The Full Package on THE VOICE Blind Auditions Night 4 Recap

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September 29, 2014
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The Full Package on THE VOICE Blind Auditions Night 4 Recap

It’s the fourth night of Blind Auditions for the coaches on season 7 of “The Voice”. After tonight, the coaches will be rounding-out the final spots to complete their teams. Adam said he’s getting picky and is holding out for something strong.



Katriz Trinidad
Katriz is a Filipino performer who says she’s trying to win The Voice and wants a mentor to mentor her career.

Chair Turners:  Pharrell, Gwen, Blake

Coaches Comments: Pharrell stood up for her.  The coaches couldn’t believe it when she told them that she’s 15 years old.  Pharrell said “I never thought I’d find something what I look for for my label.” He said he’s been dreaming about her for an artist.  He got on his knees and begged.  Blake said he thinks she can be a star.   Gwen told her what she’d like to do with her voice, strip her down and see what imperfections she has to tackle.



Toia Jones

Toia lost her father when she was 15 years old to Diabetes. She teamed-up with her boyfriend to start a band and the play everything from Pop, Country, Rap.

Chair Turners: Pharrell, Adam

Coaches Comments: Pharrell was assuming she’d pick him, “The canvas that you painted is so clear. I’m so happy that you’re here and going to be on my team.” He told her if she comes on his team,he’s going to help her lift herself. Adam said she’ll make the show better, and there’s no one else on his team like her. “A VERBAL GIFT COVERED IN SPIKES” is what Pharrell said Adam just delivered to her.




Ethan Butler

Ethan is 25 years old and he started singing in the church. He’s recently branched-out into bars, etc..  He auditioned with “Beneath Your Beautiful” playing a guitar.

Chair Turners: Adam, Blake

Coaches Comments:  Gwen commented on his hip outfit. Adam said Ethan is the piece that he’s missing on his team. After Ethan selected Team Adam, Blake regretted letting Ethan get away.



Chris Jamison

He is 20 years old and works as a mail man at his college. Chris joined a rock ensemble. He is part of triplets with his two sisters. He’s been performing for four to five years and is hoping to get Pharrell to turn his chair.

Chair Turners: Blake, Pharrell, Adam, Gwen

Coaches Comments: Adam said the high note made him turn around. Gwen turned around last and said she is looking for a soul singer that is unique. She said she wants to bring a more “signature song out” of him. Pharrell likes that Chris got lost in the moment while on stage, and said his “voice is crazy.”



Jonathan Wyndham

Jonathan is thirty-two years old. He had a speech impediment that ceased to exist when he sang. So, that gave him the confidence to sing more which he did while traveling on the rode with his band. He sang “Say Something” by Great Big World for his Blind Audition.

Chair Turners: Blake, Adam, Gwen, Pharrell

Coaches Comments: Gwen said his performance just kept getting stronger and stronger and called him “cute” and added it will be really fun to work together. Gwen also offered to help him with stage presence. Jonathan said he’s been listening to Adam since he was 12. Adam called his voice like a “delicate vulnerability” and wanted to hear less nerves and more of the vulnerable thing. It was time for Blake to fight he said when Jonathan sang, you could hear the desperation and the emotion in his lyric which is the definition of an artist.
Also on Team Adam – REBEKAH SAMARIN





Tanner Linford

Seventeen-year-old Tanner gives a second shot at another Blind Audition. He originally auditioned last season. Adam told him he has to “live the song” during his last audition.

Chair Turner: Blake

Adam Levine

Coaches Comments: Blake instantly remembered Tanner after he turned his chair. Adam told him that his improvement was noteworthy. The coaches thought that he was a girl.



Craig Wayne Boyd

Craig is 35 years old. He moved from Dallas, Texas to Nashville. He played shows all around Nashville. Craig has a two-year-old son and is a full-time Dad and a full-time musician.

Chair Turners: Pharrell, Blake

Coaches Comments: Adam said he’s going to enjoy the “blood-bath” between Pharrell and Blake. Blake cited Travis Tritt as the reason he moved to Nashville. Blake said he sees some similarity in Craig.

Also on Team Blake – GRANT GANZER






Jean Kelly

Jean lost her mother at a young age. Her mother supported her singing talent. After her mom’s death, she joined a band.

Chair Turners: Blake, Gwen

Coaches Comments: Blake said “This is a for real singer…NOT a Pharrelll singer because he didn’t hit his button!” Blake also said that he needs someone like her on his team. Gwen noted that her and Jean have the same hair style.



Amanda Lee Peers

Amanda gave up on singing in church when she came out of the closet as being gay. She was ostracized for it afterwards. Amanda went into architecture. But, when she met her girlfriend, she got her back into singing.

Chair Turner: Gwen

Gwen Stefani

Coaches Comments: Gwen scooped her with a Team Gwen T-Shirt immediately. Gwen said the other coaches are “stupid” for not turning around and that Amanda is the full package. Gwen said there was something special about her.

Also on Team Gwen – GIANNA SALVATO



Roem Baur – is a 37 year old Opera singer who transitioned to a Rock singer. He auditioned with “Pretty Woman”. Adam said Roy Orbison is the greatest and wanted Roem to get away from what Roy did. Pharrell said the way that Roem sang the song, he chose influence over individuality and he “kept it in this box”. He advised Roem to sing something next time that sets him apart.

Tini Grey – He moved to Burbank, studied architecture and worked at an architecture firm. He used to perform for fun and never thought it would be a profession. After his father had a stroke while performing on stage, Tini felt it his duty to carry-on his father’s legacy. Gwen said his voice is amazing! She said his voice started strong then got “wiggly”. Blake said it was his falsetto that wasn’t strong is the reason why he didn’t hit his button.









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