Team Blake Dominates THE VOICE Season 22 Top 8 Results Live Show Recap!

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Team Blake Dominates THE VOICE Season 22 Top 8 Results Live Show Recap!

Pictured: (l-r) Bryce Leatherwood, Bodie, Brayden Lape, Morgan Myles -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

There’s only one more week left before “The Voice” season 22 finale.  The Semi Final displayed the uber talented Top 8 contestants who delivered one spectacular performance after the other.  Several times in Monday’s show, coaches called some of them finale performances.

After Tuesday night’s results show, those eight became five who are moving on to next week’s finale show. How we got to the Top 5 was a bit of an emotional roller coaster as Team Blake dominated the Top 5 in a major way!

The artists got to see a sneak peek of the biopic “I Wanna to Dance with Somebody” about Whitney Houston.   The duets they sang on Monday were all songs by Whitney Houston.  We got to see Justin Aaron and Omar Jose Cardona singing together; Bryce Leatherwood and Morgan Myles; Bodie and Brayden Lape; Parijita Bastola and Kim Cruse!  Team Gwen’s Justin Aaron, her only artist left, opened Monday’s show. 



R&B singer Justin Aaron chose the song “Stand Up” by Cynthia Erivo.  His wife loves this song.  “The song is an anthem.  Things happen if you roll up your sleeves and do the work,” said Aaron.   It emcopmasses everything I’ve been through in my journey on The Voice. 

Gwen said now that she knows it’s for his wife “that’s so special.”  Hiks wife was why he auditioned for The voice.  Gwen said to deliver a serious message like this and remind people the hope we all have in us.  Gwen said it’s amazing that Justin was a one-chair-turn.  Gwen thinks that America won’t be able to help themselves and vote for Justin.  Aaron moved Gwen when he told her every song he’s performed so far has prepared him for this.  Gwen got choked-up about it.

John said it doesn’t escape him that he started with “Glory” and this is like Glory on steroids. He loves watching Justin grow on the show and his passion. Blake said what he loves about his performances is that they start off big but you know they’re going somewhere.  Camila said every time he performs he delivers excellence.  He sets this impossible bar for himself and he leaves it out there every time.  “It’s really a gift to watch,”  Camila finished.  Gwen said. What’s crazy is to listen to other coaches talk about his growth on the show. It’s so powerful to see him “shining up there.” She told him she was “so impressed.”   

Pictured: Bryce Leatherwood, Morgan Myles –Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

MORGAN & BRYCE Duet  (Team Camila & Team Blake)

Morgan Myles from Team Camila and Bryce Leatherwood from Team Blake sang “Saving All My Love” by Whitney Houston.  They said they did the song with a Country Bluesy twist while paying respects to Whitney.  The two sat on stools and faced each other while singing their duet.  In our interview with Morgan, she stated that she wanted to give off Faith and Tim McGraw vibes for their style performance.  They got a standing ovation from the coaches.


Brayden Lape, who’s 15-years-old., had his mom with him this week.  Brayden was still having trouble adjusting his microphone during his rehearsal.  Blake reacted, he has to get it right or people won’t vote for him!  Brayden chose “In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young.  Blake advised Brayden to “lean into this vocally” like you never have.  He told him “we have to have full Brayden.”   Brayden said “making the finale would be so special.  Only a select few have.”  He added, in the Semi Finals, you have to go big or go home.

Camila said she’s so excited about his career and where he’s going.  She said he has such a gorgeous sounding voice and it might be soft, but not less impactful.  She added that he’s grown so much in this competition.  Gwen said it’s still something so understated about his performance. She likes that he’s unaware of how cute and talented he is.  It’s very subtle and something that is so loveable about it.  She thinks that’s what America loves and what she loves.  Blake joked that he’s aware.  Blake said this is Playoff time, they’re going to the Finale from here. He hasn’t heard Brayden sing like that until this point.  


