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THE BIGGEST LOSER: How Trainers Battle Age Differences!

Posted on September 27 2011 by Editor

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THE BIGGEST LOSER: How Trainers Battle Age Differences!

The ultimate weight-loss competition show on television officially entered into its twelfth season last week with it’s premiere episode introducing new trainers, professional tennis player Anna Kournikova and trainer Dolvett Quince added to help veteran trainer Bob Harper.

The theme this season is “battle of the ages” where youth versus older weight loss challengers. When we talked to new trainers in a phone conference call, we asked them if the ages differences change the way they push or not push older contestants.

Quince stated that he pays careful attention to the contestants. “It’s paying attention to their mobility while you’re working them out”. He also state that he is not conned easily, stating, “I definitely know people will tend to give up a lot quicker than their body will allow them to.” Quince assures viewers to watch the season. “We’re really dialed in with assisting everyone. So yes it’s going to be amazing!”.

Kournikova’s take on “battle of the ages” this season is “I really do think it’s very, very different working with younger people, middle-aged people or older people. Old age groups have their pluses and minuses. The young kids are obviously more energetic and but not probably as educated and smart in ways where they don’t know how to manipulate and use their energy yet well enough.”

Kournikova continues to explain these differences in training different age groups – “The middle age group I think is already where they have wisdom but they still have enough energy.” She admits that the older group is the most difficult for her personally because “they have less energy. They’re much more set in their own way so it’s a lot different – more difficult to change someone’s mentality who’s in their 50s or 60s.” The value in age, however, Kournikova stated is that because you’re wiser, “if you do understand what you need to do I think you do make the switch a lot faster”.

“The Biggest Loser” airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

“The Biggest Loser” senior citizen contestant interview below:


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