Team Adam Cremated on THE VOICE Season 16 Cross Battles Week 1 Recap

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April 10, 2019
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Team Adam Cremated on THE VOICE Season 16 Cross Battles Week 1 Recap

“This is  a new format.  This is very hard.”  – Adam Levine

Two artists from opposing Teams Battle each other in the newly added Cross Battles.  Artists have no idea who they’ll be paired with until the last minute during the live Cross Battles show.  The Cross Battles are set-up in a similar fashion to the Knockouts in that artists sing solo while the opposing artist sits off to the sidelines looking-on. In the first Battle, Blake challenged Team Kelly “the champ!”


Kim Cherry (Team Blake) vs. Besty Ade (Team Kelly):

Blake called Kim the “most unique” artist he’s worked with. She’s a rapper and fearless.  He said there’s no one he wouldn’t put her up against.  Kelly stole Betsy from John Legend.  Kelly called Betsy “raw and real” and she’ll be hard to beat in the Cross Battle.  Kim sang “Poison” song by Bell Biv DeVoe and  Betsy sang “You Oughta Know” by  Alanis Morissette.  It was a Battle of the ’90s.

Blake said “what a way to kick-off the Cross Battles” and he bragged on Kim how they’ve never had anyone like her before.  Kelly stated that they both did well and she’s “obsessed” with Betsy, stating she’s sexy and such a force.  Non-coach of the two Adam noted that how Betsy took off her jacket during the performance was incredible and “seamless”   He said Betsy “really killed it.”


Mari (Team Adam) vs. Selkii (Team Blake):

Adam said Mari has an incredible stage presence as well as an amazing singer with such power.  Blake called Selkii a unique singer-songwriter who’s unstoppable.  Selkii sang “Torn” song, and Marki sang “My My My.”

Adam called Mari “amazing” with an amazing vibe and wrapped it up with “Selkii, I love you,” but he went with Mari.  Blake said “Selkii is the real deal” and strange to see her without a guitar.  John said he perferred Mari’s performance and she seemed more confident.  Her style, control and confidence came through.  Kelly stated that Mari lit-up the room, and found Selkii “intriguing.”  She went with Selkii.


Lisa Ramey (Team Legend) vs. Karen Galera (Team Kelly)

John called Lisa one of the best stage performers.  Kelly said Karen transcends that bilingual genre and “she’s also a really rad vocalist.”  Lisa sang “It Hurt’s So Bad.”  Karen sang “Faithful” song and added some Spanish language flare to the song.  

John said he’s so proud that Lisa is on his Team and justified it.    Kelly told Lisa she did an amazing job.  But, her favorite part of Karen is her “amazing tone” at just 19-years-old and she can hold her own.  Adam stated, “this is  a new format,  this is very hard.”  He told Lisa that today is her best performance.  Blake agreed with Adam about Lisa that’s it’s her best performance.


Matthew Johson (Team Kelly)  vs. Domenic Haynes (Team Adam)

Kelly stole Matthew.  She said he has a beautiful round tone and is her beam of sunshine.  Adam Blocked John from Domenic in the Blinds.  Adam said he thinks Domenic can beat anyone he goes up against.  Matthew sang “Who’s Lovin You”  by the Jackson 5.  Domenic sang “Dame Your Eyes” by Etta James while giving Kelly Clarkson the eye during his performance!

Kelly said Domeic nailed the Etta James song and thinks Matthew sang a hard singer.  She added that she’s impressed with Matthew and such a fan.  Adam called Domenic one of the most honest and raw artists “The Voice” has ever seen.  He said he can’t conceive of a world where Domenic isn’t on the show.  John said now America has a crazy decision to make.  John thought Domenic was true to the song and liked Matthew’s stylistic choices.  He added that Matthew has a dynamic range. Blake stated “sorry America, I”m not going to help you.”  He said  Matthew does light-up the room, and he wanted to poke-out Kelly’s eyes for Domenic singing so intently to her! Lol!


