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The Knockouts Recap on THE VOICE Season 8 Episodes 10 & 11

Posted on March 28 2015 by Editor

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The Knockouts Recap on THE VOICE Season 8 Episodes 10 & 11

The Style of Awesome

Now that their teams are full, it’s that time again for “The Voice” coaches to cut their teams in half. The coaches do this by pitting their best compatible artists against each other inside of a singing boxing ring where only the strongest voices survive during this round in the game called “The Knockouts.”

The artists pick the choices of songs that they’ll sing. Coach Christina said if they don’t pick the right songs, it “could be the start of their demise”. The artists will get one-on-one coaching from their celebrity mega-star coaches – Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams, and Blake Shelton. Only one adviser will be present during all of their rehearsal sessions to give very valuable advice on the artists make-or-break performances. The adviser this season is front-man from “Fun” Nate Ruess.

Each coach will have one final steal during this round to strategically make their teams the strongest that they can be. The first team up is Team Christina.

Ashley Morgan vs. Sonic

Ashley vs. Sonic Knockout

Sonic chose “A Woman’s Worth” by Alicia Keys because it’s sultry and showcases her R&B style. Christina said Sonic nailed it in her rehearsals. Ashley, who Christina stole from Pharrell during the Battle Rounds chose “Heart Breaker” by Pat Benatar because of it’s wide range. She was advised by Christina and Nate to show more emotion.

Coaches Comments: Pharrell noted that Ashley ran through that song like a racetrack. Adam called Ashley’s voice “powerful and clean,” and Sonic was just the opposite. Blake also called Ashley’s performance powerful. But Sonic seems “more in Christina’s wheel-house.” When Christina questioned him about that comment, Blake responded, Christina has “the style of awesome!” The winner was Sonic because “she takes risks” Christina said.

Knockout winner: Sonic


Brian Johnson vs. Sarah Potenza

Brian vs. Sarah

Sarah was not happy that Brian was her challenger, because “he can do anything.” Blake put them against each other because their voices are so powerful that it wouldn’t be fair to pair them against any other artists.

Brian chose “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You” song by James Morrison because it’s the type of album that he wants to do and it’s upbeat. Sarah went with “Wasted Love” by Matt McAndrew (former ‘Voice contestant). Matt performed this song in the season finale of “The Voice” last season. When Matt surprised her at her rehearsal, she was extremely excited because he’s her favorite ‘Voice contestant ever. She called him a “sexy nerd!”

Coaches Comments: Brian’s performance was smooth and slow. Matt McAndrew cheered Sarah on during her performance with her dad and husband in the audience. Christina told Sarah that she’s “living” when she sings. Adam told Sarah and Brian they were “unbelievably even”. Blake picked Sarah for her originality.

Knockout Winner: Sarah Potenza.
STEAL: Adam stole Brian Johnson


Clinton Washington vs. Nathan Hermida

Clinton vs. Nathan

Adam hoped Clinton and Nathan would learn from each other. Nathan chose “Leave Your Lover” by Sam Smith. Adam needed to bust Nathan out of his shell, and said he “sings afraid.” Clinton picked Country song “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes so he could stand out. Adam told Clinton that his “ability is off the charts,” but, lighter on the sauce. Nate would rather be moved by something than impressed by something.

Coaches Comments: Blake told Adam “your team doesn’t suck,” and Clinton “attacked the vocal.” Nathan just sang a duet with himself Blake added. Christina praised Nathan’s courageousness. Pharrell said “two singers on that stage have a lot of potential.” Coach Adam went with his heart and chose Nathan because his performance spoke to a different part of his soul.

Knockout Winner: Nathan Hermida


Sawyer Fredricks vs. Mia Z. vs. Paul Pfau

Mia vs. Paul vs. Sawyer

Because Anthony Riley dropped out of “The Voice” competition, Paul was paired against Sawyer and Mia. Apparently, Paul was supposed to go up against Anthony. Pharrell had an unavoidable first three-way Knockout in ‘Voice history. The result – one will go home, and two will advance.

Mia chose “Hold On, I’m Comin”. Parrell and Nate advised Mia to drop the rigidness and connect with the audience. Paul chose “I Don’t Need No Doctor” – the John Mayer version because he’s a singer songwriter mixed with blues-rock. Pharrell told him to think less, feel more! Sawyer sang “Collide” by Howie Day because it’s meloncony like him. Sawyer’s challenge was to walk around and move while singing. Pharrell said he’d chose the winners based on their willingness to bare themselves and their feelings.