Parijita got a DM from Alessia Cara whose song she sang last week. Cara was so proud to see how much Parijita has grown since they last met.  Parijita chose “Unstoppable” by Sia this week.  John  said this song is empowering especially for a teenager trying to get into the finale.   Parijita said her family immigrated from Nepal.  She saw them struggle and also succeed after that hard work.  When she goes on stage, she’s putting on her metaphorical armor.  She said her family makes her feel loved and supported to allow her to go on stage and feel secure in herself “to sing for America,” Parijita stated.   John said this song is going to “rouse the crowd” and this performance is going to “ratched the energy” which is exactly what she needs to get into the finale next week.”

The crowd was roaring after her performance  Camila said it’s crazy to her that Parijita is 17-years-old and the guts and courage it takes to get up there.  She just owns herself.  “I can’t even speak.”  Gwen said not to harp on your age but it is shocking how she’s able to connect with her body and voice at the same time her heart.  She’s very convincing that’s very powerful at such a young age. John said the belief she has in herself makes people inspired by her. “People are so inspired by you, they ask me about you all the time.”  

Pictured: Brayden Lape, Bodie — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

BRAYDEN & BODIE Duet (Team Blake)
Bodie said the Whitney movie inspired him to see someone who had a talent at an early age.  They sang “I Want to Dance with Somebody” for their duet.  Brayden said he can’t dance.  Bodie described Brayden as “heart throb.”  Brayden described Bodie as an “amazing singer.”  The two sang the Whitney Houston song in a slow-downed version.  

KIM CRUSE (Team Legend)

Kim was Instantly Saved her last week.  John said he agreed with Blake that she can kill things and then bring them back to life.  Kim said she wasn’t’ always confident with her gift.  She said she was classically trained.  Then stripped of all of that when she got vocal polyps.  For three weeks she couldn’t talk and had to go through speech therapy.   John said he likes that rasp in her voice and can be her super power.  She said if John Legend believes in her then “what the heck am I scared of.”  Kim chose the song “Summertime.”   Kim said she wanted to do something “super jazzy.”  “If you were to come to a Kim Cruse show, this is what you’d see”, Kim said.   John said she is the best vocalist on the show and she’s fighting her way to the finale.

After her performance Kim got a standing ovation from all of the coaches.  Blake said he doesn’t know if he’s ever heard her switch over to her head voice like that and it sounded so incredible.  He loved the “sultry, steamy thing.”  Blake joked that the choreography was actually something he could do (which was sitting)! Lol!   Camila said she felt that she was entranced in a film.  If that ‘s what a Kim Cruse concert is like, she wants to go.  Gwen said that was “perfect.”  Her body language, how she built the song, her outfit.  Her whole spirit came through. “You are incredible.”   

John said “divine” is the word that came to his head.  Her presence was “regal” and “beautiful.”  He said “it was just a masterclass on how you perform a song that’s been performed a zillion times.”  And he wants to go to a Kim Cruse concert too.


He said just a few months ago he was a background singer, a studio singer and he sang in theme parks.   He said the Top 8 is just a dream come true.  Omar chose “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.  John said Omar showed him a few different versions he liked online, then John said he saw Omar’s vision.  

Omar said he spent a lot of time away from his girlfriend this year.  They met at a bar in Orlando.  Omar said it’s very difficult to turn a female song into a male song.  John said singing a Celine Dion song takes a lot of “hustpa” He said very few people can do it.  Very few people should try to do it.  But Omar can do it!” 

After Omar’s stunning performance which ended with him belting out a huge, long note that lasted forever, Blake said old men are picking up their tupees.  Old ladies’ curlers flew out of their hair!  Blake finished with “the stage levitated. What else do I have to say.”  Gwen joked “I’m pretty sure he was lip syncing on that one.  There’s no way that was real.”  She said that was “unbelievable.”

John yelled “Omar can do it!”  He said as a coach he likes to dreamup what else he can get Omar to do.  Because whatever notes, etc…”Omar can do it!” 

BODIE (Team Blake)

Bodie said it’s really special that he has this bond with his Team and he’s inches away from the Finale.  Blake said Bodie raised the bar for himself last week and is one of, if not the most unique artists they’ve had on the show.   Bodie sang Halsey’s “Without Me.”

