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Team Blake Takeover on THE VOICE Season 16 Top 8 Revealed Recap!

Posted on May 07 2019 by Editor

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Team Blake Takeover on THE VOICE Season 16 Top 8 Revealed Recap!

This week on “The Voice” season 16, fans chose the songs for the Top 13 artists to perform. Host Carson Daly announced that a new winner of “The Voice” will be named on only two short weeks! The artists stepped-up their game in Monday night’s performances for a shot to make it to the Top 8, revealed in Tuesday’s Results show.


GYTH RIGDON Gyth said his fans at home in Lousiana have been amazing and he got the key to the city. “Nobody But Me” by Blake Shelton is what the fans chose for him to sing.  Blake said when he heard Gyth sing the song, he knew that they made the right decision.  Blake predicted that fans will be able to catch a Gyth concert soon. “This guy’s going places,” said Blake.

John said Gyth carries himself with great star presence and acts like he belongs there.  Blake agreed and said he does belong there.  “It’s unbelievable to me that you’re basically an undiscovered talent.  You performed like a vetran up there,” said Blake. He added that “that’s the way the song should have been performed.”

KIM CHERRY Kim’s fan-picked song was “What a Man.” Blake said some songs are untouchable and recommended she do the song how it is.  Kim joked that when she thinks of her beau (like the song) he doesn’t exactly look like Denzel Washington.  Blake said Kim interjects all of those things and “oh yeah, she’s an incredble singer.” 

Kelly said Kim did exactly what was expected.  If she moves on, Kelly said she’d love to hear her just sing something. “Just wail on some beautiful ballad,” Kelly stated. Blake said it’s aways fun to see what the fans see for the artists and thinks that song choice was perfect for her.  “Great job sis,” Blake praised Kim.


Kelly Saved Jej last week.  He said being in the Top 13 is everything.  Jej’s fan song was “Close.” Kelly said Jej is someone she sees in the finale and there was no way she was going to let him go.  He said the song is about wanting someone so bad you want them close to you.  He said “I don’t know if I’m that confident.”   The fact that the fans chose that song, he’s ready to show them “the beast.”  Jej opened his performance while playing keyboard. 

Pictured: Jej Vinson — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Adam reacted that Jej has a very “different sounding voice.” He would recognize him on the radio. Adam added that he always envisoned Jej on the finale as well.  Kelly said Jej has such style and grace with his runs.  It sounds angelic and she’d be shocked if he wasn’t in the finale.


Blake told Andrew that he’s connecting with Country fans across the nation.   His mom said she hasn’t seen him be this alive in years.  Blake said there’s no one this season that’s in as awe as Andrew about being on the show.  Blake said the song needs the attack, agressivness.  He said Andrew doesn’t back down from any song.  “He goes two hundred percent!”

John reacted to Andrew’s performance, “a lot of energy.”  John liked how confident Andrew looked up there, he said he felt Andrew’s passion.  Blake said Andrew is “on ten all the time” which is how he’s developed this huge fan base.  “We also get to see this guy realizes every second that goes by, ” he made it on “The Voice.” 


OLIV BLU Blake saved Oliv from elimination last week in the Top 24.  She said she felt “extreme graditude.”  Blake stated that Oliv is his dream artist and she brings finesse to the show.  Oliv got popular Sade song “Smooth Operator.” Blake said he hopes America embraces how unique Oliv is. Oliv’s sister was there to support Oliv and as a fan to introduce her. 

Her former coach John Legend commented that she was so impressive. Then, addressing Oliv’s styling, John said this in not only The Voice, this is the hair… it’s everything.  He said it’s a lot of discipline to sing with that much “control and clarity.”   Blake said he loves Sade,  But loves Oliv the most and she sounded incredible.  He said she came out of her shell and embraced what this is. “You became an artist tonight” Blake told Oliv.


DEXTER ROBERTS The song the fans chose for Dexter was “Something Like That.” This song is from early 2000s.  Blake said he’s glad to see Dexter representing that era of Country.  Dexter said he’s glad that the fans picked that song because they know he’s Country.  He has a special fan named Abby back home with cerebral palsy who comes to all of his concerts.  Blake said Dexter is truly that all-American dude and fans will love what he does with this performance.  “The Voice” flew Abby out to introduce Dexter for fan night. 

Kelly said that’s one of her favorite songs in County, “it’s a lifestyle.” Blake said Dexter did a great job and it’s what the fans wanted to see him do.


