Team Kelly’s Advantage on THE VOICE Season 15 Top 11 Revealed Recap

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Team Kelly’s Advantage on THE VOICE Season 15 Top 11 Revealed Recap

The second week of NBC’s “The Voice” season 15 live shows opened with the Top 13 artists stating why they’re competing on the show. For SandyRedd, she said her “sons have inspired” her and always believed in her. Sarah Grace said she’s there because she wants “to give a voice to young girls with old souls.” Kymberli Joye dedicated her being there to her church. Deandre lost evertything in a Hurricane and is dedicating his being on “The Voice” to his family for never giving-up. Kennedy Holmes is on “The Voice” because her idol and coach Jennifer Hudson believes in her.

SPOILER ALERT! Team Kelly and Team Blake both came-out of Tuesday’s Results show with Teams full intact! With four artists on her Team, Kelly Clarkson has the clear advantage this season with her odds of winning higher than the other coaches. Coming-in second with three artists on his Team is Blake Shelton.


It’s dedication week on “The Voice.” First up was Team Blake. Chris Kroeze dedicatd his song to his town and a young girl from that town who is currently missing. He chose to sing “Let it Be” by the Beatles which he played at his hometown of Barron.

Blake predicted that to have Chris’voice on this song is going to really set it apart from the rest of the performmances. On Blake’s suggestion, Chris opened this song with acoustics of just his voice. This proved to be a powerful and smart move. Adam stated that he loved that version of the song and is jealous of Chris’ “rasp.” Blake stated that “it’s a testiment” to his work ethic and how badly Chris wants this.

TYKE JAMES (Team Adam)

18-year-old Indy artist Tyke brought his mom to his rehearsal this week with Adam. Tyke dedicated his song to his mom Mel. Adam said with Tyke there’s nothing straightforward with him. Tyke stated that Adam has an intuition and knows what he needs more then he does. “Dare to be different and trust it,” advised Adam. Tyke confirmed that’s what he’s going to do. Tyke sang “Everything I Do (I Do it For You) in a Hawaiian style melody.

Kelly told Tyke that he “stands apart” and it’s her favorite thing that he’s done. Adam said he’s so proud of Tyke and this version of this song has never been done. Adam finished, “It was simplified and beautiful…it’s never been done before.”

Shania Twain stopped-by to announce her new show called “Real Country” airing on USA which explores all genres in Country music in a compeition style music show similar to “The Voice.”


“I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me is the song that DeAndre sang to dedicate to his girlfriend Crystal who lost their baby during his ‘Voice Knockout round. Deandre got to fly her out to “The Voice” for the dedication. Adam suggested to Deandre to start-out his performance strong emotionally and build it up from there. Adam also noted that Deandre sings with incredible range with a unique tone which is the most important thing.

Jennifer said Deandre can sing anything and brought his spirit and made it his own. She added that she could feel his emotion in the song. Adam stated “when you hear Deandre sing, you know it’s him.” To have an idientifiable voice is the vehicle he has to drive through his entire career.


The Voice 15 live shows week 2, Kymberli Joye

Pictured: Kimberli Joye — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Kelly chose to keep Kymberli because “you don’t have a voice like that and NOT make it to the Top 13 on a show called “The Voice,” said Kelly. Kymberli dedicated “Diamonds” by Rihanna to her younger sister who wants to be a singer. Kymberli said “the sky’s the limit.” Kelly said Kymberli’s greatest strength is Kymberli’s ethereal head voice. Kymberli said she’s going to bare her soul to America and hopes they feel her spirit and votes for her.

Kelly told Kymberli she’s the best vocalist because she sings it differently every time and it’s like a Broadway show. Kymberli loves to sing and it shows. Kelly also complimented Kymberli’s beautiful runs which she envies!


Kennedy is the youngest in “The Voice” compeition at 13-years-old. Kennedy chose “Wind Beneath My Wings” which she dedicated to her parents. Jennifer said she sang that song at her eighth grade graduation. Jennifer advised Kennedy not to think of it as a song, but as an emotion and to really “feel it.” Jennifer said if Kennedy delivers with emotion, the audience will vote for her.

It was the first time in the night where all four coaches gave a standing ovation for an artist. Jennifer said she can’t imagine what her parents are feeling with Kennedy shining like the star she’s meant to be, and Kennedy is just beautiful in “every way.”


SandyRedd put a spin on a 1990’s classic “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye To Yesterday” by Boyz II Men dedicated to her mother who died of cancer. Jennifer advised SandyRedd to keep the emotion but don’t let it interfere with her singing. Jennifer said SandyRedd’s passion is undeniable and can sense that she wants it, needs it.

Blake said he loves seeing that emotional side and agrees with Jennifer not to hold back and her lower register is amazing. Jennifer stated that to be able to go that low is “extremely special” and brought the listeners more in.


