THE APPRENTICE: Donald Trump Fights the Recession with Non-Celeb Candidates!

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September 14, 2010
September 17, 2010
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THE APPRENTICE: Donald Trump Fights the Recession with Non-Celeb Candidates!

It’s been three seasons since audiences last saw “The Apprentice”. At the time, it only made sense to replace it with the much more popular and drama-rich version “Celebrity Apprentice”. With the first two seasons we saw star talent scheming on one another, back-stabbing, and melt-downs.

However, in it’s last lack-luster attempt last season , it’s no surprise that show creator and executive producer Mark Burnett decided to use the failing economy as an excuse to bring back his original version, “The Apprentice” which premieres tonight on NBC.

The theme is “Putting America Back To Work”. The cast is made-up of candidates whom have recently lost their jobs or businesses, or are entrepreneurs. Meet them here:

Watch video of last season winner Bret Michaels of “Celebrity Apprentice” here:

Our video interview with Supervisor Casting Producer of “The Apprentice” here:



1 Comment

  1. Edwin Ramos says:

    Nichole should not have been fired – she is(rather was) working with a group of backstabbing very unprofessional women – a very weak cast. Nasha is nothing more than a loud distraction, she suffers from the look at me syndrome – I would have fired her – but then again its not my show…
    The guys are clearly a bit more talented in this segment;
    however I liked the ladies office design better…

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