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Taylor is ‘Shattered’ on THE VOICE season 17 Knockouts Week 2 Recap

Posted on November 04 2019 by Editor

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Taylor is ‘Shattered’ on THE VOICE season 17 Knockouts Week 2 Recap

“The Voice” Knockout rounds entered week two on Monday’s episode.  Mega singer/song-writer Taylor Swift, appropriately given the title of “Mega Mentor” on this season of “The Voice.” She continued to work with all the coaches and their Teams.  By the end of Monday night, one performance left her weeping in tears.  But, she promised that she was okay.  Doing well in her personal life!

On Monday’s show, two coaches – Blake Shelton and John Legend had their Steals in tact and were waiting for the right moment to use them.


Destiny sang “Tell Me You Love Me” by Demi Lovato.   She’s from Nashville.  When she didn’t get a record deal it made her think she wasn’t good enough. Taylor said about the performance of the song, “it’s about delving into the emotional side of it.”  Gwen said Destiny took the song to a whole other level.  

Rose said in the beginning she didn’t think Gwen would turn for her. Taylor warned that nothing is ever going to be perfect in a performance.  “Big White Room” by Jessie J. is the song Rose chose.  Taylor’s jaw dropped when hearing Rose sing for the first time in rehearsal, and Gwen was crying.  Rose had her eyes closed while singing.  Gwen reacted “It’ was emotional and perfect.  Except I want to see your eyes.”    Gwen said they’re both phenomenal singers and she doesn’t want to lose anyone on her Team.

 Pictured (l-r): Rose Short, Destiny Rayne — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

After their Knockout performances,  Kelly told Destiny that it was smart to show-off her range.  She told Rose she is “an impressive singer.” But, Destiny killed it.  Blake told Destiny that he always thought she was a good singer, but that song got the best of her.  He can see the effect of Gwen believing in Rose has had on her and it’s his favorite Knockout performance.  John told Destiny he likes working with her, a powerful performance.  But, her downfall was going up against Rose.

Gwen told Destiny she did an amazing job.  But, she did such a great job singing she lost who she is. She told Rose her performance was “moving” for her.  She chose Rose.

KNOCKOUT WINNER – ROSE.  Gwen stated, “Rose is a two-chair-turn that turned into a major threat and everyone is scared of Rose.”

KIARA BROWN vs. SHANE Q. (Team Kelly)

Kelly stole Kiara in the Battles.  Kiara is a singer/song-writer and chose “Bones” by Maren Morris because she’s inspired by Maren.  Kiara was part of a ‘Voice program where she got mentored by Maren Morris.   Shane chose “In Case You Didn’t Know” Country song by Brett Young.  The song is about the lady he loves.  Shane said he’s never been in love so he can’t relate.   Shane said Kelly’s great at crossing genres and that’s exactly what he wants to do with his music.   Kelly stated that Kiara and Shane couldn’t be any different. She said the Knockout will come down to “If Kiara stays on pitch and if Shane can control when the spirit moves him.”

Blake told Kiara that she’s one of his favorite people this season and she stepped-up to the plate and did a great job.  He also complimented Sean but added for him to give more passion.  John agreed with Blake about her positive energy.  Shane always delivers beautiful vocals.  He thought Shane was conversational and still dazzled at the end.  He picked Shane.  Gwen noted to Kiara that she learned that she’s vocally more capable than what she thought.    Coach Kelly told Kiara that she’s made incredible progress and Shane is phenomenal.  But, he has some hesitancy.  She said he’s shy on stage but not in rehearsals.  Then Kelly started crying and tried to blame host Carson Daly.  Kelly chose Shane for the winner because he’s a little bit more ready.

Pictured: (l-r) Kiara Brown, Shane Q — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

KNOCKOUT WINNER – SHANE Q.  Kelly said it was hard to let Kiara go. She said Shane is “so capable” and can’t wait to show everyone that. Shane said he agrees with the coaches in that he was holding-back and wants to show more emotions.


