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Are you smarter than a Pastor should be the ultimate test for this new GSN produced original game show filmed just last night with host of “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?” and comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Yes, Jeff Foxworthy who made the statement soon after stepping onto the stage that his Mother is very happy that he took the job because she feels like it makes-up for some of the non-discretionary things he’s said during years of his stand-up comedy routines.

This new game show is for church-going, Bible toting good Christian contestants who know God’s word front and back through and through. There are three teams with three contestants on each of them. They stand behind large podiums with fake large bibles on top. Equipped with three buzzers per podium, one player from each team must chime in on the multiple questions given. The show is one hour long and the game is made-up of six rounds. Included in the ambiance are a real-life Pastor and a real-life singing choir that sings audiences and home viewers in and out of commercial breaks called “The Voices of Destiny”. They also provided for humor-relief as sound effects when the time is up for contestants to answer.

The pilot show was filmed with the following real-life religious groups: The first team was “Church Builders” consisting of three women whom sold their church in order to build churches in another country. The second was made-up of a trio of three men local to Los Angeles representing “Oasis”. They are a non-profit group formed about 30 years ago to be a positive outlet for inner-city kids. The third and final group was called “Mustard Seeds”, a group of women whom started the charity to carry-on the memory of their deceased friend.

Jeff Foxworthy's mouth clean enough for Bible passages!

Each round has three multiple choice answers all regarding scriptures in the Bible. During the first two rounds, contestants had to answer weather or not a statement relating to modern laws was also a true law of the Bible. For example, one of the answers forbid the hair to be cut into a Mohawk. This was said to be a true law from the Bible when referring to Egyptians.
Each correct answer was worth 25 points.

There is a real-life Pastor, also named as a producer, named Pastor Troy Smit who serves as the Bible authority and recites scriptures to back-up the correct multiple choice answers.

The third round was called “Biblology”. This round tested the ancient locations from the Bible. In the forth round, called “Order, Order” contestants had to place Biblical timelines in order. In one challenge, the team of contestants had to put in order the correct timeline of creation that included vegetation, animals, light, sky, man, woman..etc. There are 10 items for each timeline. The team must place the order within 30 seconds. After their choices are checked, they are told how many are wrong and given another 10 seconds to try to make the correct order. Each correct object placed is worth 10 points each.

The fifth round is called “Bible Study”. In this round, players must name their Bible leader then they go off-stage to study the given topic for 10 minutes. In this case the topic was “dreams”. Once they came back, they had to buzz-in to answer multiple-choice questions. The first five questions were worth 150 points. The last five questions were worth 300 points.
The lowest scored team at the end of this round goes home. But, walks out with $2,500 as a consolation prize for their charity.

Moving-on to the last round, “Final Revelation” there are eight questions that the remaining two teams must answer as many correctly as they can within 60 seconds. The team with the most correct answers wins the game and the grand prize of either $10,000 or $20,000. During the filming, the producers had not yet decided the amount of the prize. Earlier in the show, Foxworthy also mentioned a bonus prize of the following: $100,000, $200,000 that was immediately changed to $250,000. The team with the highest score got a lead-in of 10 extra seconds on the clock. Hopefully they can figure-out the money amounts soon. As for the pilot episode, it clearly didn’t matter. The contestants seemed happy to walk out the something.

“American Bible Challenge” is Executive Produced by the same producer formerly of “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”, Tom Forman, as well as Embassy Row’s Michael Davies. He also produces “Police Women” through his production company RelativityREAL. One other game show veteran on this set also included the audience warm-up host named Randy. He was an announcer for “Super Market Sweep”, and “The Price is Right”. No word yet from GSN when more episodes will be filmed and an air date for “The American Bible Challenge”.

UPDATE: “The American Bible Challenge” will premiere Thursday, August 23 8/7c on GSN.



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  1. Cheryl A. LaSusa says:

    Really??? Are you kidding me??? You chose a bow-legged redneck to host this show??? Ask him three questions related to the Bible and see if He knows the answers. 1) How many arks are there mentioned in the Bible?? 2)Who closed the door of Noah’s Ark?? and 3)Was the Devil cast out of Heaven when Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden?? I know all three answers but I will bet Mr. Foxworthy knows none!! I will not watch this hayseed turn God’s Word into crap!!!

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