The Last Golden Buzzer on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Week 5 Recap

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The Last Golden Buzzer on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: ALL-STARS Week 5 Recap

Pictured: Tom Ball -- Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Another ten acts gave it their all for a chance at a spot on the “America’s Got Talent: All Stars” Final.  In week five’s episode, it was the Group Golden Buzzer that would require all the judges and host Terry Crews’ to push the Golden Buzzer.  This was the last Golden Buzzer that will be in play this season.

One more act, once again, was chosen to move forward in the competition. That was the act chosen by the Super Fans.  Crews asked Howie, “how will we agree” on which act to give the Golden Buzzer to?  Howie actually didn’t have an answer, and just trying to answer the question, the judges were already not in agreement.  


Pictured: Peter Rosalita — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

He sang on AGT season 16.  Peter is now 11 years old.  His Audition got over 15 million views of him singing Celine Dion.  He got to the Semi Finals, then got nervous.  He had a little hiccup when he missed his starting mark.  Peter lost out to Dustin Tavella on making it to the Finals.  He said this is his second chance and this time “there will be no hiccups.”  

He told Simon that his dream is to be an international singer and to have his own album.  Peter was very nervous when he got onto the All-Stars stage and Simon could sense it.  After his performance, Peter got a standing ovation from all the judges.

Peter said after being on AGT last time, he got a dog and showed a photo of the dog to Simon.  Heidi and Howie asked him about his nerves,  He said he’s more nervous about being on All-Stars because he has a sore throat.  Howie quickly got up and distanced himself. Lol.  

All seriousness,. Howie said it was a really great performance for him having a sore throat.  Simon told Peter he’s very old-fashioned in how he dresses and sings.  But, his voice has gotten better and it might be enough to put him through to the Finals.  

AXEL BLAKE (Comedian)

Pictured: Axel Blake — Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Axel was Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer on “Britain’s Got Talent,” season 15, then he went on to win that season!  Axel was up against Aidan McCann in that season. He said before Britain’s Got Talent he was in construction. Then, after seeing a standup act, he decided to go into stand-up comedy.  

Axel said usually he thinks about a punch-line.  But, now he thinks about what he’s saying.  A producer told him that no comedian has ever won AGT.  Axel said there’s a first time for everything.  He said being Simon’s Golden Buzzer, he feels that he has to live up to that.  

Axel’s All-Star stand-up routine was about travel from packing to being on the plane.  Simon gave him a standing ovation and two thumbs up.  Howie said it was a great way to open the door for him and to let America know who he is.  He called his act very authentic.  Heiidi agreed and also loved it.  Simon said with comedy, “if people don’t laugh, it’s over.”  He said the reaction behind him was they were laughing, “they loved you.” 


Mandy was another one of Simon’s Golden Buzzers.  She competed on AGT season 12.  Mandy is a singer who lost her hearing at age 16.  She had given up, but decided she wanted to do more with her life than give up. She was able to use her muscle memory and trusting her pitch and got back into singing.  That’s when Simon gave her the Golden Buzzer.

Her AGT video got over 600 million views, and Lady Gaga tweeted about her, and Mandy said “it was unreal.”  Mandy said her AGT ride was “overwhelming” and when she was eliminated she said “it was a relief”  because she didn’t believe in herself.   Since AGT, she’s performed all over the world and has an album.  She’s now married with a baby.

Simon was happy to see Mandy when she came out onto the All-Stars stage.  Simon said ‘All-Stars’ is for people who have won the show, or people “who just needed that second opportunity.” Mandy said she’s “ready to go.”  Mandy sang an original song called “Something I can Feel.”

Mandy got a standing ovation from the judges and the crowd and it made her tear-up.  Heidi said she sounds like an angel and oozes out positivity.  Howie told her that he wished she could hear how beautiful she sounds. Simon said he had said that he hoped she came back with a good song.  Simon said “I don’t think it was a good song (pause).  That was a great song.” He told her it was better than her first audition.  

