THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: Spielberg and Jackson’s Movie Making Adventure!

Posted on December 20 2011 by Editor

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THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: Spielberg and Jackson’s Movie Making Adventure!

Written by Stephanie Andolino, Freelance Writer
If you crave adventure, “The Adventures of Tintin” will provide a swash-buckling good time this holiday season.

Spielberg (far right) with Jackson (center) working on 'Tintin.

The film is based on a European comic book series created by Herge some 82 years ago. The protagonist Herge is a young energetic reporter always eager to catch the next big mystery story. In pursuit of the story, he would encounter many villains in destinations that would span the globe.

It is only fitting that Herge, such a visual piece of art, became a 3D animated film by two of the best in the bizfilm making industry – Steven Spielberg (Director/Producer) and Peter Jackson (Producer).

Spielberg and Jackson, still boys at heart, seemed destined to make the film happen. While most Americans may have never heard of Tintin, Spielberg and Jackson made sure they do now.

“The Adventures of Tintin” uses the latest technology. Actors were hired to act out the scenes on a sound stage using performance-captured technology to use for the animation. Sound confused? Well, remember Gollum from Lord of the Rings? Jackson and Spielberg applied the same technology here with real actors turned animated in an entire movie only in 3D! The end result is truly a blend of animation and real-life in harmony.

Speaking of Gollum, Andy Serkis is also in this film as one of the leads. Serkis plays Captain Haddock, who helped guide the rest of the cast as the lead actor in performance-based technology the world over. The rest of the cast includes Jaime Bell as Tintin, and Daniel Craig as the evil villain. But, who played the adorable dog Snowy? Alas, he was a product of the animators themselves although he appeared as real as any actual dog right down to every last movement. Yes, indeed Snowy made sure to stick by Tintin wherever he went, garnering him a huge supporting role in the film with an A for cuteness!

Yet, a rather serious issue ran throughout the film, and that being Captain Haddock’s alcohol addiction. TinTin was a great friend to deal with Haddock’s problem, but it was easy to see that Haddock’s alcoholism was difficult for him. Perhaps young children may have questions about such a serious topic and parents can take some time after the film to discuss the matter.

On another side note, there is only one female character (an Opera singer) in the cast, but maybe the film is just staying true to the original comic series. Yet, I hear there is a sequel in the making. Maybe next time they can add a tough female character to help fight the villains with them in one part of their adventure? Girls can kick butt too!!!

And of course, when you have a film packed with testosterone, you get loads of unabashed adventure after adventure. In fact, I would be shocked if a computer game was not being released based on it, if it is not already in the works. Viewers will be provided with loads of action-filled scenes, fight scenes, chase scenes and lots of mystery. But, that is the true heart of the story after all. Without giving too much away, the ending speaks for the theme of what Spielberg and Jackson have always been about: the adventurous journey that everyone craves in life.

“The Adventures of Tintin” in 3D opens in movie theaters Wednesday, December 21, 2011.


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