The Voice 15 live shows week 2, Chevel Shepherd

Pictured: Chevel Shepherd — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Kelly told Chevel that she’s the only female Country artist left in the competiton. Chevel chose “Little White Church” by Little Big Town dedicated to her Dad who’s a classic rock guy, but loves this song. Kelly said America hasn’t seen the sassy side of Chevel yet.

Chevel was the second artist of the night to receive a standing ovation from all the coaches. Kelly exclaimed “she’s safe…she’s 16-years-old and she threw down!” Adam said he “loves” Chevel and thought it was cute when she said “hi” to them during her performance.


Makenzie dedicated her song to Jennifer Hudson who was the only coach that turned her chair for her. She sang Jennifer Hudson song “I Am Changing.” Makenzie stated that Jennifer “leaves you knowing what you need to do but still feeling good about yourself.” Jennifer said about her performance of the song – “I can’t be Jennifer Holiday, but I can be Jennifer Hudson” and said Makenzie is introverted. So, encouraged her to give her energy and “express herself.”

Jennifer thanked Makenzie for that beautiful dedication and learned from her. Her voice is crystal clear and can’t get enough of her voice. Jennifer told her she would dedicate a song to her in return.

SARAH GRACE (Team Kelly)

Sarah Grace is 16-years-old from Texas. She sang “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John. Sarah dedicated the song to her high school, the high school for visual and performaning arts. Kelly advised Sarah to sing the song “super bare” similar to Sara Bareilles style and without riffs. Sarah’s rehearsal made Kelly cry.

Kelly told Sarah she’s “so talented” and the world doesn’t know how talented. Kelly added that it’s great to see someone so young sing solid old-school songs.

DAVE FENLEY (Team Blake)

Blake saved Dave Fenley last week after the two top votes were in. Dave said being on the road is not easy and dedicated his song to his wife. He sang “Hard to Love” by Lee Brice. Blake called it “a man’s man’s love song…it’s a love song that doesn’t know how to be lovey dovey.”

Adam reacted that he was super-mad when Dave didn’t get voted through last week and thinks it was the same problem that his artist Tyke had, that America didn’t know him yet. Blake said it was an “incredibly important” performance to establish himself in this competition.


The Voice 15 live shows week 2, Lynnea Moorer

Pictured: Lynnea Moorer — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Lynnea is the first Comeback Stage winner. She dedicated “Wolves” by Selena Gomez to her mother who’s in prison. She picked the song because of a couple of lines that stood out to her and her mother who “has gone through so much.” Lynnea said her mom will be watching. Kelly said Lynnea’s riffs stand-out the most and compared her to Alicia Keys and John Legend. Lynnea said Kelly opened her eyes to the kind of artist that she wants to be.

Jennifer reacted that she’s so blown away and her star quality. She said Lynnea has star quality and wants her outfit. Kelly called her “the comeback kid that’s killing everyone tonight!” Kelly also called her a star naturally and loves learning more. She called her inspiring!

KIRK JAY (Team Blake)

Kirk Jay from Alabama has been embraced by Country fans and was voted through last week. Blake told Kirk that he struck a chord with Country music fans who are picky. Kirk got a tweet from Rascal Flatts Gary Levox who’s his idol. Kirk chose to sing “I’m Already There” by Lone Star dedicated to his mom who’s never seen him sing on stage. She’ll see him for the first time on “The Voice.” Blake called Kirk an “undiscovered talent” from Alabama who doesn’t look how how he sounds with a legitmate shot at making it in Country music.

Kirk was the third artist of the night to get a standing ovation from all the coaches. Jennifer said she’s never heard a yoodle in annointing and she observed that it seemed that Kirk was tasting his own notes. She added that Kirk is “Bad, bad…” and is his biggest fan. Blake said “it’s not even fair” to do that great song and throw “ma ma” in it too!


The Voice 15 live shows week 2, Reagan Strange

Pictured: Reagan Strange — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Last week Reagan said Danielle Bradbery song “Worth It” She wanted to be just like Danielle when she was a kid and wanted to win “The Voice.” Reagan Strange dedicated “You Say” song to her grandparents. She said her grand dad cried when she sang it in church where he’s a pastor. Her grandmother is a piano player. They taught her to do her best. Adam told her that she has so much depth and soul that sets her apart. He said Reagn is becoming the star that he knows she is the second he saw her. Adam told her she is “very Danielle Bradberyisc.” Danielle Bradbery sent her a video phone message wishing her luck.

Adam said Reagan epitomizes everything that the show stands for because of the purity of what she does and the clarity of how she does it is astounding. She fills the entire room with her voice and Adam called her “amazing!”


Adam and Kelly both performed on Tuesday’s show. The first Instant Save of the season also happened on Tuesday’s show. But first, the Top 13 entered the stage to hear the first round of results from America’s votes. To Reagan’s surprise, host Carson Daly congratulated her on being the most streamed ‘Voice artist on Apple Music during the open-night voting window Monday. At the end of Tuesday’s Results episode, fans were left with their ‘Voice Top 11.

