Team Blake and Team Shakira THE VOICE – Live Playoffs Recap

Team Adam and Team Usher THE VOICE – Live Playoffs Recap
May 10, 2013
May 12, 2013
Team Adam and Team Usher THE VOICE – Live Playoffs Recap
May 10, 2013
May 12, 2013
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Team Blake and Team Shakira THE VOICE – Live Playoffs Recap

Live Playoffs
4 artists from Team Blake and 4 artists from Team Shakira will perform tonight. Audience votes continue.
3 artists from each team will advance. One each will go home – voted by the viewers at home.



Garrett Gardner – TEAM SHAKIRA
A test to see if I can make an iconic song my own
Singing “Imagine” by John Lennon

Adam – I’m so proud- seeing your journey on this show That is one of my fav songs of all time. My least fav songs for someone to do because it’s one of my fav song. Its a diff side to see to you and I’m proud of you.

Blake- we saw at the end of that song that there’s a beast that comes out. You’re also the complete package.

Usher – It’s not how many time you win or lose its how quickly you get back up. I’m happy to see you back at the piano and doing your thing.

Shakira is very proud of you. You’re a real artist. Shakira was the only one that turned for him. You are the epitimy of what America is about – improving working hard, and doing better.

Garrett Gardner “Imagine” THE VOICE – Live Playoff Video… – Check It Out Here



Holly Tucker – TEAM BLAKE
Says she’s doesn’t fit into that ideal mold of a singer.
Sang “How Do I Live Without You?” by Leann Rimes
The crowd and Blake yelled a bit after her performance
That is one of my fav songs. I love your take charge approach I fell like you pushed the limits – Usher

That was so beautiful. you have such a pretty tone to your voice. At the end it was unbelievable you managed to deliver an amazing performance. – Shakira

You are a beautiful woman. You r better looking and more talented than Blake is . You’re amazing. I love you and you’re super talented and I love you – Adam

I am beside myself.You just proved to America that you deserve to be here. Everyone in this competition just stood up and said oh crap, that’s who I have to beat! – Blake

Holly Tucker “How Do I Live” THE VOICE – Live Playoff Video… – Check It Out Here



Kris Thomas – Team Shakira
“When I Was Your Man” – By Bruno Mars

I did feel from a critical standpoint that you were a little nervous. It’s how you bury the nerves. You clearly have a great voice – Adam

I actually like some of that nervous energy. That’s that adrenaline rush. – Blake

Nobody in the world would be able to understand the pressure of being an artist. – Usher

I adore you because you re so special. I have goose bumps and all. I just want to thank you . You are amazing and talented artist, great person and such a pleasure to work with. Hope America can see your heart of gold – Shakira

Kris Thomas “When I Was Your Man” THE VOICE – Live Playoff Video… – Check It Out Here



The Swon Brothers – TEAM BLAKE
“Fishing in the Dark” by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

That was pretty. NOt familiar with the song – Usher

You guys are so much fun to watch. You don’t try to do anything crazy to impress us. I love comfortable – Shakira

Watching you guys I was thinking , This is so Blake. Fantastic job guys – I don’t know the song either – Adam

Everything that we talked about was great. The harmonies was tight. It was really good. Half of America is saying Holy cow, those guys just did fishing in the dark on the voice! – Blake.

The Swon Brothers “Fishin’ in the Dark” THE VOICE – Live Playoff… – Check It Out Here



Karina Iglesias – TEAM SHAKIRA – Shakira stole her from Adam
“Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green

I would like to clarity you were not stolen from me, I foolishly gave you up to Shakira. You are clearly a talented, talented woman and you deserve to be here.

Can’t believe that Adam admitted to screwing up. You were great – Blake

Karina you gave me everything -sexiness, strength you have a pair of lungs, oh my God. You showed us everything you have to offer – Shakira

Karina Iglesias “Let’s Stay Together” THE VOICE – Live Playoff… – Check It Out Here



Justin Rivers – TEAM BLAKE
“Meet in the Middle” by Diamond Rio

“You’re one of those dark horses that no one sees coming” – Blake

Man that was cool. People who attend an R&B concert and don’t know what’s going on. I felt that way -That was a country moment and I’m glad that I was part of it! – Usher

Strong performance You did a great job. Your mentor is very proud of you, i can see it in your face…Blakey – Shakira

It felt like you were owning everything about that. – Adam

I know how talented you are. You’re kind of the dark horse in this competition. It’s a little bit different because you know what you’re doing you can change things up and it’s going to be awesome – Blake.

Justin Rivers “Meet in the Middle” THE VOICE – Live Playoff… – Check It Out Here



Danielle Bradbery – Team Blake
Singing – “Maybe it was Memphis” by Pam Tillis
Her 4th performance ever

That was an incredible incredible performance. You feel so comfortable on the stage – Usher
In the wise words of Blake – I jsut have one thinkg to say holy crap – Shakira

I feared this happening because you are not on my team. I think you are one of the ones to beat. You are one of the best singers – This is the beginning of a long career. 16 years old – there are people twice your age that aren’t as good as you. – Adam

First of all, that song – you brought it to a new generation. People are going to buy the crap out of that. Danielle is one of the most important artist that has ever been on the voice. – Blake

Danielle Bradbery “Maybe It Was Memphis” THE VOICE – Live… – Check It Out Here



Sasha Allen – Team Shakira
Shakira stole her

“Oh Darling” by The Beatles
You going to go very far and I’m excited to see you – Adam

Adam gave her up..ha, ha. Everyone who just saw just fell in love with you. – Blake

Adam, you gave her up? You are an incredible vocalist – Usher

i feel like we are in one of those moments that we all signed up. You have one of the best voices I have ever heard in my life. You knocked it right out of the park – Shakira.

Sasha Allen “Oh! Darling” THE VOICE – Live Playoff Video… – Check It Out Here




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