Surprising Artist Exit on THE VOICE Season 19 Live Shows Week 1 Recap

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November 8, 2020
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Surprising Artist Exit on THE VOICE Season 19 Live Shows Week 1 Recap

After “The Voice” coaches reconvened for the first Live Show of season 19, it was down to business. That is, the reveal of which artist who competed in last week’s Four-Way-Knockout would be joining the Top 16, making it the Top 17. When the artists came out onto the stage to hear their fates, noticeably one artist was missing.

THE VOICE — Knockout Rounds — Pictured: Ryan Gallagher — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Team Kelly’s Ryan Gallagher was not on stage along with his fellow artist all vying for the same spot – Julia Cooper (Team Legend), Taryn Papa (Team Blake), Larriah Jackson (Team Gwen). The, host Carson Daly announced that Ryan had to “drop out of the competition.” The news traveled quickly as fans of the show speculated and worried that perhaps this exit was related to his mother’s battle with COVID . Gallagher also took to Twitter and Instagram to reassure fans that everyone is fine. And that he’d fill us all in later.

On the bright side, Team’s Blake Taryn Papa was announced that she was the winner of the Four-Way-Knockout. Her reaction was more surprised and shocked than anyone. She, then quickly left the stage to prepare for her first Live performance later in the show. This meant Blake’s Team had the edge of having five artists over everyone else’s four members on their Teams.

The Top 17 performed live tonight starting with Team Kelly.


Pictured: Desz — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Team Kelly’s DESZ was up first who gave a stellar performance of a Tina Tuner classic, followed by MADELINE CONSOER. Kelly’s Country artist TANNER GOMES didn’t disappoint by serving a strong Country performance. Kelly stated that Tanner is having so much fun and his performances put people in a great mood when they’re watching him.  CAMI CLUNE, who Kelly Stole from Team Legend, was next. Kelly reacted to her live performance by saying she’s “talented and sexy.”  Kelly also added, she’s “like a one woman show,” and that Cami is so dramatic in the classiest, coolest way.


Pictured: Carter Rubin — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Gwen Stefani talked about her Team. Starting with Carter Rubin who is only 14-year-old. “Carter is my young, pop super-star,” Gwen said.   He’s a Sophomore in high school.  Next was Joseph Soul. Gwen stole Joseph from Team Kelly in the Battles.  He has a soul reggae vibe with a strong falsetto, Gwen described him.  She said with Ben Allen, when he hits the notes, he sounds like a record.  She Stole Ben Allen from Team Blake.  Payge Turner is her “all punk, soul girl.”  She has the position of being strong and vulnerable.  Gwen said Payge has so much range and variety in her voice.  She said Team Gwen is full of original talent and really good people.

PAYGE TURNER – After her live performance, Gwen reacted that “from a distance I was seeing Prince standing there.” She added,  great job at making the song your own…But, you didn’t go too far.” Gwen also told Payge, “It was so beautiful and so you.”

BEN ALLEN – He really wanted to strip the song down.  Gwen stated, that it was perfectly in tune. “You have a distinct style in your voice. ” JOSEPH SOUL – Gwen reacted, “you just showed a side that no one knew you had.  Not one thing that I heard was out of tune.  I’m so proud of you!” CARTER RUBIN sang “Hero.” Gwen told Carter, “you’re mind-blowing good!”  She thanked him for choosing her as a coach and said he’s “so inspiring!”


Pictured: Taryn Papa — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Blake said the artists on his Team, their voices don’t sound like anyone else  Jim Granger is so full of joy and is a dark horse in this competition.  Blake was the only coach to turn for Ian Flanigan.  Blake called this “the biggest mystery of all.”   Taryn Papa is a really big vocalist and Blake predicts that she can do with her career as Kelly Clarkson did, and go in different lanes.  Gwen Stole Sid from Team Kelly.  Sid has a wide range and is one step away from being a front-runner.  Blake said with family trio “Worth the Wait,” the sky’s the limit with these girls. He believes that they will be the first trio to get to the Finale.  “My Team is the one to beat. Team Blake is unstoppable this year,” boosted Blake Shelton.

JIM RANGER – Jim sang “Rumor.”  Blake said we only have two more weeks left of “The Voice,” Thus, “I’m going to get excited now. You are so talented. you deserve to be on the stage” and Blake believes Jim will be in the Finale.
After WORTH THE WAIT performance, Blake said the Lives is where you start figuring-out what’s going to happen and they stepped it up. He said it’s the best they’ve sounded this entire season.  “I love you guys. I’m so proud of you guys.”  

IAN FLANIGAN – After Ian’s undeniable performance, Blake stood up and said to all of the viewers at home, “have you EVER heard a voice like this?” Finishing with – And, the show is called “The Voice!” Vote for Ian! TARYN PAPA – Taryn performed her first live show coming straight off of her Four-Way-Knockout win, Blake said she proved him right tonight by wining the Knockout.  He said she was the artist who’d be able to handle it early on!
SID KINGSLEY – Blake said he can’t understand for the life of him how Sid ended up on his Team. He said he’s an incredible vocalist.  Blake joked that Sid has “been kicked-around” from going from Team to Team.


Pictured: John Holiday — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

John Legend talked about his artists. Starting with his first Country artist that he scored at the end the Blinds round.  John getting Bailey, Blake Shelton said, “it bothers me.”  Bailey said John’s helped her so much and has her hitting notes that she didn’t know she could. Legend said John Holiday is what “The Voice” is all about.   John Stole Chloe Hogan from Team Kelly.  He said she can do little things that are unexpected.  He loves Tamara Jade because she can do anything and has great energy.  “She’s a force to be reckoned with!”  Team Legend is strong.  Other coaches better watch out.  “We are ready for the Live Playoffs,” said John Legend.

TAMARA JADE – John reacted “oh my God. What a super star you are!  You just own the stage  The way you walk around the stage you know you’re supposed to be here.”  It was full circle moment, said Carson Daly with Tamara singing “Crazy” song by Cee Lo Green (former ‘Voice coach). CHLOE HOGAN – John said “It was so graceful and tasteful.  It was exactly right.”  He said he’s so glad he got to work with her.  

BAILEY RAE – John noted that the song that Bailey sang, “Sweet Music Man” by Kenny Rogers was a suggestion made by Kelly Clarkson. He told Baily, “your voice has so much presence and clarity. You sound like you belong in this moment.” JOHN HOLIDAY – John closed out the show singing “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra. John Legend reacted, “you’ve shown us so much of who you are on this show – Jazz, Opera, Soul.”   He called him one of the greatest vocalists we’ve seen on this show.  “So excited for you John.  I know America will vote you through.”



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