Shawn got “A House is Not a Home” song by Luther Vandross.  John said it’s amazing that Shawn just goes back and teaches. Shawn said the song is about the emptiness you have for a loved one. He said he can relate after losing his mom who was his biggest fan.  “Getting coached by John Legend is life,” exclaimed Shawn.  John said they want to feel that emotions from him.  “He can really knock everyone’s socks off.”  Shawn’s fans introduced him from Houston, Texas which also included: friends, students, family and even his childhood baby sitter.

Adam said Shawn is incredible – the best vocal of the show and the entire night. “I think you’re unbelivable! ”  Legend said one of the best performances anyone’s ever done in this entire competition.


CELIA BABINI John saved Celia last week.  Celia got a brand new song that no one’s ever done on “The Voice.” That song was “Shallow” by Lady Gaga. Celia is the youngest in the competition.  He advised her to sing it as if she’s telling a story and doesn’t want it to come off as a cover.  Celia said ‘it’s a huge honor” to be singing a song that just won the Oscar award. 

Pictured: Celia Babini — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Adam said she deserves to be there.  John said when he first talked to her about doing the song, she was concerned because it’s an Oscar winner. He said she really did make it her own.  John also commented on Celia’s stage dive that he didn’t see her do that in rehearsal, so he was surprised too.


LB CREW On the Comeback Stage LB won out against Kanard.  He went back to Team Adam because that’s the Team he started on.  Adam called him one of the best singers in the competition.  He said the fans know his an R&B singer.  They chose “I’ll Make Love to You.”  LB turned four chairs in his Blinds. Back home, LB was working a factory job. 

Adam said he was so thrilled to have LB back into his life and LB is such a kind human.  He said LB does “all of it with all of his being.”


Adam used his save on Mari last week.  The song she got was “Foolish.” Adam said Mari’s stage presence is one of the best in the competition.  He advised her to sing with some settlety in the song. She said she’s glad that the fans picked an R&B song for her.  Mari called it “insane” from going to working in the salon with her mom to performing on The Voice stage in the top 13.

Adam said this young woman is a super star and she has arrived!  He said she’s an artist and she’s just her own thing.  


CARTER LLOYD HORNE Carter is from Georgia. He got his braces off before the Cross Battles.  Last week, Carter performed an Elvis song. This week, Blake was glad to see him doing something current.  He said every time Carter gets pushed on the show, he steps up to the plate said Blake. The female fans love Carter and are asking him to prom. Carter said he had to turn off his notifications.  Blake advised Carter to pour his soul into it,  Carter performed fan-picked song “Let it Go.”

Pictured: Carter Lloyd Horne — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Blake said he was worried a little bit about the song. But Carter takes everything that’s thrown at him and runs at it head on and gives it everything that he’s got  “You killed it tonight,” Blake told Carter.


Rod brought his wife to rehearsal who met Kelly.  Rod said he is inspiring to others at the age of 35 where he knows people who are in poverty.  Rod got fan-pick song “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge.  He sang the song to his wife whom he met in church.  Rod said she caught his eye but doesn’t think he caught hers.  Kelly said it’s like Michael MacDonald meets Chris Stapleton.

Pictured: Rod Stokes — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Former coach Blake said he was thinking “dammit.  He used to be on MY Team.”  Blake said performance after performance, Rod just keeps delivering something more monumental than the last time.  Kelly said Rod has this God-given talent that he didn’t even have to work for and singing for his woman on national TV “must be nice.”


Team Legend closed-out fan night.  Maelyn said the most over-whelming interaction she has with fans come from the hearing impaired since she is deaf in one ear.  Maelyn said in her Blinds she did a song orginally done by a male artist and that’s what she likes to do.  She was given Coldplay song “Nobody said it was Easy.”  John said her voice is similar to Celine  Dion, and Joni Mitchell. John added that Maelyn’s voice has a really strong vocal core to it  and advised her to not always to that meloldy change in the song.  John thinks she’s the best singer on the show and is sure she’ll put everybody under her spell.

Pictured: Maelyn Jarmon — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

After her Top 13 performance, John said Maelyn is the best singer in the competition. “That skill level is not normal and it’s beyond!  We’re all blessed to hear it,” stated John Legend.


On Tuesday’s Results show, coaches John and Blake joined their Teams for the first time this season in a performance on “The Voice” stage.  At the end of the night, America got the results for their ‘Voice Top 8 competiting in the Semi-Finals.

Pictured: (l-r) Kim Cherry, Oliv Blu, Jej Vinson, Celia Babini, LB Crew, Mari — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Top 13 came out to the stage.  The most streamed artist was Maelyn Jarmon.  Host, Carson Daly asked the Top 13 some questions. 

