THE MOMENT OF TRUTH: Jose Canseco Called-Out Mark McGwire!

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THE MOMENT OF TRUTH: Jose Canseco Called-Out Mark McGwire!

Back in August of 2008, the FOX controversial game show, “The Moment of Truth”, hosted by Mark Walberg filmed an episode with former baseball player Jose Canseco in the hot seat.

The episode never aired when the show returned to FOX in August of 2009. HOLLYWOOD JUNKET was on the set that day. Many uncomfortable questions asked of Canseco were of course, in regards to steroids and how they were involved in his athletic career.

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(Above photo) Former Oakland A’s baseball player, Jose Canseco on stage surrounded by friends and family before the taping of his episode.

During his time on the stage, Canseco made some candid, voluntary negative remarks about some of his past team mates that include: Alex Rodriguez; Roger Clemens; and Mark McGwire.

Since the taping of that episode, Alex Rodriguez has come clean and admitted to using steroids from 2001-2003. Today, Mark McGwire has also admitted to the performance-enhancing drug in order to “clear-the-air” before he becomes the St. Louis Cardinals’ hitting coach next season.

jose-canseco2Canseco was known by team mates as “The King of Steroids”. In his open ‘TRUTH confession, Canseco claimed to not only sell steroids to the ball players, but on occasion even injected them with the drug himself, including McGwire who didn’t admit to it at the Congressional hearing he was called to along with Canseco and other players in the aftermath of Canseco’s tell-all book, “Juiced”.

Some questions asked of Canseco on the game show were the following: If he ever used a corked bat; If he had “sexual relations” with Madonna; If he ever did NOT play a game to the best of his ability in order to ensure a particular outcome; If he thinks baseball players cheat on their wives; If he had a list of women in varies towns that he played-in he could call to “hook-up” with.

MORE QUESTIONS ASKED OF CANSECO: Did he think baseball became better with the use of steroids; Did his second wife sleep with Alex Rodriguez; had he ever lied in court under oath; Did he think Roger Clemens took steroids?

One answer he took much hesitation on answering was if he intended to marry his current girlfriend. Canseco expressed that he thinks steroids helped bring about a new energy “buzz” to baseball because of how well they were playing. He also talked about his lawsuit where he had to pay millions to a bar fight victim in Miami after answering – “Will you claim bankrupt in the next 12 months?”

Canseco’s twin brother, Ozzy (who played in the Major and Minor Leagues) was present on-stage along with Canseco’s friend Andrew, and girlfriend.

Ozzy was surprised to learn of his brother selling steroids, and stated that before that day, he did not know that his brother had ever sold the illegal drug.

Canseco named Orel Hershiser as one of the toughest pitchers. He also named one baseball player as making 500 home runs with a corked bat.

When asked why he believed he was “black-balled” from baseball, he revealed that no one (baseball teams) wanted to take him. His agent told team owners that Canseco would work for free. After he tried-out for the Dodgers and was rejected, he decided to write the book about his experiences.

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