Team Blake Takes the Lead on THE VOICE 22 LIVES Week 2 Top 10 Revealed!

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November 19, 2022
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Team Blake Takes the Lead on THE VOICE 22 LIVES Week 2 Top 10 Revealed!

Pictured: (l-r) Bodie, Rowan Grace, Brayden Lapen -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

“The Voice” Top 13 artists performed on Monday nigh for America’s votes for the chance to move on to next week’s Top 10.  Tuesday’s Results show left two artists per Team, and two more artists that were left up to America in an Instant Save vote.  The coaches no longer had a Save to use on one of their artists.  On Tuesday’s results show, there were four artists who America could only Save one of them.  

Monday’s performance show had each artist perform songs that have changed their lives and they told the story behind their song choices.  Team Gwen’s 19-year-old Kique was up first on Monday night.  On Tuesday’s show, it was revealed that Kique landed in the bottom four.   His coach Gwen Stefani was in disbelief stating that it “must be a mistake.”

There was no disbelief when a majority of the artists who went through to the Top 10 Tuesday night absolutely killed it in Monday’s performances. Some of those included: Justin Aaron, Kim Cruse, Bodie, Morgan Myles, and Parijita.   The big surprise of Tuesday night was when Team Blake remained intact with zero of his artists going home.  New coach Camila Cabello was left with only one artist.  Team Gwen is moving forward with two, and John Legend has the second most artists with three members left.

KIQUE (Team Gwen) 

Gwen told Kique that it’s really special that he can make a song his own.  Kique chose “Superstition” which was inspired by his music teacher.  Kique said his music teacher supported him and pushed him and is the definition of what a teacher should be.  Gwen called singing “Superstition” a “tall order” and thinks America will see that Kique “has skills.”   Gwen advised Kique to look like he’s having fun.  She said he’s a star already.

Camila called Kique a star and he was amazing.  Gwen loved how he came back to the original and tweaked with his amazing personality and she’s so honored that she’s his coach. 


Pictured: Bryce Leatherwood — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Bryce was Saved as the Wild Card artist during the Instant Save.  Blake said his mom was so mad at him for putting Bryce in the Instant Save vote last week.  But, Blake said he knew that Bryce would be able to win the vote.  Bryce chose “Amarillo By Morning” by George Strait.  Bryce said he cut his teeth with this song by singing it in small bars.  He said it’s been on his set list from the beginning and still is.  Bryce said he’s always looking forward to the next thing.  He’s looking forward to being in the Top 10.  Blake said George Strait is sacred ground for any artist.  Blake believes this will be Bryce’s best performance. 

John legend said Bryce sounded so confident, “pure and beautiful” perfect execution of that song.”  Blake said it’s the first time that he’s ever felt like a “stage mom.”  Blake loves Geroge Strait and he loves Bryce.  He said the position he was in last week, “that’s how you fix it.”  

DEVIX (Team Camila)

Devix chose for his song,”R U Mine?” by Arctic Monkeys.  Dexix said he wanted to play something intricate along with singing. Camila asked if this was the time that the Devix we see on stage was born?  He said “yes.” Camila compared Devix to Prince.   Devix said he gets so caught up in the singing that he forgets to have fun.  So he was working on that.   He said this song will allow him to have fun on stage.  Camila said Devix needs to keep showing who he is if he wants to get to the top.

Gwen said, “it’s crazy to see the rehearsal and to see what it got you.” She said what’s different about it is that “it’s so good…you grew so much it’s incredible.”  John said it’s about the song.  He thinks it was the right song to make Devix comfortable.  John said he thinks he’s seeing new and improved things but it was really the right song.

Camila said John and Gwen both stood up.  She called Blake “crazy for not standing up.”  Camila continued,  “Everybody was going crazy…everyone has great taste” because they voted him through last week and she feels like he’s a finalist.

ROWAN GRACE (Team Blake)

Rowan was Saved last week by her coach Blake Shelton.  She said being a big sister means so much to her.  Blake told her that she killed it last week and Gwen, Rowan’s former coach, loves her.  An ABBA song changed her life.  She said at age three she would force her parents to video tape her while dancing to ABBA.  Rowan chose “The Winner Takes it All” by ABBA.  She said her journey as a singer started with ABBA and this song.  Blake said he Saved her because he loves working with “the kid” and believes she will make it to the Top 10.  He called her “amazing.”

