his dad having to wait one month to get paid on jobs in Nigeria. Funsho was 7-years-old when his parents moved the family to America in New York. Funsho started auditioning in talent shows. His dad pressured Funsho to have a college degree. Funsho said after leaving his government job he’s finally “stepping into his destiny.” Funsho sang “Finesse” by Bruno Mars.

FUNSHO Interview Below:

Chair Turns: Adam, Jennifer

Adam said Bruno is impossible, and thinks Funsho has it all. Kelly said she thought his performance was amazing and takes guts to do a song that’s so well-known. Jennifer called him “a great vocalist” and he’s “amazing.” Adam told Funsho that the range of things he’ll be able to do is “massive” and called him one of the best vocalists they’ve heard in the Blind Auditions.

Coach: Adam.  Funsho said he’s a huge fan of Adam’s and to be able to work with him is “crazy.”



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