Super Fans Miss the Mark on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Week 4 Recap

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January 16, 2023
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Super Fans Miss the Mark on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Week 4 Recap

Pictured: Cristina Rae -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Last week on “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” Avery Dixon, and Mike E. Winfield joined the other acts who are moving on to the Finals.   It was Mike who got Simon’s Golden Buzzer that moved him through,  Luckily, Simon took a risk when he didn’t hit the Golden Buzzer for Avery, believing that he would get voted through by the AGT Super Fans.  He was right!

This week, it’s Heidi’s turn to hit the Golden Buzzer.  She said she’s going to see what’s in front of her.  “It’s a gut feeling you have,” she concluded.  Two more acts made it through to the Finals.  After this episode, only three more spots will remain until the Finale episode.  

Ultimately, it will be the Super Fans who decide the last act and the winner.  That might be a frightening thing to think about considering the level of acts who were passed over when it came to tonight’s final vote.  

POWER DUO (Aerialists/Gymnasts)

Pictured: Power Duo — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Power Duo is an aerial act who won season 5 of “Philippines Got Talent.”  They professed their love for each other on the show in front of a live audience.  The couple is now married with children.  They came to “AGT: All-Stars” with prospects to win.  They had an emotional ending to their performance that included them kissing on stage.

Simon said he loves them.  He asked if the song was about the two of them.  The husband from Power Duo said it was about his wife and told the story about him professing his love to her on “Philippines Got Talent.”

Howie said he loved it, and asked about a mistake that happened.  They said “yes” and the show must go on.  Heidi said they all saw it (the mistake) but it didn’t matter because their performance was beautiful and their love for each other is beautiful.


Pictured: Cristina Rae — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

When Cristina Rae was on AGT in her season, Heidi Klum gave her her Golden Buzzer.  Cristina was living in her car with her son at the time. She said on AGT season 15 “this magical moment happened.”  She said when Heidi hit that Golden Buzzer, her life changed a lot. The hardships, living in her car, feeling lonely, all went away.  

In the Finale to her season, Crisitna Rae finished in third place.  Since being on AGT, she’s done Broadway shows, “Little Shop of Horrors.”  Christina said the goal is to be a household name and to perform in the super bowl.

Simon reacted to Cristina’s performance. He said she was “sensational” and everything that’s happened to her post show is amazing.  Howie said she’s really, really good and bordering on “great.” He said he doesn’t know if it’s an “out of the park song.”   The audience disagreed with Howie and started chanting “Golden Buzzer.”  Heidi told Cristina that she doesn’t need anyone holding her hand and she did fantastic.  


Heidi asked them that she felt like last time there were four of them.  He responded that he felt like last time there were four judges!  Simon acknowledged that they were correct.  They first spat water in high school.  They decided to audition for AGT in 2018 for season 13.  Simon didn’t like their act and called it “stupid.”  They were eliminated after the Judges Cuts.  However, they won the fan favorite Wild Card spot.

After that, they went back to their day jobs in digital advertising and finance.  When they started making TikTok videos, they now have millions of followers. 

They conducted their water spitting act along to the “God Bless America” song.   Simon gave them his red “X.”  Heidi was genuinely excited to see them back on the stage.  Simon chimed-in that they are definitely missing the fourth person in his opinion.  They said it’s great to be back on the AGT stage and it feels like family. 

They called Heidi their mom, Howie their Uncle, and Simon the Dad that never loved them.  Simon said he’s struggling to “where does this go.”  They responded that they can see their act at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

EMIL & DARIEL (Music Act)

Emil & Dariel were on season 9 in 2014.  They are brothers and were 14 and 16 years old at the time.  Emil & Dariel made it to the Top 12.  They said losing was disappointing, but “so much came out of it.”  They got to perform with Flo Rida, Ricky Martin, and Two Cellos.  They were motivated to come back because Simon Cowell is now on the judging panel.  They are now 22 and 25 years old.  They played an A-Ha song “Take On Me” on their cellos for their All-Stars audition.  

Simon was blown away and reacted that he was not expecting that.  He asked Heidi, who was a judge when they were there the last time, if they were better.  She said it was “very similar” and loves them just as much.  She was entertained.  Howie said they got the career that they think they deserve.  Howie said the bar is really high.   But, he didn’t know if they were achieving that tonight. 

Simon told them that they are “both really talented” but they are both “really boring.”  He said personality is a huge part of being a star.  He asked “what are we missing?”  Simon encouraged them to tell him something interesting.  The brothers answered that they are dental students.  They literally told Simon that their dreams since they were kids are to work together and be dentists!  So…why are they on AGT? Lol!

Before the next act came out, Simon asked if they want to be dentists.  The producer answered that they do not.  He said “great!”  


The next act that came out was a child dancer named Darius Mabda.  He said it’s his first time in America and his dream to be there.  He was super nervous and started crying as soon as he walked out on stage.  He said coming there is the biggest adventure in his life.  He started taking dance classes after watching other child dancers on AGT.  He auditioned on “Romania’s Got Talent” season 12 and got the Golden Buzzer.  He was the winner that season.
After he won, he said he felt like a star.  But, being on AGT is his biggest dream and wants to be a professional dancer. 

After his performance, Heidi loved it so much and gave him a standing ovation.  He told her he’s been dancing for six years and that he started dancing from watching AGT.  She said it was breath-taking to watch.  Howie called him an amazing dancer; an acrobat and an athlete.  He predicted that the Super Fans will be blown away.  Simon said he was so nervous that he thought he would have seen that before.  But, it all changed.  “I think after that you’ve given yourself a shot.”  