John said it sounds like she’s so comfortable as a vocalist and it’s really impressive.  Blake talked about her old home movies “It’s no wonder you’re so relaxed” because she’s been performing since she could walk.  He said her tone is “so cool” and her depth of knowledge of these old, cool songs.  “It’s why people love you,” Blake finished. 



Pictured: Omar Jose Cardona — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Omar told his coach John Legend that since being on “The Voice, people who he thought didn’t like him, like him now.  Omar said a few years ago he was heading down a dark path and was pushing people away and he heard this song, “In the Name of Love”  After seeing a photo of himself at that time, he realized that if he didn’t change he would never make it to where he wants to be.  John advised Omar to let people feel his passion.  He thought it was the perfect song for Omar.

The coaches gave Omar a standing ovation.  Carson Daly said “that had finale vibes.”  Camila’s favorite part was seeing the emotion in Omar’s face.  “You are one of the most skillful singers.  This was the moment I was waiting for you. “The rawness of it” she said when his face broke-down, it was beautiful that he shared that with them.

John said Omar’s voice is otherworldly that “we forget that you’re human sometimes.”  What we wanted to feel is his heart, said John. “We felt you as a person and it was a beautiful and powerful  Amazing performance!”  


Pictured: Alyssa Witrado — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

She wants to step her game up a little, Alyssa said.  She chose to sing “Dreaming of You” by Selena. When her grandfather passed away she remembers hearing this song and it brought her to tears.  As a young singer, the song taught her to bring emotion to the song.  It was life changing for her.   Gwen advised her to act like she’s in a play.  Gwen said she completely believes in Alyssa with so much raw talent and she can’t wait to see her blossom.  “It’s in the hands of America now, I can’t Save her.”

Camila’s favorite part about Alyssa is her energy that overflows into her performance and said she has more to learn. Coach Gwen reacted “that was really, really good” and agreed with Camila “so much.” Her spirit, there’s so much about Alyssa. Her singing was “so beautiful.  And all the sides of Alyssa’s voice “it’s hard on live TV.” 

BODIE (Team Blake)

Pictured: Bodie — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Bodie was voted into the Top 13 by America.  Blake said his sister likes Bodie.  Bodie chose the song “I’m gonna Be (500 Miles).”  Bodie said he wants to make it emotional.  Blake said once again Bodie is taking a song that we all know and he is “Bodietizing it.”  Bodie said this song changed his life because it was the song he and his wife walked down the aisle to.  Blake said Bodie has changed the way he looks at this song and he is a visionary.  That’s what makes him the most unique artist that he’s ever worked with, said Blake.

All the coaches were standing for Bodie at the end of his performance.  Gwen said he has so much access to his heart and she can’t believe he’s not already a big star.  Blake reacted that sometimes it happens like it’s happening right now for Bodie.  “Dude, this is your moment. Congratulations.” 

KIM CRUSE (Team Legend)

Kim’s coach John Legend used his last SAVE on her last week.  John said he Saved her last week “for obvious reasons.”  She sang a song that changed her life.  That song is “Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson.  Being from a small town in Texas, Kim has always loved Country.  When her grandmother passed, it made her realize you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  John advised her to stick to the melody and let tone tell the whole story.  He said this is a soulful song that’s going to make you cry. He thinks America will see a powerful performance, and that’s what Kim wants.

Her performance got all the coaches standing.  Blake reacted “I’m pretty sure they heard that up in the heavens.”  He said Elvis did that too and he could hear Elvis in there.  When she does it, it’s just Kim.  John said he loves seeing her going back to her grandmother’s house and remembering her and dedicating this song to her.  He said he lost his grandmother around the same time.  “It was so beautiful, so soulful and you made it your own. Gorgeous.” 


The youngest in the competition is Brayden Lape.  Blake’s Team is the only one with all of its members.  Sam Hunt’s version of “Come Over” by Kenny Chesney.  He said the first song he ever sang in front of people was a Sam Hunt song when he was 14-years-old.  Blake said you can’t help but root for this kid because he’s so new to music.  Blake advised Brayden to not get too laid back and tonight he’ll have another incredible performance. 

