Surprising Wild Card Come Back on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 15 Semi-Finals Week 1 Recap

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Surprising Wild Card Come Back on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Season 15 Semi-Finals Week 1 Recap

This was the week of “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) singing acts.  A bulk of the best singers of the season made it through to this point, and wow did they show-up.  In a surprise move, the show added to the singing mix, a contestant who had been missing throughout the Semi Finals.  That act was Thomas Day.  

Host Terry Crews asked judge Howie Mandel what do acts have to do at this point. Howie said the acts have to step it up tonight.   The eleven acts that performed on Tuesday’s show included two Wild Card acts brought back.  

DOUBLE DRAGON (Singers/Dance Act)

The two sisters of “Double Dragon” sing and dance.  The sisters performed on the Universal lot.  Sofia reacted that she has a good time every time they perform.  “You guys are unbelievable” and said they’ve gotten better.  Heidi said they have the confidence of real divas such as Shakira and J. Lo at the Super Bowl.  “It’s all about their personality,” Heidi stated.  Howie agreed and he also loved their personalities.  “You’re not the best singers.  But you’re personalities…”  Howie immediately got booed.   He said they are not a one million dollar act.  Host Terry Crews asked how they feel being so close to the finals.  They said they want this to be real and want to be in the finals. “We’re happy to be here.”

An act that got a second shot.  Heidi said this act won the judges over and they wanted to give them a second chance.  That act was the Dance Town Family.


Their dad wanted to make dancing a career so much that he moved from Chile to America.  He pursued his dream in opening a dance studio.  His son said it’s more than a dance studio, “we are a family.”   They danced from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Heidi said she’s so happy that they brought them back.  Heidi said she danced 15 years, two times a week and people don’t realize how much work it entails.  Sofia said they deserved to be brought back and they bring them joy.   Howie said that performance was a step-up.  He said their act has something for everyone.  

BROKEN ROOTS (Singing Duo)

Broken Roots is a male singing duo group who were sent home before the live shows, then brought back to replace Thomas Day in the Semi Finals.  The two fathers stated that by being on AGT, they are showing their kids that they are not only following their dreams but fighting for their dreams.  They sang Country Star Blake Shelton’s song “God’s Country.”  Broken Roots performed outside of “Psycho’s” Bates Motel on the Universal lot.

Howie said they are checking all the boxes and bets that they will be in the Finals.  Sofia said they deserve to be there and called it their best performance. Heidi said they are getting better every time and called them a “huge inspiration.”  Maybe they’ll be in the finale.   Crews asked the group how it feels to be so close to the Finals.   They responded that it’s absolutely surreal, “immeasurable and they are grateful to be back.  They thanked America.


Their father introduced their package.  He said Marco had complications communicating in school.  They learnt that he had a delayed language problem.  That triggered the brothers to have a strong bond.  When brother Mark joined-in Marco’s love for the diablo,  it sparked an even stronger bond and they started performing together.  For their AGT Semi-Finals routine,  they performed outside of the Harry Potter attraction in front of the castle on the Universal lot which featured fireworks. 

Sofia liked to see the danger of it and they kept pushing themselves. However, she called it too risky this time and wasn’t as fluid as usual.  Heidi said they did struggle a little.  But, it’s super difficult what they do and it shows that it’s real.  Howie said they all love them and love their passion.  “The bond between brothers is amazing.” He said they went much bigger this time even though they dropped the diablo a couple of times.  Howie still encouraged them by stating America will probably still vote.  Marco explained that performing with the fire and wind was “so dangerous.”  He said “we’re not burned up and were not hurt.”  He said if they get voted through, they’ll do more with fire.  


Thomas was the only one that wasn’t able to perform in the Semi Finals.  Sofia said, so, he deserves the chance to come back and be voted for.  Thomas Day said he wasn’t able to perform in the Semi-Finals because his mom tested positive for Covid-19.  He said they had to be separated. Thomas was being tested every other day with all negative results, then positive.   He was so happy to get the call from AGT telling him he’s a Wild Card act.  
Thomas performed on the AGT stage. 