Coaches Comments: Adam said they’d be a “badass band,” and Mia’s voice is inhuman – “it’s dolphin language.” Blake never heard anyone “effortlessly navigate a melody” like Mia did. Christina got real with Paul by telling him he left it open for someone to take the Knockout from him. She called Sawyer a “genetic genius.”

Knockout Winners: Pharrell chose Mia and Sawyer as the winners of the Knockouts.


Meghan Lindsay Vs. Travis Ewing

Meghan vs. Travis

Meghan’s desire to be a soulful pop artist had her pick “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin. Travis chose “I Don’t Want to Be” because it spoke to him. Blake advised Travis to pick his moments in the song to catch his breath. It’s a tough song to sing with the range of notes.

Coaches Comments: Christina said she loved Travis’ extended notes and Meghan got better as the song went along. Pharrell told Meghan she accomplished getting people to recognize her in a different way. Adam told Travis that he went for it, but “Meghan is the problem.” Coach Blake said Travis delivered an equally as powerful of performance, but chose Meghan, who sang for her life, as the winner.

Knockout Winner: Meghan Lindsay


Koryn Hawthorne vs. Kimberly Nichole

Kimberly vs. Koryn Knockout

Koryn picked “Try” by Pink because it expresses her life now. Nate said he was blown away by Koryn and wants to steal her for his team. “There’s something less manufactured what she has.” Christina said Koryn needs to come from a place of empowerment. Kimberly chose Sting’s “Set Me Free” because it’s up-tempo. Christina was shocked at Kimberly holding-back. Nate told her to never deny her full voice.

Coaches Comments: Parrell said Kimberly sings with a razor blade. He told Koryn “when we hear your voice, we feel like a bottom of your spirit comes through. That is amazing.” They are both the winner, he said. Adam thought Koryn gave the best performance and kept up with the amazing Kimberly. Blake loved that Kimberly has so much fun, and Koryn was “like a commander.” Coach Christina called it the best of the Knockouts so far. “Kimberly owns the stage, and Koryn is such a natural that can’t be taught.” She chose “fire-cracker” Kimberly who is unpredictable.

Knockout Winner: Kimberly Nichole
STEAL – Pharrall stole Koryn after Christina yelled at all of the coaches to steal.



Cody Wickline vs. Corey Kent White

Cody vs. Corey Knockout

Blake pit his two Country artists against each other. Corey chose “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw. Corey said if sung right, he hoped the audience will feel like he feels it. Blake advised Corey to watch his breathing and pitch. Cody chose “Til My Last Day” by Justin Moore to express both his modern and traditional Country side.

Coaches Comments: Christina said they are both solid “contenders.” Pharrell said Cody had some soulful runs, and there was something about Corey’s presence that he is basically a star. Coach Blake noted Cody’s sound as special and never heard Corey sing like that. Corey revealed the he was singing for his sick grandfather.

Knockout Winner: Corey Kent White

Blaze Johnson vs. Deanna Johnson

Blaze vs. Deanna Knockout

Blaze chose “You Found Me” by The Fray. Adam said he was blown away by Blaze’s lower registry. Nate advised him to be careful of his pitch and to feel the song. Blaze connected with the song from his life struggles. Deanna chose “Listen to your Heart” to show the range of her voice. Nate told her that she has to “chill out” on her nerves.

Coaches Comments: After Blake addressed them as “Johnson & Johnson”, he pointed-out that Blaze’s voice broke. Christina complimented Deanna’s bravado which sets her apart. Pharrell said Deanna’s nerves “distracts” from her performance. Although coach Adam thought Blaze did great, he was enticed by Deanna’s break-through waiting to happen, and chose her, stating “There is still a kernel of genius in that girl.”
Knockout Winner: Deanna Johnson


Caitlin Caporale vs. Hannah Kirby

Caitlin vs. Hannah Knockout

Pharrell paired his two power-houses to see them go beyond the power to make people feel. Hannah chose “Higher Love” by Steve Windwood to show her versatility. Pharrell encouraged Hannah to move around when she sang because it represents her spirit.

Caitlin picked “Warrior” by Demi Lovato to showcase her ballads. Pharrell advised her not to think too much about her performance. Nate told Caitlin she needs to feel what she’s singing. Pharrell would chose the winner “based on who could be themselves the most.”

Coaches Comments: Adam’s gut chose Hannah. Blake couldn’t find one thing wrong with Caitlin’s performance. But, Hannah is fun to watch and “it’s awesome, and perfect singing.” Coach Pharrell said these two different kinds of singers made it tough. Caitlin won because she was consistent with who she is.

Knockout Winner: Caitlin Caporale
STEAL: Blake stole Hannah back on his team. He said she’s back where she belongs.


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