Pictured: Sacred Riana — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Sacred Riana is from Jakarta, Indonesia and competed on AGT season 13 where she made it to the Quarter Finals.  Howie said her act is “one of the most viral acts of all time.” 

Her act on All-Stars consisted of her bringing the judges slips of papers in a wooden box to pull from.  She had a half of a portrait of a man in a frame whom she was looking for the slip of paper to match up to complete the photo.  Howie happened to have chosen the slip of paper that completed the picture.  So, he was called-up to the stage to participate in the act.

While Howie sat in a chair on stage, he said he heard someone calling his name.  No one else heard it.  Then the supposed spirit that was present, etched his name out of soot onto a board. When Howie returned to the judges panel, the back of the half photo said “Howie, I’m coming to get you!”  Everyone was freaked-out.  Then, Sacred Riana disappeared from the stage.  Simon told Howie and Heidi that when he tried to push his red “X,” it wouldn’t go off.

AIDAN McCANN (Magician – Golden Buzzer!)

Aidan is 13-years-old from Ireland. Simon knew him from “Britain’s Got Talent” and said he’s really got magic.  Aidan was on Britain’s Got Talent when he was 11-years-old.  He got to the Finals, and he didn’t make it to the Top 3.  After that, Aidan has gotten to perform all of the world and got his own show where he does magic and interviews with celebrities.  Aidan said his biggest dream is to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Aidan called his All-Star appearance one of the most intense performances.  Aidan had the judges color a super hero drawing of himself as a super hero.  While Aidan was blind-folded, each judge had to pick a different colored marker from a can of markers and color different parts of the drawing.  When they were done,  Aidan revealed that under his grey suit,  he was wearing the same costume with the same colors under his suit.  Terry Crew was wearing a matching super hero outfit under his grey suit as well.  The judges were speechless.   Also, the Super Hero name that Terry drew earlier, was the same name tag on his outfit and Terry’s. 

Simon reacted that it was unbelievable.  Seriously unbelievable.” Heidi told Aidan that she loves the magic, but it’s him that’s the magic.   Heidi called him “such a little star” and he sparkled.  She hit her Golden Buzzer for Aidan!  


Pictured: Robert Finley — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Robert Finley competed on AGT season 14 in 2018.  He was a carpenter all of his life.  He lost his sight due to glaucoma.  Robert said he stuck with original songs because it told his life.  But, in the Semi-Finals he said he made the wrong choice in songs.  When he got eliminated, he said it was disappointing and he got right back up.  After AGT, Robert signed a record deal and put out an album. Robert also toured with the Black Keys.  

Robert came to All-Stars because he has “unfinished business.”  His hometown, Winsburo, Louisiana gave him a key to the city, and the town that he lives in also gave him a key to their city.   

Howie told Robert that everyone was standing.  Robert was happy to hear that.  Simon told Robert that he wished that he had a Platinum buzzer right now because Gold isn’t good enough for that.  That was extraordinary.  You’re just so cool and it’s effortless.”  Howie called it a star performance.   

MINI DROIDS (Dance Group)

Mini Droids are a dance group of young boys from Belgium that won “Belgium’s Got Talent” season 7, 2021.  It was their first time in Hollywood.  

Howie reacted that he liked the music choice and said they have the skill set to move them along in the competition.   Simon liked them and asked if they could sing.  They answered “no.”  He said “shame” and “that in this competition it isn’t going to be good enough to win.” Heidi said they could amp it up a little bit and pile in the flips, etc. She liked the comedy in their act.  After they left the stage, Simon said it’s like something you’d see in a child’s birthday party.


Pictured: Ndlovu Youth Choir — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Ndlovu Youth Choir are from South Africa.  They said before their audition, life was really hard.  They were collecting water using wheelbarrows.  They started the choir to give them a voice that they didn’t have.   When they first came onto AGT season 14 it was their first time in America.  

After they got back to South Africa, it captured the imagination of the country.  The president was tweeting about them and they were headline news.  They had two international trips.  They now have running water and electricity.  They are representing Africa as a whole.  They want to show the world that anything is possible.  

Simon said they use them as a reference for some of the best choirs they’ve ever had. Howie called them the best choir that they’ve ever had on AGT.  The choir director said they’re brave and they chose an original song about the human spirit called “We Will Rise.”

Heidi loved them and how vibrant they are inside and out.  Howie said traditionally he doesn’t respond to choirs and feels like it’s a school assembly. But, they seemed like a Broadway show.  He said for him it would have been a Golden Buzzer moment.  Simon thought they did the right thing in singing an original song.  He said it was an unbelievable reaction from the audience behind him.  Simon told them that they’ve done everything that they could in his opinion.  


The first act in the Top 3 was Power Duo.  The next act in the Top 3 was “Ndlovu Youth Choir.”  The third act in the Top 3 was Darius Mabda.  Simon told them that they did amazing getting this far and whoever doesn’t make it can walk with their heads held high.

The act that finished in third place was Darius Mabda.  The Top 2 were Power Duo and Ndlovu Youth Choir.  The act voted into the Final was “Power Duo.”  Simon was shocked and was seen mouthing “what?”  He said it was “unbelievable.”

The acts who are going into the AGT: ALL-STARS Final so far are:  Bello Sisters, Light Balance Kids, Detroit Youth Choir, Aidan Bryant, Avery Dixon, Mike E. Windfield, Aidan McCann, and Power Duo.  There are three spots left.  

“America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” airs Mondays at 8 pm PT on NBC.  Watch it on Peacock the next day.



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