Surprise Elimination on THE VOICE Season 15 Semi-Finals Top 4 Revealed Recap

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December 4, 2018
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December 18, 2018
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Surprise Elimination on THE VOICE Season 15 Semi-Finals Top 4 Revealed Recap

This week on NBC’s “The Voice” artists got more than one chance for fans to vote them into next week’s season 15 finale. They were paired up with other artists from different teams to perform duets. Each of the Top 8 also performed a solo.

The votes from the duets and the solos counted for each artist. Last season’s ‘Voice winner Brynn Cartelli was on hand in Monday night’s episode to give advice to artists on how to navigate their careers after “The Voice.”

Tuesday night’s “The Voice” results show revealed the Top 4 artists going into next week’s finale. The bottom three had to perform for the Twitter Instant Save vote. Who the voters ultimately chose made for a surprising elimination especially after her performance on Monday night.

After last’s week’s Adam Levine ‘Voice fans’ uproar over him choosing sides between his artist Reagan Strange over his other artist DeAndre Nico who were both in the Bottom and up for Instant Save votes, there was no direct mention of it in this week’s episode. Last week Adam urged voters to vote for Reagan who was too sick to perform for the Instant Save votes. Nothing from the host and producer Carson Daly, and nothing from Adam Levine himself other than assuring Reagan during her rehearsal that “it’s all good” between him and DeAndre.

Monday night started-out with a performance from Team Kelly’s Sarah Grace who changed up her genre from Blues to Pop this week.

SARAH GRACE (Team Kelly)

Kelly Clarkson took her Team memebers – Chevel Shepherd, Sarah Grace, and Kymberli Joye to her last season winner, Brynn Cartelli’s showcase to hear her sing. Afterwards, Cartelli talked to Kelly’s team about her life after “The Voice.” Kelly told Sarah Grace that her song choice “Sign of the Time” which was symboic in a way where “The Voice” goes from Top 8 to Top 4. Grace said to be able to “sing about this is very inspiring.”

Jennifer said she wasn’t sure if she was more of a fan of Sarah’s talent or her bravery and praised her for commanding the room. Kelly said the fact that Sarah Grace is only 16-years-old, and the fact that she’s such a musician at this age with a pure voice. She said the settlties of her voice is why fans should vote for Sarah.

Reagan and Kennedy sang the combo songs -“Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “Tight Rope” by Janelle Monáe


Jennifer Hudson took her Team to the place that inspires her which is her church. MaKenzie Thomas made Mariah Carey cry when she was the Key Adviser earlier in the season. MaKenzie stated that the Mariah Carey song she chose to sing, “Vision of Love” is soulful and R&B. “It’s a good representation of who I am as an artist,” said MaKenzie. Jennifer said MaKenzie knows exactly what she wants to do. “She’s ready for the game.” MaKenzie said being a comeback artist from when she didn’t make it on the show last season, “It’s mind-boggling” to think that I’m one round away from the finale.

MaKenzie threw a little bit of Gospel into the song. She received a standing ovation from all the coaches. Kelly said “that’s bold, that’s Mariah…MaKenzie, you are SO GOOD, this show is called ‘The Voice’ and that’s what this show is all about.” Blake reacted Mariah’s biggest song is “All I Want For Christmas is You.” Seriously he called it – “one of the best performances” he’s seen.” Jennifer said MaKenzie deserves to be here. “You are a coach’s dream and a student’s dream” because she’s learning from her. She gave MaKenzie all the credit and finished with “she’s amazing all on her own.”

Pictured (l-r): Chevel Shepherd and Kirk Jay duet -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Pictured (l-r): Chevel Shepherd and Kirk Jay duet — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Kirk Jay & Chevel Shepherd duet – they nicknamed themselves “Che-Kirk.” They did a mix of “She’s Country” by Jason Aldean, and “County Must Be Country Wide” by Brantley Gilbert. Kirk said Chevel is “ready for Country music right now.” Chevel said every song Kirk sings, he makes it his own.