Bodie also chose a female song.  He said from an early age, he remembers seeing his parents singing and acting.  Now, his kids are watching him on TV doing the same thing.  He hopes they are inspired by him.  Blake said he wants Bodie to have “the biggest moment he can have.” He wanted him to hit big notes. Blake said Bodie is teaching him now. He advised him to “bodize it.” So it feels like a Bodie show.  The background dancers with wigs were back on Bodie’s performance!

The studio audience was chanting “Bodie, Bodie!!” Camila said she and Gwen want to be one of his Sia background dancers.  She loves how he makes every song his own and he’s a true artist.  John said he really believes in Bodie and is one of his favorites this season.  Blake said Bodie has this absurd amount of talent and wants America to know “what’s in this guy’s heart…this is a good dude standing up here.”  He’s glad that his kids have him to look up to. “You’re a good man,” Blake finished.

Pictured: (l-r) Justin Aaron, Omar Jose Cardona — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

OMAR & JUSTIN AARON Duet (Team Legend & Team Gwen)
Justin said he was a little nervous because he likes to live up there in that place. Omar said “and Whitney does too.”  Justin reacted, “But I don’t.”  They sang “Greatest Love of All.”   


Bryce Leatherwood said to be in the Top 8 is hard to describe.  You’re living this dream that happens every week.  He called “The Voice” the best experience of his life.  He said he wants to take the Semi Finals by storm.  Camila and Blake said they missed the cowboy hat last week.  Blake said Bryce is the most Countriest person he’s coached.  His song this week was “If Heaven wasn’t So Far Away.”  Bryce called it the most emotional song he’s sung to date. He said the song is about memories of the ones we lost and cherishing the ones that are still here.  Bryce said it’s what it’s all for, making family proud.   Blake advised Bryce to watch his pitch during rehearsals.  Blake said it’s a great song to send Bryce into the finale and he’s “killing it.”

Gwen said he’s so authentic and everything that you want to see in a Country artist. John said he sounds like he could be on the radio, instantly, like right now. Pitch perfect, and soulful. He loved it.  Blake was pointing, he said like Babe Ruth.  Blake said he was pointing to the finale.  You just engaged the army of Country music fans.  You are the guy they want to represent  them.  That was killer!

KIM & PARIJITA (Team Legend)

Kim said “Whitney was just that girl and there will never be another.” They sang “I’m Every Woman” by Whitney Houston.

Pictured: (l-r) Kim Cruse, Parijita Bastola — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

MORGAN MYLES (Team Camila)

Pictured: Morgan Myles — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Camila brought her mom because last week she was “blowing up the chat” raving about Morgan.  Morgan chose the song “Always Remember Me This Way” By Lady Gaga.  She dedicated it to her cousin who was 33 years old when he passed away from cancer, and her grandfather as well. She lost him around this time of year.  Morgan said this song is about choosing to remember the good times. Camila said because it’s a tribute, bring your soulfulness into it.  In a competition like this, it’s important to peak at the right moments.  Morgan had her parents there this week, who drove 2,000 miles from Nashville.  

Morgan got a standing ovation from the coaches.  Gwen said “that was so beautiful…everything about your voice is so unbelievably pretty.” She said it’s shocking and “kind of weird” how far she’s come.  Gwen added that something’s really honed that she’s really proud of her.  Camila said Morgan has grown and can be the next Pop, Country superstar.  “I feel you are that in a way” (The Voice). “It was amazing I love you.”  Morgan’s parents were watching on from the audience and were tearing up. 

Tuesday night’s results show had the last Instant Save of the season.  We saw four artists compete for one spot into the finale! 


Pictured: Blake Shelton — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

“The Voice” coach Blake Shelton opened the Top 8 results show by performing “No Body.”  Right after that, host Carson Daly got right down to business by bringing out the Top 8 artists to make his first reveal of the night of who made the Top 5 and going to the finale next week.

The top 8 artists came out onto the stage.  John Legend shouted “Omar can do it” after his grand performance last night.  If he wins, what would it mean?   Omar answered that he thought what was the purpose of the last 15 years of work?  It was that it brought him here on “The Voice.”  Carson asked Bodie what he wants America to know about Blake.  Bodie said that “he’s a visionary and humble.  I’m really grateful.” 

Carson Daly revealed the first set of results “in no particular order.”  The first Finalist announced was – Bryce Leatherwood from Team Blake!  

