Sweet and Sour Scented THE BACHELOR Week 2 Recap

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Sweet and Sour Scented THE BACHELOR Week 2 Recap

In the second week of ABC’s dating reality show “The Bachelor”, Ben Higgins left himself seven women less after sending seven of the twenty-eight single women home which resulted in zero chance of them getting to date him. These women included a horse rider, a red hair with the nick-name “red velvet”, and a “chicken enthusiast”.

Moving on into week two of the “The Bachelor”, the first stand-out “crazy” girl, Lace, was worried that she gave Ben the wrong impression of herself in her first encounter with him last week. “I’m not a crazy girl at all,” Lace stated. Then went on to also say, “I finally have a chance to get the rose and get the ring. I want it ALL!”


The women’s names on the first group date card were- Lauren H., Jubilee, Becca, Jennifer, JoJo (Joelle), Mandi, Amber, and Jackie. The theme of the date was “back to school.”

Ben took the ladies back to his high school alma mater. He stated “I just want the date to be goody and fun. So, I’m taking the girls back to school.” Here, is where Ben tested the ladies intelligence and athleticism through a slew of high school themed obstacles. Some women were impressive, some were embarrassed!

Impressive was Mandi’s ability to leap over track hurdles to beat Amber out to be Queen for a day with Ben as they played homecoming queen and king. She also got to wear his Letterman’s jacket! Embarrassed were both Becca and Jackie who had to place Ben’s state of Indiana on a map. They not only placed it wrong, but also horizontally instead of vertically!

Lace’s hopes of receiving that date rose were dashed after losing in the first round of the high school game obstacles. Also during the group date, Becca got some one-on-one time with Ben while shooting basketball hoops, and so did Jennifer. But she used her alone time to make-out with Ben.

Back at the house, everyone’s most hated girl so far this season, Olivia, claimed that she looked at Ben when they first met last week, and saw her future husband.

The Bachelor 20, Caila

Then, the fist single date card came in and to Olivia’s disappointment, it had Caila’s name on it.

Bachelor 20, Jubilee

During the group date, Jubilee revealed that she was an orphan up to the age of six.

Bachelor 20, Joelle JoJo

Pictured: JoJo

Lace sabotaged Amber’s alone time with Ben, but talking to him twice. It ended up being JoJo who got the date rose.


Kevin Hart and Ice Cube intruded the date with a shameless plug for their movie “Ride Along 2” which opened on Friday and stuck with them up until after spending some time in a hot tub. They finished their date off by being serenaded by one of Ben’s favorite singers, Amos Lee who sang to them in a club after their dinner. Caila called the date “unforgettable”. The second group date card arrived back at the house. The ladies names who were on it were – Emily, Shushanna, Samantha, Olivia, Haley, and Amanda. THE SECOND GROUP DATE: The theme for this date was “Love Lab”. The group visited skilled doctors who tested their retinas and smells The girl who scored the highest in their eyes focused in on Ben’s photo the most, along with Ben displaying a high level of attraction for their smell and presence won.


Unfortunately, Samantha scored the lowest score with a 2.6 out of a 10, and Olivia scored the highest with a 7.4. Ben had stated that Samantha had a “sour” smell to her. She was also eliminated at the rose ceremony this week.

Bachelor 20, Olivia

Olivia ended-up getting the second group date rose.

However, with Olivia already securing a rose from Ben this week, that didn’t mean she was going to ignore him during the Rose Ceremony.


Olivia took the liberty of grabbing Ben as soon as he was done talking to Leah who was the first girl to talk to him of the night. The other women in the house were peeved! Lace took Olivia to the side to tell her that she was purposely making enemies with the other women in the house and what she did wasn’t right.

Bachelor 20, L.B.

Pictured: L.B.

It was time for Ben to hand-out the roses. He called Amanda, Jubilee, Lauren B, Leah, Becca, Rachel, Lace, Jennifer Emily, Jamie, Lauren H., Shushanna…they all accepted. But when he called “L.B.” it was a different story. She pulled him aside outside of the room to tell him that the whole ‘Bachelor show process of dating just wasn’t for her, and she voluntarily pulled herself out of the game and left the show.




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