The judges gave him a standing ovation.  Heidi said she was so happy for Thomas that he was able to come back.  But, it’s going to be tough competition tonight with the singers.  Howie said Thomas is a young man who’s gone through a really tough journey.  But tonight, he just shined, and gave America what they needed.  Sofia said what Thomas went through makes it so special that he’s there tonight.  She predicted that the girls are going to go crazy over him because he’s so handsome.

ALAN SILVA (Danger Act)

Alan said when he was a kid, other kids would harass him because of his small stature.  He didn’t want his own kids to suffer the same as him.  But, when he met his wife, “everything changed” Alan said, because she showed him love, he had a family.   His son said his dad Alan is “stronger than a superhero,” and loves him “to the moon and back.”  He wants his dad to be in the Finals very badly.  

Sofia reacted that she can’t take it watching him again because of the danger.  She thought this routine was “a lot better” than the last time.  Howie was disappointed because “it seemed more of the same.”  Howie wanted to see Alan do the “neck-breaking” routine as promised from last time.  Heidi said when he’s wrapped up in the silk, they don’t see him as well.  But, this time in the chains, they can see him.   Alan thought he stepped-it up and did more dangerous things.  He said he thought that after twisting his neck that it would be enough.  He wants to inspire people, Alan said and is making his family proud.


Shaquira’s mom said she had her at 16-years-old.  She wanted to give her the life that she never had and with no job she thought she’d have to put her up for adoption.  Her mom said she was down to her last dollar and found a job.  Her mom was emotional as she talked about seeing Shaquira on AGT and fighting for her dreams.  She said she taught Shaquira to never give-up, to fight for her dreams and “give it 110%”

Sofia called her night and day from her last performance.   Heidi called her an all-around talent and a singing chameleon, stating she “sang the roof off of this!”  Howie told Shaquira that she “owned it.”  He noted the Country flare that she gave the Fleetwood Mac song in her performance.  Shaquira thanked her mother for everything and for giving her her world.  She said she’s there on AGT for both of them.  

BRANDON LEAKE (Spoken Word Artist)

Brandon, who gave a powerful performance last week around the topic of Black Lives Matter,  said the most important words are: family, dreamer, persevering.    Brandon said as a spoken word artist he wants his words to bring truth and peace.  “All the nights I was praying for this dream.  It’s here.  It’s happening right before my eyes.”  He said winning is part of the vocabulary.  “I’m gratified.  Just not satisfied.”  Brandon’s Semi Final performance was a spoken word piece about contacting his estranged father over numerous years without a response from him. 


Howie said this is so much more than a performance and it’s real.  Heidi reacted “dear Brandon, I think you just earned your spot in the Finals…”  She said she’s his biggest fan too.  Sofia said the words are definitely the window to his soul and they feel what he’s feeling.  

MALIK DOPE (Drummer)

Malik said he started drumming at age five.  He said drumming is his language and how he expresses himself.  Malik said street performance is his life and how he clothes himself.

Howie called it “insane and dope.” He said Malik IS a Vegas show with the likes of Blue Man Group and he would go to a Malik Dope Vegas show.  Sofia thought it was better than the last time, and he “can do everything.  Both Heidi and Sofia called him a showman.  “There’s so many things that you did in that act…you are very unique Mr. Dope,” stated Heidi.  Malik said he doesn’t have to think about it, he’s just ‘dope.’ 


Archie said music runs in his veins and used to sing with his family.  He said he was the singer of the house.  “That was my dream to grow up and be on a big stage with my family.”  He said while in prison, he felt like giving up.  But, singing made him not want to give up.  When he got out of prison he found out he had a daughter.  Archie said he knew that was his shot.  Archie said this is the beginning of a new life and he dedicated Tuesday’s performance to his daughter.  

