Strongest Acts of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Semifinals 2013 – Week Two Recap

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Strongest Acts of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Semifinals 2013 – Week Two Recap

Six More Acts Join The AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Finalists Of 2013:

On Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at Radio City Music Hall, the second six AGT finalist of 2013 were announced and will compete in the Top Twelve, check them all out HERE


In the second week of the “America’s Got Talent” semifinals, much of the talent stepped-up their game resulting in judge Howard Stern calling it the best night in AGT semifinals history. Before the acts performed, Mel B. stated “every single contestant is going to have to be on their ‘A’ game to get through. After Wednesday’s results show, the contestants going voted to continue will be part of next week’s Top 12 acts.

The night was young, and so was the first act who were the tween Salsa dancers D’Angelo and Amanda.


D’ANGELO AND AMANDA – Salsa Dancers  (Top 12)

Just Dancing in the Rain!

Pictured: D’Angelo and Amanda – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

A couple of young Salsa dancers whom D’Angelo beat his sister Ruby of Ruby and Jonas out of the competition. D’Angelo said if he doesn’t win, he’ll be put up for adoption.

The two young dancers danced to “Smooth Criminal” song by Michael Jackson in water. When they were done, the judges had split opinions. Howie didn’t love it and thought that they took a step back. Mel B. also wasn’t thrilled over it. She said, “I have to say this routine only caught my eye when you came on the water. I don’t think the dance moves complimented the music.”

Howie said, “Only five can go through. You have to step it up.” He said their last performance was the best he had seen in America’s Got Talent history. “It’s not the best routine I’ve seen. I don’t think you went up. I think you stayed exactly the same,” Howie finished his critique.

Howard and Heidi showed their super-fandom of the two. Howard told Howie that he was wrong. “Of course you (Angelo and Amanda) upped your game,” he said to the duo. And What he (Howie) doesn’t understand when you go into the water, you can slip and fall. You upped your game and you did a great job.” Heidi agreed and said, “I really think the two of you are fierce! I loved the performance. I loved it! I think you guys are fabulous.”

Watch D’Angelo and Amanda dance HERE


MARTY BROWN – Country Singer (Eliminated)

Safe Play for Likability!

Pictured:Marty Brown – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

The last time Marty Brown was on stage the his emotion and nerves got the better of him, but he was saved by America’s votes. He said, “I didn’t think I’d advance.” Howard advised him, “Take your lucky break and make something happen…Marty don’t blow this tonight.” Howie said, “Marty, prove me wrong.”

Mel B. was impressed by his performance, “That was a lot better than the last time I saw you. Still there were a few little quirky, shaky notes. We do have another country singer (Jimmy Rose) in the semifinals. We’ll see what happens.”

Howie said he stood to be corrected, “Marty you proved me wrong. Marty you can handle the pressure. It’s really not about likability. It’s about talent.”

Heidi could see the improvement, “Marty Brown hands-down 100% better today than last time we saw you. But, tonight is a jammed-packed night of other acts,” she reminded him that the competition is tough.

Howard was a bit disappointed with Marty, “I applaud you to not playing to your wife but playing to the audience. I think you chose a very safe performance. You didn’t play your range. I would have liked to have seen you exploded.”

Marty said in regards to his competition Jimmy Rose, “There’s room enough for everybody. He’s a good ‘ole boy.”

Watch Marty Brown sing “Bless the Broken Road” HERE


CHICAGO BOYZ – Gymnastics (Top 12)

Double Dutch X!

Pictured: Chicago Boyz – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

One Chicago Boyz Patrick was injured during a flip in the air when he landed. The group said they’ve been working harder.
They performed their gymnastic act to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”

They received a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. Howard “I was a little disappointed when you didn’t break your leg. (LOL!) Patrick is out there and they did you proud. They never disappoint. They did a double dutch with an X in the middle. They are a phenomenal act and were lucky to have them on America’s Got Talent!”

Heidi expressed her love for them, “You guys are truly inspiring. I never know where to look because there’s so much going on. It’s contagious to us.”