YUMBO DUMP (Variety)

Pictured: Yumbo Dump — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Howie asked them why they didn’t win on AGT season 13. They’re answer was simply “Heidi.”  They are from Japan.  They said they fell in love with the sound of their bellies hitting each other.  Simon thought it was entertaining.  Heidi gave them her red “X” and they were eliminated.  After AGT, they’ve performed all over the world.  But they didn’t win and that’s why they came to All-Stars.

Yumbo Dump got Heidi Klum to participate in their act by having her use a band to rub one of their belly’s up and down to make a sound.  Heidi had fun doing it.  They flashed a sign that read “Heidi’s Standing Ovation.”

Simon reacted to their act by stating that this is what the show is all about and they are funnier.  Heidi said she didn’t know what she was thinking last time and thought they were funny.  Howie said their act is “even funnier” and the Super Fans need to “make this appear in the Finals.”  

MERVANT VERA (Rapper/Magician)

Mervant said he loves magic, he loves music “why not do them together.” He was working as a caterer, and an Uber driver when someone pushed him to give magic a try.  He went on AGT season 17. Since AGT, Vera has been doing magic full time and even though he didn’t win, he said it feels like he did.  The last time he was on AGT, Simon told Mervant that he could sense his nerves.

The judges were given Frisbees to throw out into the audience.  All of the audience members had manila envelopes with papers in them under their seats.  The audience members who caught the Frisbees had their envelopes collected from them, except for one person.  She was told not to open it yet. 

Mervant created a rap using those words inside the envelopes that were collected. At the end, he asked the woman who hadn’t opened her envelope yet to open it and reveal the word.  That word was “Destiny.”  Then Mervant revealed that the pages he had also had the letters that spelled out “destiny.”  Everyone was amazed. 

Heidi said she loved that he showed that every person in the audience had a different word written on it. Howie called his magic ‘amazing’ and his rapping “really good.” Mervant hit it out of the park.  Simon liked Mervan’ts message.  He said the more that he shows he can be trusted, more people will support him. 

Tom Ball (Singer – Golden Buzzer)

Pictured: Tom Ball — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Tom Ball is a 24-year-old teacher and singer.  He always wanted to be a singer, but he was also very passionate about becoming a teacher.  He said a lot of his time is used to inspire kids.  He said walking into school after his “Britain’s Got Talent” audition aired “was the craziest day” he said as everyone was excited for him and were cheering. 

Tom Ball lost out to Axel on “Britain’s Got Talent.”  He said he wants to win “All-Stars” and is getting married in five days.  He sees All-Stars as another opportunity to inspire his students.  Tom KILLED it when he sang “The Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel!

The crowd was roaring and Tom got a standing ovation from everyone in the room including the judges.  Simon told Tom, “I’m actually angry about something.”  Simon said he wished it was the first time he heard Tom Ball and called it the “best performance of the whole series.”  He called him Susan Boyle’s son because he did something so unexpected. 

Howie told Tom Ball that he did the song “so right” and it was really amazing.  Heidi told him he hit all the notes and he has the pipes for it.  Simon said if he had done this song way back on BGT, he believes he would have won the show that year.

Then, the audience started shouting “Golden Buzzer, Golden Buzzer!!”  Terry Crews went down to join the judges’ table as they all hit the Golden Buzzer for Tom Ball all at once. Tom was emotional and immediately called his wife afterwards to tell her the good news.


Taekwondo is from Seoul, South Korea.  They were on AGT season 16 and got Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer.  They lost out to Aidan Bryant.  After AGT, they have performed all over the world and they are back on AGT to win.  Their act is Taekwondo doing aerial leaps and jumps while breaking wood.

Simon was hit twice in the face by pieces of wood.  He said just when they’ve thought that they’ve seen it all, this was “unbelievable” and it was on a different level than before.  Heidi was happy to see them again. Howie said “wow” repeatedly in Korean. He told them that they deserve to be there and in the Finals!


