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Surprising Two-on-One Date on THE BACHELOR Season 21 Week 6 Recap

Posted on February 06 2017 by Editor

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Surprising Two-on-One Date on THE BACHELOR Season 21 Week 6 Recap

After a one week wait, we finally got to see what transpired between Taylor and Corrine when last week’s episode ended with Taylor crashing Nick and Corrine’s dinner after Nick sent Taylor home on the dreaded two-on-one date.

Taylor creeped-up on Nick and Corrine out of the shadows all “Fatal Attraction” style. She returned to warn Nick that Corinne lied to him about her. Nick’s response was that he respected her and doesn’t respect bullies. When Nick came back to Corrine, he told her what Taylor said and that his decision was based on where his heart is, and not based on what Corrine told him about Taylor. Thus, Taylor was sent home for the second time.


Women who already had roses from dates were Corrine, Danielle M., and Rachel. Host Chris Harrison brought some bad news to the women that there wouldn’t be a Cocktail Party that night. Nick had already made-up is mind on who to send home.

Jasmine and Whitney were freaking out because they hadn’t gotten alone time yet. Nick stepped in front of the ladies and stated that he promised that as soon as he knew where his heart was, he wouldn’t waste anyone’s time, and thanked them for “an amazing week. Then, he gave out the roses.

Women who got roses: Kristina, Raven, Vanessa, Danielle L., Jasmine, Whitney.


Bachelor 21, week 6 eliminated, Jami, Alexis, Josephine

Jami, Alexis, Josephine


The daters next venture took them to the romantic island of Saint Thomas. Nick had high hopes of possibly falling in love during his stay there. The remaining nine women were ready to take advantage of the beautiful and sexy location with optimism of romance. The lucky lady who got the first one-on-one date with Nick in this location was Kristina.

ONE-ON-ONE DATE (Nick & Kristina):

Kristina revealed to Nick that she was one of four siblings adopted and has a sister back in Russia. Nick said he looked forward to getting to know Kristina better. “I’m going to work really hard to knock down these walls that Kristina has up,” said Nick who was also hopeful of them falling in love by the end of their date.

Back at the house: The women got a surprise guest – Lorna, who announced that she was there to help them with anything that they needed – like making their beds. Hmmm…seems that Corrine was set-up by producers to see how she acts at home. Of course, it worked. Corrine was the first to take advantage of Lorna’s offerings, stating that “everyone needs a Raquel (Corrine’s nanny), or Lorna in their life.

Bachelor 21, week 6, Corrine, Lorna

Back to Nick & Kristina:During dinner Kristina told Nick a sad story about her being five-years-old and having a mother who wasn’t able to provide food for her to eat. Some of the hard facts of Kristina’s childhood was she ate lipstick for dinner, her mother got so angry about it that she kicked her out of the house. This led to Kristina going to an orphanage where she remained for 7-8 years until being adopted by American parents at the age of twelve. Her guilt of leaving her sister behind in Russia remains.

Nick was impressed by her story and called Kristina a “very strong woman.” He gave her the date rose and told her he’d be lucky to spend the rest of his life with her.

Back at the house: The women got a Group Date card which read “Love’s a Beach” with names: Rachel, Corrine, Vanessa, Raven, Danielle M., Jasmine. The women determined that Whitney and Danielle L. would be going on a two-on-one date.


The partial focus of this episode was Jasmine who complained non-stop (it seemed) about it being her sixth group date and had yet to score a one-on-one date with Nick. During a volleyball game, the women got frustrated, especially since Jasmine was super-competitive. The game ended-up making several of the women walk out of it crying. Nick was disappointed because this volleyball game pushed him further apart from the women.

Nick had high hopes of regaining traction during the evening portion of the group date. The first woman he pulled away to talk to alone was Rachel who told him she doesn’t like group dates. She said she felt like she was out of her element. Rachel reassured Nick that she was “clearly” there for him.

After Nick’s time with Rachel, he proceeded to pluck one-by-on each women into some alone time with him. However, the spectacle of this scene was Jasmine! She spewed out venom of how devastated she was at not having a one-on-one with Nick and giving the women an ear-full. She said Nick is over-looking her and doesn’t understand why she’s there.

Once Nick pulled Jasmine, who was the last one, she unloaded on him expressing her frustrations with not having a one-on-one date. Nick was a little freaked-out when Jasmine stated she wanted to choke him. Things got more uncomfortable when she tried to turn the choking comments into something sexual. Nick later stated in the confessional that it was a “little bit awkward.” This situation ended with him sending Jasmine home after realizing that the past few weeks with her “fell flat.” Raven got the Group Date rose.

Bachelor 21, week 6 Jasmine eliminated

Pictured above: Jasmine was sent home.

The Bachelor 21, week 6, Whitney

TWO-ON-ONE Date (Nick, Whitney & Danielle L.):

Nick called the Group Date a “disaster,” but was optimistic about his two-on-one date with Whitney and Danielle L. He took the ladies up in a helicopter to start the date. They landed on a beach. Nick called Whitney (who never had a one-on-one date) a “calming person” for him to spend time with. Danielle L. was confused as to why she was on the two-on-one date.

Danielle L. reassured Nick that she can see a future with him and would be happy to spend the rest of her life with him. At that point, Nick excused himself to return to Whitney who as on another side of the beach. Nick said good-bye to Whitney was a little salty about not getting more time with him in order for a relationship to form.

The Bachelor 21, week 6, Danielle L.

Nick said he “felt clarity with Whitney” and aimed to get his relationship back on track with Danielle L. who called their connection “amazing.” Danielle told Nick that she is in fact falling in love with him during their dinner later that night. It appeared as if Danielle was just saying that in order to get the rose. She didn’t seem genuine at all. Nick must have picked-up on it too because he got really quite. He then said it was the second time that someone told him they are falling for him, and he feels differently – resulting in the long face.

Nick told Danielle L. that he went into that day wanting to give her that rose, however, he felt in his heart that he couldn’t. Danielle was blind-sided and at a loss for words. Nick then apologized before walking her out. In her ride home, Danielle cried that Nick made a mistake. She was left feeling less than perfect.

Nick started questioning if he wants to fall in love so badly, that it’s not happening. Then he surprised the six ladies that were left and talked to them while crying. He said he felt like he hit a new low when a relationship he was optimistic about (Danielle L.’s) didn’t pan out, and told them he didn’t know if he can “keep doing this.” Then dramatically walked out! The women were all flabbergasted.

Bachelor 21, week 6, eliminated Whitney, Danielle L

Pictured (;-r): Whitney & Danielle L sent home.

NEXT WEEK: The six women remaining were worried. Scenes of Corrine going to Nick to try to change things around were shown as she was all “sexed-up” and called herself platinum inside.


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