Gospel singer Kymberli Joye got a visit from last season’s winner Brynn Cartelli from Team Kelly. Kymberli chose to sing “Never Alone” by Tori Kelly. Kelly Clarkson said the song is relevant now and it stays in the Gospel vibe. Kelly added that the song should showcase a little of every performance that Kymberli has done on the show before this. Kelly advised Kymberli to show the audience her talent, remind them, be vulnerable, then “take them to church.”

Jhud said it sounded like she was at a Gospel musical concert – back at home at church. Kelly said “I love you! I think you are so talented. It’s called ‘The Voice’, but few people can sing like that.” Kelly stated it’s about character, and she better make the Top 4.


Chris plays 250 shows a year and sings different genres. Chris sang “Can’t You See.” Kelly reacted that there are few people that come out and are story tellers right off the bat. Travis Tritt and Guns and Roses is who she said he sounds like. Kelly added that he represents an important part of music which is nostalgic. Coach Blake stated, “he’s awesome isn’t he.” Blake said Chris has givien beer drinking, back road drivers someone to root for.

Pictured (l-r): MaKenzie and Kymberli Joye duet - Photo, Tyler Golden/NBC

Pictured (l-r): MaKenzie and Kymberli Joye duet – Photo, Tyler Golden/NBC

Kymberli & MaKenzie sang “Best of my Love” and “Got to Be Real” for their duet.


Pictured: Kennedy Holmes -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Pictured: Kennedy Holmes — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Kennedy had a birthday last Friday which makes her 14-years-old now (same age as Reagan). Jennifer brought her team to her church, the First Baptist Church of Los Angeles. Jennifer called it “a transition song.” Kennedy thought it was apporpriate since she’s turning 14. She said Top 4 is so close and to make it to the finale would be everything.

Jennifer said she’s so proud of Kennedy of how’s she’s grown not only as a person and artist. Jennifer advised Kennedy “to be okay who you are and own who you are.”


Adam’s last artist Reagan Strange sang “You Are the Reason.” Adam said Reagan should be in the Top 4 because she really feels what she sings. Reagan got a motivational video from her eliminated team mate DeAndre Nico who gave her words of encourgement. Nico lost out on the Twitter Instant Save vote last week against Reagan during a much talked about moment with Adam.

Pictured: Reagan Strange -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Pictured: Reagan Strange — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

After Reagan’s performance, Blake called it a breath of fresh air. Coach Adam said he’s proud and happy for her. He said she demands a moment to be quite to sing her most raw and emotional vocal. “I don’t hear that type of purity” Adam stated, and he followed-up by stating Reagan deserves to be in the finale. He said regardless of what happens tomorrow, she has a bright future.

Chris & Sarah Grace Duet


Chevel chose “Blue” by LeAnn Rimes. Kelly said she wants to show the purity of Chevel’s voice. Loretta Lynn reached out to Chevel after Chevel’s performance of her song last week. Kelly said Chevel has a little bit of diva in her, but then wants her to slow-down. Chevel got to learn from Team Kelly’s last season winner Brynn Cartelli this week. She gave her advice of what to do after “The Voice.” Brynn told Chevel to take her time.

After Chevel’s performance, Adam reacted that he loves her voice and the music she plays. He said he’s such a fan of hers. Kelly stated “this is pure Country,” and “they don’t make it like this anymore and I miss it!” Kelly ended with – Chevel is “badass!”

KIRK JAY (Team Blake)

Kirk Jay dedicated Monday night’s performance to a special fan. He sang “I Swear” for his fan Courtney who is fighting cancer. Blake said Kirk is a “ballader” with a Pop flare which is where some of the newer Country music is going. Blake also added that “I Swear” song was the first Popish Country song that he heard on Country radio.

After Kirk’s performance, Jennifer said she’s his biggest fan and once the season is over, she’s going to miss seeing him performance every week. Adam called Kirk “awesome” because of the distinctive of his voice. Coach Blake said “as your coach I can not be more proud of you. You deserve this man.”


The artists announced as “saved” in Tuesday’s results show advanced to the season 15 finale next week. The last artist saved, and the fourth spot was determined by the Twitter Instant Save Vote. Performances of the night included Michael Buble, and Hailee Steinfeld who performed a song from her new Transformers movie “Bumblebee.”

