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The Academy Third Week SYTYCD Season 14 Recap

Posted on August 01 2017 by Editor

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The Academy Third Week SYTYCD Season 14 Recap

“So You Think You Can Dance” dancers who made it to Day 3 of the Academy, had to break-through with their next challenge – Jazz choreography with Sonya Tayeh. The All-Stars each had three remaining dancers on their teams. After the Jazz Round, they’d have to narrow it down to only two members each.

Before introducing Tayeh to the dancers, host Cat Deeley announced that after the Jazz choreography round, the All-Stars will let one member from each team go, giving each All-Star a “Top 2”. From there, they’d have to select one dancer to take to the live shows.

SYTYCD season 14, The Academy Day 3 dancers

SYTYCD The Academy Day 3 dancers


Tayeh gave the dancers a pep talk which included the advice for them to blanket “all the passion, desires, convictions and dreams” that they have and let them explode in the routine in order to maintain their place on the show. Tayeh said she’s looking for a wide range of emotion and style from the dancers.

Tayeh explained with jazz, “it’s a tricky thing. Some of them don’t understand this style.” When Krumper “KonKrete” Kevin was having trouble following along he told Tayeh he wasn’t “flexible enough” for the moves. She told him “it’s not about flexibility. It’s about passion,” and it’s an honor to be at The Academy which he shouldn’t give up on. Kevin managed to push through. Tayeh stated that “it takes a certain person who can throw all that fear away…. Because this is nothing to compared to when you’re really on the show.”

SYTYCD 14, The Academy, Kevin, Sonya Tayeh

Pictured (l-r): Kevin, Sonya Tayeh.

After the Jazz choreography with Tayeh was complete, the teams rehearsed with their All-Stars. “This isn’t us just learning movement, this is life,” Fik-shun told his team. On Gaby’s team Lex was having a disconnect and being too serious which isn’t great for TV. However, Lex opened-up during the last performance in front of the All-Stars. Gaby kept Lex and Evan as her top two.

Paul’s group of three included: Ramita (Indian dance) and Latin Ballroom dancers Sydney and Kristina. Paul was honest and told them it’s about connecting to the audience more than having “the nicest line.” Paul eliminated Ramita.

Five more dancers were eliminated from All-Stars’ teams. Marco chose his top two who were Latin Ballroom dancer Sofia and contemporary dancer Koine. Zachary and Logan were Allison’s top two.

After Comfort’s team performed, she asked them why they want to be there. Everyone cried. Mark said he’s supposed to be there, and he’s proud of himself for not giving-up. Comfort eliminated Frankie. Her top two were Mark and Deja.

SYTYCD 14, The Academy Day 3, Frankie, Mark, Deja

Pictured (l-r): Frankie, Mark, Deja.

Robert had a dilemma with his team after Taylor accidentally hit Jennifer in the head during choreography. This caused a cut above her eye and Jennifer had to leave to get stitches. She was told that if she dances, the cut will open-up more. Robert told his remaining two dancers Taylor and Jonathan that he still needs more personality from them, and they were his top two.

SYTYCD 14, The Academy Day 3, Taylor, Jonathan

Pictured (l-r): Taylor, Jonathan

Riley, Kiki and Kevin were the last team left to dance on Team Jenna. Riley was sent home since Jenna said she didn’t feel a connection from him. Jenna told Kevin not to self-doubt and was angry for letting two of her best dancers go for him.


Host Deeley told the dancers that the most important thing when partnering-up with someone is the chemistry which is something you can’t fake. Each dancer was paired with their All-Star to determine who’d move-on to the live shows.

Marco was first up who danced the same routine with Sofia and Koine each separately. It was a tough decision and he sought-out the opinions of the other All-Stars.

Gaby’s top two were Evan Debenedetto and Lex Ishimoto. She asked Evan why he wants to be on the live shows. He responded that he wants Gaby to bring out what she sees in him. Evan came on as a tap dancer, but impressed Gaby in each round of choreography. Gaby was still working with Lex more on him opening himself up and having fun. The connection seemed to be the strongest with Lex, thought most of the All-Stars chose Evan. Except Jenna who was super-impressed of Lex’s tap because he’s a contemporary dancer. The decision for Gaby was also difficult.

Cyrus had to choose between Havoc and Kaylee. Cyrus said in his routine, he’s looking to “bring out a lot of character.” Comfort, Jasmine, Fik-Shun each danced with there top two and would have to choose their final picks.

SYTYCD 14, The Academy Day 3, Kaylee, Havoc, Cyrus

Pictured (l-r): Kaylee, Havoc/ Team Cyrus

Jenna, who has Krumper, “Konkrete” Kevin, and contemporary dancer, Kiki, who got lassoed into the competition when he was helping a friend who was auditioning, choreographed two separate routines for them in one hour! Needless to say, they all KILLED it and blew everyone away!

The top two dancers from each team will discover their fate next week when the live shows start and the All-Stars will reveal who they chose to continue on with. This will give viewers the new SYTYCD season 14 Top 10 dancers.

“So You Think You Can Dance” airs Monday nights on Fox at 8/7 c, August 7th.


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