Blake said he put them together because they can both belt when they want to.  Kat chose Sixpence None the Richer “Kiss Me” song.  It’s her mom’s favorite song.  She’s the youngest of five kids .  Kat is a piano teacher, following in her Mom’s footsteps who’s also a teacher.  She said she’s not been in a serious relationship. Taylor noted that Kat doesn’t remind her of anyone out there which is a good thing.  Blake said he loves the sound and tone of Kat’s voice and he believes in her as an artist.

Pictured: (l-r) Kat Hammock, Lauren Hall — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

Blake stole Lauren after she lost her Battle against Hello Sunday.  Lauren chose “Break-Away” by Kelly Clarkson.  She said that song is “literally her life” when she moved to Los Angeles from Nashville.  Blake admires how Lauren is stepping-out to try singing the song in front of Kelly Clarkson.  Taylor stated that the talent that she’s heard on Team Blake is phenomenal.  Taylor pointed-out the irony of Lauren coming back from Team Kelly, singing a Kelly Clarkson song.

John pointed-out that it was bold to take on that song in front of Kelly.  He thought she did a great job and her voice is compelling.  He picked Kat.  Gwen loved the crackling in Lauren’s voice.  She thought Kat’s voice was like an Angel’s and one of her favorites on the show.  Kelly told Lauren that she sang that song better than she did and when she recorded the song, she was younger and not fully able to grasp the meaning.  Kelly told Kat that her voice was very similar to the original artist but did a great job of showing who she is.  Coach Blake said they both handled the round really well.  He advised Lauren to embrace her uniqueness.  He was blown-away by Kat’s originality.  He chose Kat.  

KNOCKOUT WINNER – KAT.  Blake said Kat “has this once in a lifetime style.”  


John said he paired Will and Zoe because they’re both Soulful/Pop and interested to see how they go up against each other.   Will chose the song “I Don’t Care” by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber.  He said Ed Sheeran is who he looks up to.  Taylor said Will is such an interesting performer because he’s got his own thing.   John advised him that “there’s always a power to holding notes.” Zoe chose the song “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor featuring John Legend.  She dedicated the song to her grandmother who passed from cancer.  She wants to show John that he didn’t go wrong by using his Steal on her.  John said she sounds perfect and this Knockout will come down to who delivers in the clutch. 

Gwen told Zoe that it sounded like her album and her voice is perfect for that song.  She told Will that there’s something really magnetic about him, effortless.  She chose Will.  Kelly stated that every time Will is one stage she has to get up and dance with him. Ed Sheeran is not easy to cover.  Kelly told Zoe that she’s incredible and wishes she had a Steal because she thinks they both should stay.  Blake said Zoe is truly special and “that calm” standing there right now and she’s 16.   Coach John said Zoe has consistently shown him that she’s poised beyond her years.  Will has that fire and energy that everyone is attracted to.  It’s really fun to watch him perform.  

Pictured: (l-r) Will Breman, Zoe Upkins — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

John was torn and begged Blake for advice.  He kept stalling while trying to make a decision of the Knockout winner.   He chose Will.

KNOCKOUT WINNER –  WILL.  John said Will is so creative with his vocal choices and he’s exciting to watch.  John is excited to coach him. 

Kelly said if she had a Steal, she would Steal Zoe. Blake had a Steal, but  he said he’s looking for “something really unique.”


Royce is her reggae guy and is a really good performer too.  
Jake has been touring with his dad from ages 13 to 16 and he started a Rock’n Roll band.  He’s been playing for nine years now.   He chose “Power” song.  Jake rearranged the song to show his artistry.  Gwen told him the only thing she’s missing from him is him.   He needs to be more exposed.  Taylor told him that he needs to “bleed” into his guitar.  Like his life depends on it.    Royce chose “Wake Me Up” song by Aloe Blacc.  He said he wants his wife and kids to hear this, to not give up on your dreams and to be vulnerable.   Royce also performed with a guitar.   Gwen noted that if Jake can let that “star quality” thing down and be able to connect then he could win the Knockout.