Heidi gave him a standing ovation and said she always thinks more about him than the act.  She said “I hear your story, I hear all the layers in your voice.”  Sofia said his voice isn’t so important, but it’s the connection and how he makes them feel.  Howie said his imperfection is perfection and he’ll live happily ever after.  Crews asked about regaining relationships with his loved ones.  Archie called it an “everyday joy,” and described it as the most profound experience of his life. 


Roberta just turned 11 years old.  She said she’d love to go on a tropical vacation.  She loves dogs and stated there’s a lot an 11-year-old can do with $1 million.  After her Semi Final performance, Sofia called her act spectacular and amazing.  She sounds like she’s already recorded records  Heidi said there’s so much maturity and poise in Roberta’s voice.  “Just incredible” for 11-years-old she said.  Howie said he’s so proud of her for so many different reasons, and she’s from Toronto.  He said she’s amazing and under this kind of pressure, she’s able to maintain with no nerves.  Roberta responded that she feels so grateful and thanked everyone around the world.  

Pictured: Roberta Battaglia — Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC


At the top of Wednesday’s AGT’s Wednesday’s Results episode, judge Sofia Vegara reacted to the eleven acts that competed this week, stating that half definitely deserve to go to the Finals and she loves all of them.  The Finals are in just two weeks.  Host Terry Crews announced this week’s acts that were eligible for the Dunkin’ Save vote.  Those acts were: Alan Silva, Archie Williams, and Malik Dope.

Alan Silva led with 38% of the votes.  Archie Williams was at 32% of the votes, followed by Malik Dope with 30% of the Dunkin’ Save votes. 

The acts Spyros Bros and Dance Town Family from Florida were called to hear their fates.  The act going into the Finals was neither.  Howie reacted that as one door closes, another one opens.  He told Spyros Bros “you are amazing at what you do,” and “you don’t have to win to do good.” 

The next acts were: Broken Roots and Double Dragon.  America voted for singing duo Broken Roots. They reacted by thanking America.  Heidi congratulated them and told them they are the little engine that could, “full steam ahead to the Finals.” 

Two more acts took to the stage to hear the results.  They were Brandon Leake and Thomas Day.  The act with the most votes was spoken word artist Brandon Leake.  He thanked America for the votes and said the most powerful piece comes next week.  Howie told him to keep being who he is and he’s thrilled that he’s going to the Finals.  Howie told him, “you are changing the world.”  

The guest celebrity act was previous Finalist contestant from AGT 2015 Piff the Magic Dragon who currently performs in Las Vegas.  Similar to his idol magician David Copperfield, Piff attempted to make the Statue of Liberty replica in Las Vegas disappear.  Though all the shows in Las Vegas are closed due to the pandemic, Piff is doing virtual shows online.

Singers Shaquira McGrath and Roberta Battaglia were called to step forward.  The act that took the next spot in the Finals was Roberta Battaglia.  She was Sofia’s Golden Buzzer.   Sofia told Roberta to be herself, and believe in herself.  “Listen to your gut because you are doing amazing,” she told Roberta.  

After that, Ndlovu Youth Choir from South Africa performed via a music video that was streamed from Africa.  The Choir made it to the Finals on AGT last year.   They’ve created a special virtual performance for their fans.  Their single “We Will Rise” is out now.

The results from the Dunkin’ Save vote revealed that the next contestant going to the AGT Finals was stunt act Alan Silva!  The judges then had to vote between Malik Dope and Archie Williams for the last act going through to the Finals.   Sofia voted first.  She said they did better every time and she didn’t want to pick one.  She said she was going to go with the act that she talks the most about with her friends, etc.  That was Archie Williams.  Howie voted next.  He noted that Archie was crying last night while talking about his daughter which, he noted, added to the emotion.  However,  Howie voted for Malik.  Heidi had the deciding vote.  She voted for Archie Williams.  

NEXT WEEK:  The acts performing next Tuesday are – Voices of Our CIty Choir, Brett Loudermilk, Celina, Kenadi Dodds, W.A.F.F.L.E. CREW, Max Major, Bad Salsa, Daneliya Tuleshova, Bello Sisters, Cristina Rae, Jonathan Goodwin.



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