Mel B. said, “I didn’t think you were going to pull it off. But that was OFF the HOOOK! You even have Howie clapping in time. That doesn’t’ happen EVER!”

Howie sees them going all the way and said, “I love what you do. I’m telling you it’s probably the most exciting thing we’ve ever seen. What you do is so much more exciting. You are a headline act. You should go on!”

Watch the Chicago Boyz’ acrobatic act HERE


LEON AND ROMY – Magicians (Eliminated)

The Long Kiss Makeup!

Pictured: Leon and Romy – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

Howard advised his Wild Card pick – “They had a bad night. My note to them – I want you to speed it up. I want you to go into overdrive. Show me everything in 90 seconds.” Leon said, “There’s a lot more room or error There’s a lot that can go wrong. This is our second chance and we’re determined not to let it slip through our fingers.”

Howard was ecstatic about his Wild Card pick, “I’m really glad I brought you guys back. Last time I saw you, there was a lot of talk. This time you came out no nonsense. What’s spectacular is in 90 seconds I think I counted seven tricks. I normally don’t believe in the Wild Card. But tonight the Wild Card worked.”

Heidi loved the beauty and the awe in their act, “You Wowed me. Beautiful girls going in and out of the box. I loved it. You had me.”

Mel B. had a new appreciation for magic and said, “Wow! How do you do it? How do you do it? I feel in love with magic all over again. Well done. I hope America votes for you.”

Pictured (l-r) Howie and Howard’s #MakeupKiss! Watch it HERE

Howie thanked Howard in a bigger way then he thought possible, “I want to say I want to give a standing ovation to Howard Stern. This has been probably the best Wild Card.” Howard stood up and walked over to Howie and gave Howie a peck on the lips. (#MakeupKiss). Immediately Howard went to his wife sitting in the audience to dissipate the kiss by kissing her. Then Howie followed and also kissed Howard’s wife, Beth.

They thanked the judge that brought them back, “Howard Stern thank you so much for the Wild Card pick!”

Eliminated: Despite Howard Stern’s best efforts to rally behind them, Leon and Romy did not make it through to the Top 12. They received a spot on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” show as a consolation prize.

Watch Leon Etienne and Romy Low’s act HERE


ANNA CHRISTINE – Singer  (Eliminated)

Jon Bon Jovi Invited to Finals!

Pictured: Anna Christine – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

I got I did get nervous. I didn’t think they were going to call my name. “I’m going to cut the work in half this time” she said by losing the piano.

Mel B. stood up. Now we are talking. All the singers in this competition should be scred. You’re 11 years old and you’re fantastic! Amazing!” Howie agreed with the term Amazing – “It is amazing. Regardless of your age. There’s no way to describe your voice. A terrific sound.”

Howard has plans for this young girl, “You are fantastic. Sometimes your nerves get the better of you. But not tonight. I’m calling Jon Bon Jovi to come out and sing with you during the final.”

“I have a sneaking suspension that you have the strongest voice of tonight. You’re a superstar. Chills!” Heidi says she got.

Anna said, “Since a lot changed I was trying to get everything completely correct.”

Watch Anna Christine sing “Wild Horses” HERE


KENICHI EBINA – Visual Artist  (Top 12)

Being Called a Genius!

Pictured: Kenichi Ebina – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

Last time this act was here he gave the most talked about performances of the season. To compete I have to use my brain. I”m always thinking of my latest act. Howard said, “He’s natural at coming up with great story lines.”

The judges gave him a standing ovation. Howie stayed on his feet and exclaimed, “This is the biggest talent show in the world. You are the biggest talent in the world. You are a comedian, you are a mime, you are a writer…people have to vote. You ARE the man! You should win a #1 million.”

Howard agreed, but with less excitement than Howie, “I must applaud you. I don’t know how America’s going to figure this out. We have experienced the biggest semifinals. Amazing precision. I love it.”

Heidi labeled him a genius, “You are elevating dance to a whole new level. You are a genius. Genius!”

