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THE GAME SHOW AWARDS: GSN Honors All that is Game Shows!

Posted on May 19 2009 by Set News

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Our HOLLYWOOD JUNKET team of hosts and camera crew got some great coverage of the first ever game show awards by Game Show Network (GSN). See some of our video coverage here:

H.J. host, Katie Cleary interviews Cloris Leachman at Game Show Awards

H.J. host, Katie Cleary interviews Cloris Leachman at Game Show Awards

Our red carpet host, Katie Cleary (DEAL OR NO DEAL case model #11) talked to a number of game show hosts, and personalities. Red carpet arrivals included: Jeff Foxworthy (‘Smarter Than a Fifth Grader), Alan Thicke, Rip Taylor, Alfonso Ribeiro, five “Deal of No Deal” models (Lisa, Leyla, Claudia, Megan, and Patrica), and Bruno (“Dancing with the Stars”).

Howie Mandel was the best man for the show. In between awkward moments and pauses on stage while waiting for technical difficulties to be straightened-out, he added great comedy-relief.

One of which included one of several acts on stage that involved pre-screened contestants in the audience to come-up on stage to compete for prizes. Two contestants were playing against each other in answering trivia questions. One in which was, “Who was the host of the ‘Newlywed Game’?” Dead silence. Howie answered – Bod Eubanks. Then asked, “What letter does Eubanks begin with”. One contestant answered, “U”. Mandel and the audience laughed. Then, the next question was, “Jeff Probst is the host of what show”. Silence followed. Mandel stated the answer, “Survivor”, then said, “did you both know what show you were coming to today?” Everyone laughed.

The best part was when Mandel had to leave the stage due to an electronic board malfunction, and when he returned, the same question was asked again. Still, no response from either contestant. Mandel said, “you also didn’t know who hosted ‘Newlywed Game’, couldn’t spell Eubanks. I think I’m going to win this one.” Loud laughter and applause from the audience followed.

As a host, Mandel brought a little bit of an edge to the show with statements like: “sleeping for two hours with Bob Barker – now I know how Drew got the job!” as Bob Barker was seated in front of him.

Another on-stage contestant game was inspired by “Octo-Mom”. A contestant had to choose the correct name of “Octo-Moms” babies.

In the audience – Monty Hall was quizzing the contestant pools with trivia, and giving $100 out to correct answers. One pool contestant tried to charm Alfonso Ribeiro with “The Carlton Dance” as he walked-by. Insiders know that he hate’s that!

Dr. Gadget gave out new $800 vacuums to our host’s team – the Green Team. They also got DEAL OR NO DEAL games.

Charo played head-to-head in a game against Ken Jennings (famous “Jeopardy” champ) called “Are You Smarter Than Ken Jennings”. They had to answer all questions about Charo. How well did she do on her own game? Wait and see it.

Another game played by the pool of contestants was “Brady Bunch” themed. Couples had to compete in a sac race in the aisle, then race to the stage to dive in a pool of pork chops to pull out a golden idol. The first one to successfully hit the target of Marsha Brady’s nose three time won a Hawaii vacation.

Bob Barker was presented with the “Legend” award. In his acceptance speech, he announced that “now I can officially say I am a legend. And since this is the first Legend award, I am the only Legend. And for one year, I can say I am the Legend”.

Much, much more fun occurrences to watch on the show that weren’t mentioned in this article. See the show at home on GSN June 6th!


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    Mr. Barker is a worse game show host and he doesn’t deserved the award.

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