 Pictured(l-r): Jake HaldenVang, Royce Lovett — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

After their Knockout, Kelly said Jake has an incredible range.  But, Royce has a great stage presence. She went with Jake.  Blake said he can’t figure out what kind of an artist Royce is.  He advised Jake to pull out more personality.  John called it a close call.  But, leaned towards Jake because he’s a “slightly better vocalist.”  Gwen said Jake’s vocal blows her away and it moves her to tears.  She loves how Royce bounces around genres.  She chose Jake as the winner.  

KNOCKOUT WINNER – JAKE.  Gwen stated that he has this undeniable voice and his vocals “just shocks you.” 
John has a Steal left and said he’s waiting for someone that wows him and dazzles him…that he needs on his Team.


Alex chose “I’m Not the Only One” song by Sam Smith.  He said he chose this song because he’s been in relationship where trust has been broken.  He’s no longer in a band and said he feels musically homeless.  So, “The Voice” has fulfilled that.   Kelly said Alex has an amazing stage presence.  During rehearsal Taylor noted that she loves how he uses his body.  Kelly told him to open-up and hold the note.  

Pictured: Hello Sunday — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Hello Sunday said winning the Battles was a life-changing experience and participated in “Healed the Hood’ in Memphis.  They chose Ariana Grande song “Almost is Never Enough.”  Taylor said she was “shattered” by Hello Sunday “completely fell apart” and was brought to tears in their rehearsal.  Hello Sunday reacted to her tears that they realized how they can move people.  Kelly told them that they don’t really have to be in sync, but to make sure their harmonies are dead-on.

Blake said Alex surprised him who was in the pocket.  The only problem was that he was paired against Hello Sunday.  John said Hello Sunday is very careful how they harmonize and it’s fun to watch.  He said Alex surprised them.  He approached it with a taste level and went  with Alex.  Gwen said she’s curious what Hello Sunday will do next and they performed a note where they sounded like an older woman.  Hello Sunday was flattered by her compliment.   Gwen also stated that Alex’s performance made him “stick-out.” She chose Hello Sunday because it’ s so different.
Kelly said she loved Alex’s low tone and range.  But, Hello Sunday is very moving and “it’s just incredible” what they do.  She stated that “it’s so tough.”  She chose Hello Sunday as the Knockout winner.

KNOCKOUT WINNER – HELLO SUNDAY.  Kelly said the only reason she went with them over Alex is that they come back with “crazy harmonies” that no one does.  
STEAL – John Legend pushed his Steal button for Alex.  He said Alex really came with his “A-game” in the Knockout.  


The second night of “The Voice” week 2 Knockouts had only one coach left with a Steal. That was Blake Shelton. Two of the coaches had their last Knockouts on Tuesday’s episode.


Marybeth chose “All I Ask” song by Adele.  She said when she was little she had a “horrible stutter” and used to get bullied. But when she sang with Adele, she realized she no longer stuttered.  She called “The Voice” a “life altering experience.”  John stated that Adele is big shoes to fill, but thinks Marybeth can do it.  Taylor told her, her taste will come into it and she’ll be able to customize it.

Preston chose “The Way You Look Tonight.” He wanted to bring back his style for the Knockouts after doing a different genre for the Battles.  Taylor advised Preston to not be afraid to “flirt with the audience.”  John advised for both of them to “come prepared.”  He felt his Team was “stacked.”  
Gwen told Preston that he is a phenomenal and today was her favorite.  She told Marybeth that she heard things in her voice that she didn’t recognize and thinks her style is coming out. Kelly was impressed by Marybeth’s power.  She loved it.  Kelly told Preston that she’d like for him to turn it into a Bieber song “or something.” To do something unexpected.  Blake said he thought Preston already showed that with The Mamas and the Papas song last time.  He told Marybeth that it takes guts to do an Adele song and she stepped-up to the plate. John told Marybeth that she’s an exceptionally gifted vocalist.  