Jej Vinson from Team Kelly was asked about family. He said family means everything to him because they left everything behind.  He stated that he’s proud of everyone there.  Dexter told his fans that he loves them so much and they are the reason why he’s there.

The first two artists that Daly announced as Saved were: Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend), and Dexter Roberts (Team Blake).

Celia, Maelyn, and Shawn joined their coach John Legend for a performance of oldie song “I Say a Little Prayer” by Aretha Franklin.

Pictured: (l-r) Celia Babini, Maelyn Jarmon, John Legend, Shawn Sounds — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

After that, the remaining eleven artists came out onto the stage to hear their fates.  Daly asked LB about the Cross Battles and what fans should know about him.  He said he loves them so dearly and they’re the reason he’s there.  “I give myself ALL of myself every time I perform for you.”  Daly asked Kim what the Top 3 mean to her.  She said it means a lot to step up there and be herself. She thanked everyone for loving her the way she is.

Then, the next Saved artists were revealed.  They were: Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake),  Rod Stokes (Team Kelly), Shawn Sounds (Team Legend).

Next week, the Top 8 will team up to perform duets of The Beatles songs.

Daly asked Andrew about his community.  Andrew responded that he comes from a great little town and is blessed to be a part of it.  Daly asked Oliv about her family.  She said she’s so happy to have them there and thankful for their support.  The next artists Saved were: Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake), Andrew Sevener (Team Blake).  That meant Blake had four Team members going into the Semi Finals so far!

After the commercial break, artists Oliv Blu, Kim Cherry, Andrew Sevener, Dexter Robers, Gyth Rigdon, and Carter Lloyd Horne performed with their coach Blake Shelton, “Got My Mind Set on You” by George Harrison.  

Daly asked Celia from Team Legend about her performance Monday night.  Celia said she hopes viewers and fans can see how much she loves this and “loves doing this.” She finished with that no matter what happens tonight, she’ll continue doing this.  Mari thanked everybody and said good timing for her to be herself and unique. She encouraged others to be themselves.

Left on stage were:  LB Crew, Celia, Kim, Oliv, Jej, and Mari.  Daly then announced, “in no particular order” the first artist who would be performing for a spot in the Semi-Finals was LB Crew (Team Adam).  The second artist was Mari (Team Adam), and the third artist to perform for the Instant Save vote was Kim Cherry (Team Blake). That meant Jej, Olive and Celia all went home.

Keeping in her same same style, Kim Cherry sang “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna to Get It)” by En Vogue.  Blake reacted that he couldn’t believe that Kim is even in the Twitter Save moment.  But he said she did what she always does and prayed that she gets voted through because America needs her on the show.

Mari sang “Latch” song by Sam Smith in her own style.  The coaches gave her a standing ovation.  Daly asked coach Adam if that performance was enough.  Adam answered that “it should be” and all of her performances should have been enough, he said.  Adam added, that if  viewers at home have eyes and ears, this should not have happened.  He asked America to vote for her.

LB Crew sang “Better” song by Khalid.  Adam said he feels the same way about LB as Mari and shocked that he’s there as well. “You’re so deserving of being here it’s ridiculous!” stated Adam.

After the break the Instant Save voting poll read – Kim at 39%, LB at 26% of the votes, and Mari getting 35% of votes.
Daly asked for final thoughts from both the artists and coaches.  Kim Blake “no regrets. You’re the best. I love you!”  Mari told Adam “thank you to everybody who supported me.  You make me want to be a better artist every single day.”  LB told Adam he appreciated him acknowledging his character over talent on Monday’s show.  “You spoke to my character and I thank you so much,” LB said.

Pictured: (l-r) Kim Cherry, Mari, LB Crew — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Blake told Kim, “I hope this isn’t goodbye,” and he hoped to be working on next week’s performance.  Blake reminded Kim that she did say she may regret choosing him as a coach.  But, Blake noted that “it was meant to be.”
Adam said it feels like it’s (“The Voice”) everything because they’re in the heat of it right now.  He said at the end of the day, this is a minisclule glib on their careers and there’s more after “The Voice.”

The Twitter Instant Save Vote went to – Kim Cherry from Team Blake.  Unfortunately, that meant LB and Mari, both from Team Adam went home.

NEXT WEEK: The Semi-Finals start and closer to crowning the new winner of “The Voice.” Artists will perform duets of The Beatles songs.


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