Gwen reacted there’s something about him, he doesn’t have to do much.  He just needs to be him.  Brayden being so pure is what people love about him, on top of being “gorgeous and tall.”   Blake said he’s going to talk about Brayden’s voice.  “Other people on this panel really like you too.”  Blake said Brayden has a solid Country voice that’s soft and unique.  “It’s no wonder why people love you.  You’ve got it all!”

ERIC WHO (Team Camila)

Pictured: Eric Who — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Eric chose an iconic love song.  Camila Saved Eric last week because he puts on a good show.  Eric said the “Can’t Help Falling in Love”  song is a perfect love song.  He wants to show off his vocals with this song.  He said he never thought he would love somebody in a romantic way. He said now he sees it differently now after finding someone and he wants America to fall in love with him too.  Eric decided to change his hair back to natural hair color and wore basics for his performance. 

John said it was cool and vulnerable to pick this because Eric has been showing them so much fabulousness and dancing.  He showed a different side and gave America a chance to get to know who he is.  Camila called Eric Who the most dynamic performer this season. This time to just stripe it all back and tell his story through this song.  Camila finished,  “I just think you’re so brave and fearless.  That’s why I love you.”

MORGAN MYLES (Team Camila)

Camila called Morgan the “truth teller” last week.  Morgan chose the  “If I Were a Boy” song by Beyonce in a Country style.   She said she lived it.  Country music is more male dominated.  She said she remembers crying thinking it would be different if she was a male.  Morgan was on the Reba McEntire’s tour and Reba started singing this song and it just moved her.  Camila said she’s so used to the Beyonce version that Countrifying it…she thinks it could be a performance that would bring down the house.

After her performance, Morgan got a standing ovation from the coaches. Gwen said she’s so happy for her right now because she picked the perfect song to define her as an artist.  Her vocals were so ridiculous and her stage performance “it all came together.”  Camila said she got the same feeling she got from Morgan’s Blind Audition. Camilla called her so inspiring for so many women. 

PARIJITA (Team Legend)

Pictured: Parijita Bastola — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Seventeen-year-old singer Parijita who chose a song that shaped her as an artist. John said he saw parijita shape herself last week and tapped into herself.  She chose “All I Ask” by Adele.  She sang this song when she opened for the winner of “The Voice” Napal”.  She said that was her shift into what she always wanted to be as a singer. She’s proud to represent her Napalenese culture.  John said he believes that Parijita is up to the challenge. He sees her elevate herself to a whole new level.  

Blake said Parijita is one of his favorites in this competition because she’s 100% herself.  John said he agrees with Blake that she represents who she is and where she comes from so beautifully.  Her bravato is so easy and gorgeous.  “What an incredible performance.”  


Gwen said she’s been watching Justin grow.   Justin chose “Break Every Chain” because it has a lot of deeper meaning to him.  He said the song came to his life at the darkest time in his life. “I felt the chains that had been holding me in depression fall off,” Justin said.  He added that the song changed the jejactory of his life.  Gwen advised Justin to get physical, cry, and sing to God.  She said his singing ability is “masterful.”  

John said Justin just keeps showing them more and more of his ability. Gwen said he took it to the next level and it was so moving. She’s in awe of him and proud to be part of this with him. 


Pictured: (l-r) Brayden Lapen, Devix, Eric Who, Alyssa Witrado, Kique, Kim Cruse, Parijita Bastola — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

John said he thought they saw some of their best per yesterday since they were told to select songs that were emotions.  Gwen said she saw them lift-up from the rehearsal.  She continued that when something that has an impact, to execute it in front of all of America is the highlight of her life.  Camila joked that she talked to her Team and told them to beat John and Gwen at all costs.  “Whatever you have to do to get the job done.”   Blake wasn’t in his chair because he was on stage with his Team performing.  

After Team Blake’s performance of “Southern Sky” it was time to find out the first results when the other Teams joined Team Blake on stage.  The first artist Saved was R&B artist Justin Aaron (Team Gwen).