Presley Tennant (Team Kelly) vs. Kayslin Victoria (Team Legend)

Presely is a young 16 year-old artist with a powerful voice.  Kayslin is the youngest on the show, a Junior in high school.  Kayslin also has a gigantic voice.  John said she sounds “so confident beyond her years.”  Presley sang “Love on the Brain.”   Kayslin sang “Stay.”   

Kelly asked Presley, “what just happened?” and said she does better in front of an audience.  Kelly stated that Presley might win the show.  John was proud of Kayslin who has great stage presence.  Blake said they’re so young and can already hear a difference from when they last taped. “You guys already turned a vowel.”  He added how can America pick between the two?  Adam told them they were great and Presley blew him away, her best performance.  He was surprised by Kayslin and finished with that he’s not going to decide.


Celia Babini (Team Adam) vs. Oliv Blu (Team Blake)

Adam said he will ALWAYS challenge Blake!   Celia is 18-years-old.  John said Celia is one of Adam’s best competitors.  Kelly called Celia “a real threat.”  Kelly said it scares her that they haven’t seen the best of Oliv.   Celia sang “A Thousand Years.”  Oliv sang “Gravity.”

Pictured: (l-r) Celia Babini, Oliv Blu — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Adam thought they were both great.  He said Celia is so unique and so much “bigger than one moment.”  He stated that she’s one of the more powerful singers and she’s “so many things.”  Blake stated that Oliv literally “just jumped on the radar” with all the contestants on “The Voice.”  He congratulated both of them.  John said he preferred Oliv and they have great style.  He said Oliv had more energy towards this song that included a twist, and view and was more throughly executed.  He told Celia that, that song didn’t take advantage of all her strengths.  Kelly stated that Celia has a good sense of who she is and hinted that she can’t wait to Steal one of them!


Dexter (Team Blake) vs. Andrew (Team Adam)

Adam chose Andrew to fight Country with Country.  Blake said he challenges all coaches to put their artists against Dexter, and Dexter will beat them.  Adam said Blake was genuinely NOT happy with him getting Andrew on his Team.

Pictured: Andrew Jannakos — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Blake told Dexter that the song he performed is “sacred ground” in Country, but he made it his own and made it stand-out.  Blake called it “pitch perfect.”  Adam responded that Dexter is possibly more Country than Blake.  Kelly chimed-in, no he’s not.  Adam said Andrew is a legitmate barrione with a range of falsetto.  Kelly told Andrew is “incredibly gifted” and represents new Country while Dexter is old Country.  But what Dexter did – nailing that song was an incredible feat.  John thought Andrew gave the better performance.


Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend) vs. Rod Stokes (Team Adam)

Maelynn is deaf in one ear which she actually uses to her singing advantage.  John said he feels like Maelyn could win the show.  It was Rod’s first time singing outside the church when he first stepped onto “The Voice” stage.  Adam called Rod a monster power-house. 

Pictured: Maelyn Jarmon — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

John called Maelyn “such a gifted singer”  so many settle, and stylistic choices you’re making, he told her and complimented her “great control.”  Adam said Maelyn is incredible.  “But it’s the story tonight is Rod” He stated that Rod brought the whole house down and admitted it was an “odd choice” he made by pitting him against Maelyn Jarmon.


Coaches will have one Steal and one Save on Tuesday’s Results show.  John Legend performed at the top of Tuesday’s show after a special announcement.

Pictured: John Legend — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

At the start of Tuesday’s show, host Carson Daly announced that “The Voice” coaches all have the one Steal and one Save for both this week and next since there’s a possibility a coach’s team could be wiped-out. After the Save was revealed, the losing artist had ten seconds to thank their coaches, and the coaches could Steal that artist in the same ten seconds window.