Jasper is 16-years-old from England.  He was on “Britain’s Got Talent” two years ago season 14 where he made it to the Finals.  Jasper has been doing magic since the age of nine.  Heidi asked what he will do differently on AGT: All Stars to win?  Jasper answered that he is a lot more confident now.

After BGT, Jasper said he went to the biggest magic convention in the world and had numerous media write-ups. 

Jasper invited Heidi on stage to be part of his magic trick.  She chose a card and showed the audience and Jasper then placed it back in the stack of cards.  He said it’s not a card trick, so it’s okay that he saw the card.  Her card was the Five of Spades.

Jasper’s act revealed that it was a time travel act in which he turned back time five minutes.  Everyone’s phone showed a five minute time change backwards.  Howie was blown-away.  Heidi called it incredible and it was amazing to see it up close.  He proved that the “impossible is possible.”  Simon said that it was magic for the fact that he turned back everyone’s time on their phones.  He expected that the Super Fans would love him.  

ANA-MARIA MARGEAN (Ventriloquist)

Pictured: Ana-Maria Margean — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Ana-Maria is 13 years old and the winner of “Romania’s Got Talent” season 11.  She said during the lock-down, she discovered a video of Terry Fator and she was curious about how it (ventriloquism) works.  On her 11th birthday, her parents gave her her first puppet.  Ana-Maria said ventriloquism isn’t popular in Romania.  She got the Golden Buzzer on that show and went on to win that season.  After the show, she was on another show, and received a lot of publicity.  Her family now lives in a house because she won “Romania’s Got Talent.” 

Heidi told Ana-Maria no wonder she won, she’s incredible and beautiful.  Howie couldn’t believe her story that she just started doing ventriloquism under two years ago and is this good.  Howie asked how she got the puppet. Ana said her mother made it for her.  Simon joked “you mean that’s not a real dog?”  Howie told Ana that the fact that she looked this up online and was inspired by an act on AGT, she IS an “AGT All-Star” and the Super Fans are going to love her.

Simon said he still liked her act (after discovering the dog isn’t real) and everyone is so competitive. He loves seeing other acts who’ve won in other countries and it’s the best of the best competing.  Howie told Ana maybe she can ask her mom to make Simon a dog puppet.  She said she’s sure she will say “yes.”  


Pictured: Archie Williams — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Archie told his back story about being arrested in 1982 for agrevated rape, murder and burgelry.  He was in prison for 36 years until a DNA test proved his innocence.  Archie used to watch AGT in prison and visualize himself being on the show.  He said music got him through it.  

After his performance of an Elton John song on AGT, Elton John called Archie to tell him it was one of the best versions of his songs that he’s ever heard.  Archie lost out to Brandon Leake on AGT season 15.  After that, Archie has been traveling around the world with the Innocent Project to help innocent guys who are in a situation like he was.   

Archie’s ‘All-Stars’ act started with him performing a spoken word then went into singing “Sunshine.”  Archie got a standing ovation.  Howie said he is one of the most deserving human beings that he knows.  “As I hear your voice, I hear your life” and Archie has what it takes to make it all the way. 

Heidi said Archie touches her heart every time he’s on that stage. He’s a true “All-Star” she told him.  Simon reacted to Archie’s performance by saying he remembers his first audition like it was yesterday and he’s come back better. It was such a strong and creative performance.  He called it the best vocal performance he’s ever done since he’s been on the show.


Simon braced himself for the results announcements.  The first act announced was Peter Rosalita.  The next act in the Top 3 was Ana-Maria Margean.  The third act in the Top 3 was Mandy Harvey.   Howie and Simon said they thought Archie was going to make the Top 3.

Simon told them congratulations and “look who you beat to get here.  It says so much about how good you are.”  In third place was Mandy Harvey.  

The top two were Peter Rosalita and Ana-Maria Margen.  The act going to the Final is Ana-Maria Margean!  

Simon reacted to Heidi that “it’s always a surprise on this show.”  




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