Coach Blake said both of his artists had “heart” in Monday night’s performances, and they’re in two different lanes of Country. Jennifer said she’s beyond proud of her artists. “It’s not easy to walk out here as an amature.” She said she takes her hat off to both of them. Kelly said she wishes she had a journal when she was on “American Idol” because it would have been nice to go back and read that journal of her at age 19. Adam said Reagan is 14-years-old which is very young and “The Voice” is a hard enviroment to be in especially at such a young age.

Host Carson Daly announced that Chris Koreze was the most streamed artist last night. Kirk said he’s one step closer to making his dreams come true and he’s Country all the way. Chevel said Kelly has given great advice that includes for her to be herself and no matter what happens, she’s up there living her dream.

The first artist that was announced as Saved was – KIRK JAY (Team Blake)!

Michael Buble performed “Where and When.”

Kymberli expressed that she has stepped-out and has become the person that she was meant to be which is what she’s taken away from “The Voice”. The next artist announced as Saved was CHEVEL SHEPHERD (Team Kelly).

Academy Award nominated actress and singer Haliee Steinfeld sang “Back to Life” from Bumblebee movie soundtrack.

Next, Carson Daly announced the next artist saved after the remainging artists came back onto the stage. He asked Kennedy about a moment that stands out for her. Kennedy answered when she sang a Whitney Houston song this season because “it was an amazing way to honor Whitney.” Chris said being on “The Voice” has shown him to be more extroverted and more himself while on stage. The name that Daly called as Saved, and the third finalist was – CHRIS KROEZE (Team Blake) which cleared ALL of Team Blake going into the Finale.

Pictured: Jennifer Hudson -- Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Pictured: Jennifer Hudson — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Jennifer Hudson performed “I’ll Fight” from RBG, a documentary about the life and legal legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

MaKenzie said Jennifer Hudson has been inspiring to her and advised her to incorporate as much of herself into every performance. Sarah Grace has learned about herself and the power that she has as an artist because so many people have told her that they didn’t like the Blues until they saw her Blues performances on the show.

Then Daly announced the artists that would have to sing for the Twitter Instant Save Votes – MaKenzie Thomas (Team JHud), Reagan Strange (Team Adam), Kennedy Holmes (Team JHud).

Pictured: (l-r) Kennedy Holmes, Kymberli Joye, Sarah Grace -- Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Pictured: (l-r) Kennedy Holmes, Kymberli Joye, Sarah Grace — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

That meant that Sarah Grace and Kymberli Joye, both from Team Kelly, went home.

MaKenzie Thomas performed “Up to the Mountain (MLK song).” Jennifer answered that Makenzie has done more than enough to be on the show. Regardless, she told MaKenzie to keep pushing on!

Reagan performed “Wherever You Will Go.” Adam said “it’s been crazy” and told Reagan “not a bad start!” referring to her long career as an artist. He told her he wants her to undersand that this is “a crazy show” and she’s going to accomplish a lot after the show. He told Reagan regardless of the Instant Save outcome, “The Voice” will always be a part of her life.

Next, Kennedy Holmes performed “How Do I Live.”

Pictured: (l-r) MaKenzie Thomas, Reagan Strange, Kennedy Holmes -- Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Pictured: (l-r) MaKenzie Thomas, Reagan Strange, Kennedy Holmes — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

After the commercial break, the Twitter Instant Save Voting poll revealed – Kennedy Holmes with 51% , MaKenzie Thomas 35%, and Reagan Strange with 14%..

MaKenzie thanked Jennfier for all of her advice and for taking her to her church. Reagan thanked Adam for having faith in her since the Blinds and said she wouldn’t be there now if it wasn’t for his advice. Kennedy said she’s “grown so much” and thanked Jennifer.

Jennifer told Kennedy that she’s so proud of her and wants her to continue to pursue her dreams. Adam said it’s a victory for any woman to win. He said with Reagan, it’s sad and she’s a tremendous human being with such poise. He said he believes that she deserves to be in the finale.




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