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Take on the World! THE VOICE Season 7 Winner Finale Recap

Posted on December 16 2014 by Editor

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Take on the World! THE VOICE Season 7 Winner Finale Recap

Another milestone has occurred with season 7 of NBC’s “The Voice” crowning yet another winner! With two season’s per year as its routine, yet still looking for that uber, super duper mega star! Will this season’s winner be the one? Coach Adam Levine has the highest chance of winning with three contestants in the finale (Chris Jamison, Matt McAndrew, Damien) against Blake’s one contestant Craig Wayne Boyd.

But, before the winner is announced, there will be special guests performing on “The Voice” stage. They include Bruno Mars, Jennifer Hudson, Fallout Boy, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J., Lynard Skynard, Hozier, Meghan Trainor, along with the return of the Top 20 ‘Voice artists from this season.

Host Carson Daly announced that every single original by the artists on Monday’s show, songs charted the Top 50 in iTunes. This episoe was opened with a performance from The Top 20.

Adam reflected on this season with the other coaches, “there’s no secret. We all got along really well and I had time of my life last night.” Gwen said it was incredible being on “The Voice” this season

Pharrell’s best advice to contestants was “Everyone is going to go home at some point – figure out the day after and get ready to take on the world.” He also advised for them to use the voice as a platform. Blake said he’s “nervous as crap”.

The first performance of the night came from Craig Wayne Boyd.

Craig sang “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” with DaNica, Taylor Brashears, Sugar Joans,


Special guest performance by Hozier singing “Take Me to Church”. Remember when Team Adam’s Matt McAndrew sang his best version of this same song? Watch below!

Chris Jamison’s bring-back performance was with Luke Wade, Ricky Manning, Taylor Phelan, and Ryan Sill singing “Dedication To My Ex”.

Matt MacAndrew performed with Fallout Boy.
Matt McAndrew with Fallout Boy

VOICE JEDI – Adam said Pharrell is like Yoda. Gwen said Pharrell penetrates people with his wisdom. Blake is like Chewbacca said Adam ,and Adam said he’s Luke Skywalker.

Voice Jedi Pharrell Williams

Danica, Mia, Bryana, Sugar, and Jean sang “Bang, Bang”

Bang gif

Next, Bruno Mars took to the stage with Mark Ronson to perform “Uptown Funk”

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

Craig Wayne Boyd performed “Sweet Home Alabama” with Lynard Skynard.

Craig Wayne Boyd with Lynyrd Skynyrd

Meghan Trainor performed “Lips Are Movin”.

Meghan Trainor

Who knew? Adam is a Show-Tunes mega fan!
Adam Levine

Ed Sheeran performed “Thinking Out Loud”

Ed Sheeran performs

Matt brought back Taylor Phelan, Sugar Joans, Mia Phirrman, and Taylor John Williams. They sang “You Can GO Your Own Way”.

For Damien’s bring-back performance, he brought back Anita, Elyjuh and DaNica to sing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.

Damien bring back

Chris Jamison and Jessie J. performed her “Masterpiece”.

Chris Jamison and Jessie J.

Underneath the flannel! Blake’s “You Can’t Touch This!” A very funny spoof of all of Blake’s isms’ throughout the season and a montage of Blake giving some advice, then breaking it down!

Blake Shelton rap

Next, the coaches get into the Christmas spirit by singing this Holiday Song!

Coaches Christmas

Finally, the time arrived for Carson Daly to announce the winner of season 7 of “The Voice”. Damien took fourth place, followed by Chris Jamison who won third place. The final two were Craig Wayne Boyd and Matt McAndrew. The winner is – Craig Wayne Boyd!

The Voice season 7 winner - Craig Wayne Boyd

The Voice season 7 winner – Craig Wayne Boyd




The Voice Season 8 Premieres On Monday, February 23, 2015.




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