Pictured: (l-r) Bryce Leatherwood, Bodie, Brayden Lape, Morgan Myles — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

John Legend performed “Nervous” after the commercial break.   Then Daly mentioned that “The Voice” is nominated for a “People’s Choice Award.”   The show has won six People Choice awards so far for “Best Competition Show.”

The remaining artists returned to the stage.  They were: Bodie, Brayden Lape, Morgan Myles, Parijita Bastola, Justin Aaron, Kim Cruse and Omar Jose Cardona.  Daly alsed Morgan Myles what’s the one thing she’ll take away from “The Voice”  she answered what hasn’t she learned. Morgan said she learned more about herself, and her instincts.  To trust herself and her lane.  

Daly asked Parijita what she would like to say to her parents?  Parijita thanked them for bringing her to this country. “I wouldn’t be here without you,” she said,   She also thanked her parents for being supportive for coming to all of her shows.  

Daly announced the next artist advancing to the Finale.  That name was – Morgan Myles (Team Camila) who was Camila’s only artist left.  The next artist who’s name was called was Bodie from Team Blake!

The next live performance of the night was guest singer Carly Pearce who sang “What He Didn’t Do.”

The remaining five Semi Finalists came back to the stage.  Kim said she wants those struggling with confidence “you are all that and then some!”  You don’t know how many people are waiting to hear your music, see your art, read your book…She advised people to do it.

Daly asked Justin Aaron about the importance of him singing “Stand Up” last night!  Justin gave a powerful message with his song last night.  He said first of all it’s his wife’s favorite song.  He thinks people need to stand up together to make a change. “Let’s do this together,” he said.

The next artist Saved was Brayden Lape.  That meant ALL of Team Blake are going to the finale!

That meant Kim Cruse, Justin Aaron, Omar Jose Cardona, and Parijita Bastola were all automatically in the Instant Save.

Pictured: (l-r) Parijita Bastola, Kim Cruse, Justin Aaron, Omar Jose Cardona — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC


Parijita was up first.  Her coach John Legend told her “that was gorgeous.  Beautiful.” He said this is a difficult situation to be in…singing against so many artists. But he’s seen her rise to the occasion again and again.  

Kim Cruse performed “All By Myself”  John said she’s done it again where she’s had to fight for herself and again tonight.   “Truly one of the best singers I’ve been around in my life,” John stated. 

Gwen said to her artist Justin Aaron that she could see that he was deeply into the song.  She was getting emotional. Camila said he is the kindest person on the show, and everyone feels it.  She told him she loves him so much.

After Omar performed, his coach John Legend reacted that he is stunned that Omar is in this position, and stunned that several of them are in this position.  “If this is the voice and we vote for people because of their voice. Omar is the voice.” 

John’s other artist up for the Instant Save, Parijita, told John that she’s forever changed and so gratfulfor him.  John said she is so wonderful and she represents her family and culture so well. He felt blessed to spend time with someone as gifted as she is. 

John’s final artist in the bottom, Kim, told John “thank you again for believing in me and giving me that extra push.”  She was emotional when she continued.   John said she inspired him and loves to hang out with people who can sing down like her. 

Justin Aaron told his coach Gwen Stefani “thank you.  Thank you for believing in me, for taking a chance on me.  Thank you for your ‘yes.'”  Gwen said she felt so lucky to get Justin who was a one-chair-turn. “Your heart is so big and open. You’re so brave to go on stage and share your faith with everyone. 

Omar told his coach John that it was so cool hanging out with him.  Omar continued, “I came here at 34 and didn’t think I’d get this far.”  John said he was amazed when someone who they’re salivating to work with (like Omar) and they wonder if they’re going to make it far on the show.  He said he gives Omar ideas because he can do anything with his voice!  Things that John can’t do. John said Omar can do anything that he throws at him.

WINNER: Omar Jose Cardona!  

Pictured: (l-r) Omar Jose Cardona, John Legend — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

That meant Parijita Bastola, Kim Cruse, and Justin Aaron went home. 

THE VOICE TOP 5:  Morgan Myles, Bodie, Brayden Lape, Bryce Leatherwood, and Omar Jose Cardona!



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