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Surviving Krystal on THE BACHELOR Season 22 Week 4 Recap

Posted on January 23 2018 by Editor

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Surviving Krystal on THE BACHELOR Season 22 Week 4 Recap

With only 15 women left competiting for “The Bachelor” Arie’s heart, reality starts to set-in with some of the women. Nameingly – Bekah who is downright “too young” to become Arie’s future wife, and Krystal who realizes that Arie has strong connections with other women in the house besides herself.

At the start of the episode (we’re in week 4 now folks) some of the women are openly concerned about the huge 14-year age gap between Arie and Bekah (cut-aways of Bekah swimming in the backyard pool in a bikini). They are certain that once Arie learns the truth of her young age that he will send her home.

Then, with perfect timing, enters host Chris Harrison who is there to announce that the women will be traveling to South Lake Tahoe Nevada, where Arie has already left to, to continue thier courtships with him. This, Harrison said, is the start of many trips for them around the world.

The Bachelor 22 week 4, Arie and Sienne

Pictured: Arie with Sienne

The first date to happen in Lake Tahoe was a one-on-one for Arie with Sienne. Her date card read: “Let’s let our love soar.” A prelude to their parasailing date.
Sienne was slightly worried about her date with Arie because last week he sent Lauren S. home during their one-on-one date. Sienne said she’s not in love with Arie yet. But, really “likes” Arie so far.

This week, photographer Maquel got some distrubing news that her grandfather had passed-away. She pulled herself out of the competition by returning home without saying goodbye to Arie who was on his date with Sienne at the time.

The next date card was the group date with everyone’s name on it except for Bekah’s, which of course meant that she was getting the second one-on-one date.

Arie and Sienne shared a heart-to-heart conversation about happy endings. No, not that! Sienne said it was difficult for her growing-up and NOT seeing girls who look like herself having “happy endings.” Arie was really impressed by Sienne and told her that their date could be the start of their love story as he gave her the date rose.

The Bachelor 22 week 4, Arie's group date

Pictured: Arie’s group date with the women in the woods.

The group date started in the wild. In the woods, that is. The women, who were – Marikh, Kendall, Tia, Brittany, Krystal, Caroline, Lauren B., Chelsea, Rebecca, Jeana, Ashely, Jacquline, got survival lessons by a couple of experts. Some major adivce was given on how to survive without conventional food and water. Problems solved via recycling one’s own urine and eating worms!

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