He left Mel B. wanting more. She said, “Its just mind-blowing at how you do it and how you come up with it. I want to see this show in Vegas.”

Watch Kenichi Ebina’s act HERE


JOHN WING – Comedian  (Eliminated)

Heidi Can Relate!

Pictured: John Wing – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

John said, “I’ve been on stage thousands of times. But a second performance at Radio City Music Hall is amazing.” Mel B. said, “He’s a very funny guy, I love his demeanor.”

Howard was impressed by John’s professionalism, “This guy is pro. You can tell he’s been on stage a million times. He’s got great material. He deserves to be voted for. What a great guy!”

John’s comedy act about his marriage hit a chord with Heidi. She said, “I like you John. You’re every man’s man. I think that people who are married or have been married know what you’re talking about.”

Mel B. said, “You are spot on. I really hope America embraces you and votes for you.” Howie expressed respect by saying, “This is the night…the night of true exceptional talent. What you do is so tough. You do it well and you do it effortlessly. I love it.”

Watch comedian John Wing’s act HERE


BRANDEN JAMES – Singer  (Top 12)

A Passionless Act!

Pictured: Branden James – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

He sang “Alone” by Heart. Heidi was sweating bullets, “Literally I’m sweating with you. I love you. I think you did a fantastic job. I think you have the total package.”

Mel B. threw a little compliment Branden’s way, “I have to say the camera really loves you.” Howie thought that she was flirting too much, Mel continued, “He looks extra cute. I was looking on Twitter. People are going crazy. They want to vote for everyone. I hope they vote for you. I love the twist you did with that song.”

You’re great. You are competing against some great singers tonight and death defying acts. The bar is raise. You’re on the bar. I’m so happy it’s up to America.”

Howard there’s no doubt that you have the most powerful voice in this competition. Sometimes power can get in the way. Tonight I felt like you didn’t love that song. On any other night, I’d say you’d go right through. I don’t know about tonight.

Nick Cannon said “Howard questioned your passion tonight.” Branden responded, “I have so much passion and so much more to give. I hope America votes me through so I can show you next time.”

Watch Branden James sing “Alone” HERE


KRISTEF BROTHERS – Acrobats  (Top 12)

No Hollow Act!

Pictured: KriStef Brothers – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

The KriStef Brothers talked about their freak accident that happened two weeks ago in rehearsals. Kris was supposed to let go of his hands, but fell straight on his neck. He said he took care of his injured partner as if he was his brother. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” They performed the act that put Kris in the hospital.

A standing ovation from the judges and the audience. Heidi was laughing because they were “wearing tight pants. She said, “You have proven that you’ve got what it takes. You fell and that made me sick to my stomach. I want to say I want you guys to win this.”

Mel B. said she missed them, “KriStef Brothers welcome back to the competition. You were sorely missed. I love how you combined your strengths and you really can’t dance. I would take my kids to see that show any day.”

Howie joked, “I don’t think you should give away that retraction thing. I don’t think you should give it away that he’s hollow” (regarding their sword swallowing trick).

Howard had no complaints, “Your strength is inspirational. You’re comedians. I don’t know who America’s going to vote for – strong act after strong act. You’re the strongest. I love it!”

Nick asked them how they felt about performing the same act that Kris got injured on. Kris said, “When I’m doing that trick and I’m looking at that ceiling and I’m getting flashbacks. But you have to be true champions.”

Watch the KriStef Brothers’ act HERE



Tough Night for Heroes!

Pictured: American Military Spouses Choir – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

You can be a mom and a spouse at Radio City Music Hall all at the same time. They are missing one member from the choir tonight because she is also on active service.

They sang “In the Arms of an Angel”. Heidi was in love with the idea of the Military Spouses, “This was very powerful . I love what you stand for. I think the song choice is perfect. Angel. You’re all angels to your spouses.” Howie stepped-in to interrupt her and reminded her what AGT is about. He spouted, “The thing is we have to judge them on what they did. Not who they’re married to. It can’t be about….at this point in the competition it has to be about their talent.”

