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THE BIGGEST LOSER: Resort Training For Everyone!

Posted on January 25 2011 by Editor

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Plus, How New Trainers Trained Contestants!

This season of “The Biggest Loser” took a different turn in it’s premiere episode on January 4 when it added two new trainers (incognito) to take-on contestants against the show regular trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels.

The mystery trainers were sequestered to a “secret location” separate from the show’s traditional training grounds – “The Biggest Loser Ranch”, along with their four-week immunity contestants to get them into shape. The location was referred to as the Malibu Resort, now officially titled “The Biggest Loser Resort”.

In tonight’s episodes, viewers got a glimpse of how contestants worked-out while being at the resort, and how to incorporate similar routines into their own life while achieving the same results.

Five teams of contestants won the chance to train at The Biggest Loser Resort and will re-join their fellow contestants at The Biggest Loser Ranch in the fifth episode this season, which airs Tuesday, February 1 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Bret and Cara

The two new trainers were revealed last week as being fitness expert, Bret Hoebel and professional boxer Cara Castronova. In a conference-call last week, Castronova stated that it was the hardest thing to keep the show a secret from her friends and family. The two new trainers, both from New York, credit that for providing them with an edge.

When asked how were the contestants motivated to train with them, Hoebel stated that it is because him and Cara “walk the talk”. Castronova added that “since day one, we installed the warrior mentality in them”.

Part of their challenge on “The Biggest Loser” was that all of their certifications was not enough to prepare them for the show. Castrovnova described the training there as “magical”. Hoebel stated that “the weight loss is the easy part…the emotional breakthroughs that they (contestants) have is the hard part”.

It is not confirmed if the new trainers will be included in the next season of “The Biggest Loser”. We were told that the show’s current season is still filming as of last week.

“Viewers will be excited to learn that they can attend the same weight loss facility as current season contestants. We are aligned with the Biggest Loser lifestyle – focusing on fitness, nutrition, education and relaxation”, stated Tami Clark, resort co-owner.

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