First-up to hear the results were the two artists who had the first Cross Battle on Monday’s show – Betsy Ade (Team Kelly) vs. Kim Cherry (Team Blake). Blake told Kim that he’s honored that she chose him as her coach and the journey has been “fun” and “a blast.” She’s showcased how talented she is to America. Kelly told Betsy that she believed in her before she got her on her Team and “no one’s doing what you do.” She hoped that America picked her. America chose Kim Cherry! After that, Daly told the coaches that they had ten seconds to Steal Betsy. STEAL: Adam and John both pushed to Steal Betsy! Adam hit his button first because he wanted to work with her from the beginning and pointed out that John let her go before. John reacted that he’s made “some rookie mistakes in my life.” He said he’s always wanted her on his Team and he loves everything about her. Betsy chose TEAM ADAM. That meant, she’s one of the few artists having a chance to work with three different coaches.

The next pairing to find-out their fate was Matthew Johnson (Team Kelly) vs. Domenic Haynes (Team Adam). Kelly told Matthew that he’s unstoppable and hope he stayes on her Team. Adam said he can’t imagine a world in which Domenic is not on his Team and will do everything in his power to make that so (we guess that means Adam will Steal him). America saved: Matthew Johnson. STEAL: Adam stole Domenic! Adam said it’s too early and it feels like only the beginning and wants to see where it goes.

Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend) vs. Rod Stokes (Team Adam). John said all the coaches wanted Maelyn because she has a special gift. Adam called Maelyn a front-runner, but Rod shocked the world because he went toe-to-toe with her and thinks he should be on “The Voice.” Maelyn Jarmon won America’s vote.

STEAL: Kelly stole Rod! Kelly told Rod last night that if America doesn’t get it, they will on her Team and she was impressed by his performance Monday night.

Celia Babini (Team Adam) vs. Oliv Blu (Team Blake) was next. Adam told Celia that she’s amazing and regardless if she makes it to the end of the show, she’ll be on the map. Blake told Oliv that he believes in fate and “I think there’s a reason why you ended-up on my Team.” He told her he can’t be prouder of her. Daly announced that America saved Oliv Blu from Team Blake.

STEAL: John Legend Stole Celia. He said he turned for her in her audition and is going to make sure she’ll knock it out of the park after this! He said she’ll win every time.

Next was Presley Tennant (Team Kelly) vs. Kayslin Victoria (Team Legend). Kelly told Presley sang her best last night and to come out of the gate at 16 with that much range, and volume. She can’t wait to see her have a career. John told Kayslin that she sings Pop music so well with such swagger and told her to keep working because she’s going to be great. SAVED: Presley Tennant. Kayslin thanked John and told him it’s a great head start.

Karen Galera (Team Kelly) vs. Lisa Ramey (Team Legend). John told Lisa that he loves working with her and she lights-up every room she’s in and has a great stage presence. “Such a ligh, it beams out energy around you.” Kelly told Karen that people don’t get to see the behind-the-scenes, that Karen is such ha hard-worker and represents something so cool and inclusive to people. America saved: Lisa Ramey (Team Legend). Karen used her ten second window to thank Kelly. None of the coaches stole her.

Mari (Team Adam) vs. Selkii (Team Blake). Adam told Mari that he loves her and thinks she’s so special. He can’t bare not having her on his Team He said she has it all as a singer. Blake told her that he meant it when he told her that she’s one of his favorites to work with . He added, “It would be crime for you to go home. I hope America agrees with me.” The artist who was SAVED was Mari (Team Adam)!

STEAL: Blake stole Selkii back! Blake said “the only chance that I have in keeping my Team together, is using my Save right now.” He said because he believes in every artist on his Team.

Andrew Jannakos (Team Adam) vs. Dexter Roberts (Team Blake). Blake told Dexter that he’s one of the best Country singers to walk across “The Voice” stage. Adam told Andrew tht if he doesn’t advance, he could go to Nashville and get a record deal. He wished the best for Andrew either way. America SAVED – Dexter Roberts (Team Blake)! Andrew thanked Adam for teaching him a new genre.



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