Howard agreed with Howie, “I like Howie’s point. That’s a fair assessment. I think now it’s about who’s the best of the best. I don’t know if this is the best of the best.”

Mel B. told the ladies in a very nice way that their time may be coming to an end on AGT by saying, “This competition is really tough. But when it comes to singers we have some incredible singers. The singing category is through the roof. But is it good enough? This is going to be difficult.”

Watch The American Military Spouses Choir sing “Angel” HERE


TIMBER BROWN – Sword Swallower  (Eliminated)

Tripling the Danger!

Pictured: Timber Brown – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

During his last performance his mom who is a recovering alcoholic was in the audience to watch. He said, “To have my Mom there sober was awesome!” Timber also said, he’s not a “sob story,” but a “success story” and he thinks if he can inspire one person then it’s worth it. For the semifinal performance, “I’m not doing what people expect…and I’ll be holding my breath for sure.”

Well, his act did indeed consist of a water tank that he dunked himself in and out of from mid-air on ropes. Howie noticed the mishaps of the act, “You got tangled up a little bit. For me it enhances it because I see the danger and I see how difficult it is. With the water, I see how it’s twice, triple times as dangerous

Here’s what happened for me – Howie’s right, the danger was up. I admire that and I love that. But with all the danger you got tangled-up and you got busy in the ropes and it kind of held you down a bit. But this want your dtonght perform

Heidi was in agreement with Howard, “I’d have to agree a little bit with Howard. This act did not do you justice.”

Mel B. said they were all wrong, “I think you two are a little bit nuts. I think that act was magnificent. I think people are getting a little be lazy out there. They should vote.”

Timber Brown said he felt the same way as the judges, and admitted to getting “a little tangled up.”

Watch Timber Brown’s act HERE


JIMMY ROSE – Country Singer  (Top 12)

On the Heels of Great Acts.

Pictured: Jimmy Rose – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

Jimmy said, “People make me feel like the Garth Brooks of my town.” Mel B. said of his last performance, “My all-time favorite song and I never heard it sang like that before.” Jimmy said he wants to do a performance tonight that “the world will hopefully never forget.”

Heidi was optimistic about Jimmy, “I think that you sing from the heart and I think that America responds tonight. But tonight was an absolute amazing night. There’s so many great singers.”

Mel B. praised him, “You sung that with such emotion. I absolutely felt it. Well bloody done!” Howie was not so sure for Jimmy’s fate, “You are on the most amazing nights that America has ever had. The toughest decision ever!”

Howard wasn’t blown away, “I think people like you very much . I notice with America’s Got Talent (voters) root for the underdog. But as a singer’s performance, I think it was nice. It was good. It didn’t blow me away. This is a night where people blew me away.”

Jimmy reacted to the judges comments with, “Tonight was a great night. I want to thank the judges for giving me this opportunity.”

Watch Jimmy Rose sing “If Tomorrow Never Comes” HERE


Fall Out Boy And iLuminate On AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

Watch special guest performances by Fall Out Boy and iLuminate HERE


Watch AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 8 Episode 22 Semifinals Week 2 Performances Originally Aired On Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

Watch AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 8 Episode 23 Semifinals Week 2 Results Originally Aired On Wednesday, September 4, 2013.


Semifinals Week 1:
Check out the acts from AGT’s first week of semifinal performances in our article Booty-Amazing! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Semifinals 2013 – Week One Recap


The Top 12 acts will return to Radio City Music Hall next week to perform. These are the acts:  Forte (Opera Singers);  Innovative Force (Acrobatics/Dance);  Cami Bradley (Singer);  Chicago Boyz (Acrobatics);  KriStef Brothers (Sword Swallowers);  Collins Key (Magician);  Catapult Entertainment (Shadow Performers);  Taylor Williamson (Comedian);  Brandon James (Singer);  Jimmy Rose (Country Singer);  Kenichi Ebina (Visual Artist);  D’Angelo and Amanda (Salsa Dancers).


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