Daly asked the artists more about the people they dedicated their performances to. Kennedy said she’s lucky to have parents like hers and wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for them. Then, Daly announced the first Saved artists who were: REAGAN STRANGE (Team Adam), KIRK JAY (Team Blake), and KENNEDY HOLMES.

For Thanksgiving week, the artists each received hand-written letters from home. One stated although they’re missing their families, at least they’ll spend Thansgiving with their ‘Voice family.

Deandre said the ‘Voice experience is amazing for himself and his girlfriend who he dedicated his song to. Daly revealed the artists that America saved next. They were – CHEVEL SHEPHERD (Team Kelly), and CHRIS KROEZE (Team Blake).

Adam Levine performed “Rhiannon” song with his artists Deandre, Tyke and Reagan.

Sarah Grace advised kids to “be open to guidance” but stay true to yourself and the integrity of who you are. She ended with “do what you love and do you.” Tyke stated that “you can never say thank you enough to your mom” whom he dedicated his Monday night’s performance to. Daly revealed that America saved – DEANDRE NICO (Team Adam), KYMBERLI JOYE (Team Kelly), MAKENZIE THOMAS (Team JHud).

Kelly Clarkson performed “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston with her artists – Chevel Shepherd, Sarah Grace, Kymberli Joye, and Lynnea Moorer.

SandyRedd sent a personal message to her deceased mother – that she “gets it” what it means to be a mom, and “thank you.” Lynnea also performed a dedicataion to her mom. She told her mom, “I just did what you told be to do, and follow my heart.” Lynnea added that she’s thankful for her mother. Then, the next artists revealed as Saved were: DAVE FENLEY (Team Blake) which meant ALL of Team Blake was now safe. The next artist saved was SARAH GRACE (Team Kelly).

BOTTOM THREE: SandyRedd, Tyke, Lynnea were in the bottom three and had to perform for the Twitter Instant Save vote.

SandyRedd perfomed “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. Her coach Jennifer Hudson told her that she’s a star and will shine regardless. “It doesn’t matter how long you are here, it’s what you take and do with the opportunity.” She ended by telling SandyRedd she should be extremely proud of herself.

Tyke James from Team Adam was next. He sang “Home.” Daly pointed-out the irony of the song’s lyrics “I want to go home” for an Instant Save song where he may be going home. Adam said Tyke is “special” and an “incredible performer” who deserves to stay on “The Voice.”

“If I Ain’t Got You” was the song Team Kelly’s Lynnea Moorer sang. Daly asked coach Kelly if that was enough for Lynnea to “stick around”? Being the “late-comer”, Kelly said she is “so worth the Save” and has something special planned next week. Kelly begged for America to “give her a shot.”

After the commerical break, the Twitter Save Voting poll revealed 49% of the vote going to Lynnea, 10% to SandyRedd, and 41% votes for Tyke James.

Daly asked what SandyRedd has to say to Jennifer. She said she appreicates Jennifer, someone who can walk the walk. Tyke told Adam that since the beginning, he had so much belife in him and appreicates his coaching and friendship. Lynnea thanked Kelly for giving her a second chance and for singing that second song. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be in the Comeback Stage. She told her thanks for the awesome advice and singing with passion.

Jennifer told SandyRedd she loves the way she’s represented their city Chicago. “It’s up to you to make it work…and don’t let this be the end for any of you guys.” Adam told Tyke “I’m confused as to why you’re here.” He stated that Tyke is in the Top three on iTunes. But, to be in the Bottom Three on the show doesn’t match-up and urged people not to make the mistake. Kelly said Lynnea doesn’t have as much as a fanbase by coming in late. She still faught like crazy and has to have that in you innately to make in on the show and after the show. Kelly urged viewers once again to Save Lynnea because they have “something special” coming for next week.

The Twitter Instant Save Vote went to LYNNEA MOORER (Team Kelly).

The Voice 15 live shows week 2, bottom 3

Pictured: (l-r) SandyRedd, Tyke James, Lynnea Moorer — Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC

Last season’s ‘Voice winner Brynn Cartelli had her music video premiere of “Walk My Way.” Watch the video below:


The Voice 15 live shows week 2, Team Kelly Top 11

Pictured (l-r) clockwise: Chevel Shepherd, Lynnea Moorer, Kymberli Joye, Sarah Grace


The Voice 15 live shows, Team Blake Top 11

Pictured (l-r): Chris Kroeze, Dave Fenley, Kirk Jay


The Voice 15 Live Show, Team Adam Top 11

Pictured (l-r): Reagan Strange, Deandre Nico


The Voice 15 live show, Team JHud Top 11

Pictured (l-r): Kennedy Holmes, Makenzie Thomas



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