The next artist Saved was Team Blake’s Bryce Leatherwood.  America also Saved Omar Jose Cardona from Team Legend.  Devix said breaking loose is a struggle and he wants to be able to remember everything that’s happening and take everything in.  Kique said to Mr. Cooper, his music teacher, thank you and he’s so honored to have such an incredible teacher. He’ll honor him forever.  

Carson Daly revealed the next artist Saved was Bodie (Team Blake).  America also Saved Team Camila’s Morgan Myles.  Another artist from Team Blake went through.  It was Rowan Grace!  That was Blake’s third artist in the Top 10!

Pictured: (l-r) Bodie, Rowan Grace, Brayden Lapen — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Carson Daly promoted a new Christmas movie that Blake Shelton is in. Blake said he and his mom collaborated in a Christmas film for The Hallmark channel.  She wrote a book that Hallmark picked up for the movies they do yearly. This year’s movie is called “Time for Him to Come Home” which airs  Nov. 26th on the Hallmark Channel.

The next team to perform was Camila Cabello’s team.  They performed “Happy Together.”  

Pictured: (l-r) Devix, Camila Cabello, Morgan Myles, Eric Who — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Host Carson Daly reminded viewers that once the bottom four were revealed, they would have exactly five minutes to vote in the Instant Save vote.  Then before Daly revealed the last three artists that made the Top 10, he asked Bryden Lape about having the support of his coach Blake Shelton.  Bryden said Blake’s belief in his talent has been incredible and he’s going to take that in his future career.  The last three artists Saved were:  Kim Cruse who was shocked; then Brayden Lape from Team Blake!  That meant ALL of Team Blake made it to the Top 10.  The next artist Saved was Parijita (Team Legend).  

Pictured: (l-r) Kim Cruse, Parijita Bastola — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

THE BOTTOM FOUR:The four artists left were:  Kique, Devix, Eric Who, Alyssa Witrado. 

Eric Who performed “The Climb.”   John Legend reacted that he loved watching Eric throughout his journey on the show.  Eric exudes so much joy and gratitude.  He added that the song was the perfect song for him to sing.  Coach Camila  said she felt Eric’s heart, and has fallen in love with his personality and who he is.  She said people will miss the heart of him and his spirit if he leaves the show. 

Alyssa Witrado sang “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish.  Blake told Alyssa that if she wondered if she’s having an affect on people, Carson’s daughter London told him backstage that Alyssa is her favorite.  Gwen said her 8-year-old self loved that performance as well and she hoped for more time to work with Alyssa. 

Devix stayed with the alternative genre and sang “When You Were Young” by The Killers.  Camila said she didn’t know what America was thinking when they didn’t vote Devix through  yesterday, but they can redeem themselves now.  She said they would be making a huge mistake if they let Devix go.  And he’s one of the most talented guys.  

Team Gwen’s Kique sang “Earned It.”  Gwen said obviously Kique’s going through!  She said, “That was so amazing.”  Gwen reminded viewers that Kique is 19-years-old with a man’s voice.  He’s a unique person and she couldn’t believe that he’s in the bottom.  Gwen said it must be a mistake, and urged fans to vote.  


Pictured: (l-r) Eric Who, Alyssa Witrado, Devix, Kique, Carson Daly — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Eric Who told Camila thanks for the validation that it’s not “bad to be over dramatic.”   Camila said a performer like him is needed in music.  That over dramatic is that “giant spirit overflowing” and that’s why she loves him.   Alssya told “Mama Gwen” thank you for the opportunity and for bringing out things  in her that she didn’t know she had and Gwen is her dream come true.  Gwen thanked her for singing her song “Don’t Speak” on national TV.  She said even knowing her song is incredible and she believes in her. 

Devix told his coach Camila that for her fist season she made a hell of a coach.  She’s grounded, and it feels like family. He said he feels great and appreciates it.  Camila told him no matter what happens tonight, he’s a huge talent and such a talented musician. She thanked him for being vulnerable and for trusting her.  Kique told Gwen that she’s shown him how to hone what he does.  Gwen responded that Kique has the kind of voice that is her favorite style of voice.  She can’t get over that he’s 19 and has so much of a future.

Pictured: (l-r) Justin Aaron, Gwen Stefani, Kique — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC



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