Pictured: (l-r) Marybeth Byrd, Preston C. Howell — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

KNOCKOUT WINNER – MARYBETH.  John said she has great control and can show-off what a great vocalist she is in the Lives.  


Zach auditioned with a Blake Shelton song.  Blake said Ricky leans a little more Pop.  Ricky chose “So High” by John Legend.  He said it embodies that excitement that you get when you’re in love and he dedicated it to his boyfriend.  Ricky said the Blinds was the first time his boyfriend saw him perform on stage.  He’s nervous to sing a John Legend song in front of John Legend.  Taylor advised Ricky to practice “stillness” in the beginning to give the song more dynamics.  Blake agreed.  Zach chose “The Dance” by Garth Brooks.    Zach grew-up listening to Country music and came to “The Voice” to connect with people and make fans. Zach thought Taylor was a great Mega Mentor since she crossed over from Country to Pop.   Blake said he’s going to look for who can make him believe what they’re singing in this Knockout round.

Pictured (l-r): Zach Bridges, Ricky Braddy — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

After their Knockout performances, John told Ricky that he sang the song “really beautifully” and it was thrilling to hear him hit those high notes. He loved Zach’s tone, but went with Ricky.  Gwen told Ricky that he can do any genre.  She told Zach that she loves that song now that she’s Country.  She complimented his storytelling. Kelly preferred Ricky and told Zach that he didn’t stray from the original song and would like to know who he is as an artist.

Coach Blake said he was going to choose who he felt was swinging for the fence which they both did.  Zach did so by singing Garth Brooks, and Ricky did by singing John Legend in front of John Legend.  Blake said he loves Ricky’s voice that he always surprises him and what he’s able to achieve. Blake chose Ricky because he thinks he can win.


 Pictured: (l-r) Calvin Lockett, Myracle Holloway — Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC

MYRACLE HALLOWAY vs.  CALVIN LOCKETT     (Team Gwen) — This was Team Gwen’s last Knockout for the season.   A brief clip was shown of their Knockout.  Gwen ultimately chose Myracle as the winner. KNOCKOUT WINNER – MYRACLE


Kelly told Mega Adviser Taylor Swift that Gracee has a throw-back sound, and Damali is like Billie Eilish.  Damali chose “Sober” song because she connects with the song for a relative who went through a drug problem who’s since recovered.  Kelly loved that she picked a song that means something to her.   She thought is was a sad song and got emotional during rehearsal.  Taylor loved it and thought it felt conversational. Kelly advised her to hit the note bigger.  Taylor agreed and advised Damali to escalate to something else.    Gracee sang Dixie Chicks break-up song “Leave the Pieces.”  She chose the song because it’s a story about what someone went through.  

Pictured (l-r): Damali, Gracee Shriver — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Taylor joked to Gracee that they might be the same person.  Taylor also noticed the physical similarities to Gracee who’s tall, blonde, red lipstick wearing cowboy boots.   Kelly told Gracee that her tone is so cool.  Taylor loved the yodel that her voice did.  Kelly said Gracee and Damali both don’t know what they’re capable of and she’s going to see who floats to the top.  She doesn’t know who she’ll pick.

After their Knockout performances,  Blake told Damali that she’s stepping into her moment at the right time.  He told Gracee that he’s a fan since the beginning and she has an incredible tone.  John told Damali that her storytelling really connected.  He loved Gracee’s little yodels and her tone.  He chose Gracee.  Gwen said with Damali she was more impressed than she’s ever been and she sound like a Grammy singer.  She went with Damali.  Coach Kelly said Damali has “this Annie Lennox thing” and Gracee is so unique.  

KNOCKOUT WINNER –  DAMALI.  Kelly called it the toughest decision she’s ever had.  

STEAL – Blake pushed his Steal for Gracee. He said you can hear Dolly in her voice as well as mainstream Country.

“The Voice” airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7 c on NBC.


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