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THE NEWLYWED GAME: Third Season Return!

Posted on March 06 2010 by Set News

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Hollywood, Ca – GSN’s updated version of “The Newlywed Game” officially marked it’s third season return Thursday at KCET studios in Hollywood with host Carnie Wilson.

Although the show returns to a different studio, the set remains the same. Wilson is host to three sets of newlywed players that compete for a honeymoon trip to places like Barbados or Saint Lucia Islands – the location of where this season’s “The Bachelor” proposed to his controversial girlfriend, Vienna.

Contestants answer somewhat racy questions about their love life, and other very personal topics like, maintenance of pubic hair and sexual positions in order to earn five points per correct answer in the first round, ten in the second, and 30 points in the last round. Some questions, I noticed, were recycled from last season’s show, just worded sightly differently.

The show production shooting schedule is now on track, and not painstakingly long like last season’s. Wilson has tightened her hosting skills a bit which has cut a lot of the shooting time down. Her personality still fails to completely shine through. She appears to be more focused on it as a “job” to get done.”

Friday’s show was slightly interrupted with a potential fire scare. A strong burning metal smell lingered onto the set. Production briefly paused to investigate. It ended-up being a false alarm.

Wilson was also pleasantly treated by our own HOLLYWOOD JUNKET host and former “American Idol” contestant, Jules Sanchez who stood-up and serenaded her with “You Are So Beautiful”. When he told her he was booted-off the FOX singing competition for being too fat, Wilson replied sharply, “Don’t even get me started on that!”

Audience consensus at Friday’s show was that many of the questions get a bit too personal, and their response was mostly, “I really didn’t need to know that”. I suspect that in an effort to keep-up with the times, this type of shock reaction is exactly what is keeping viewers of the show coming back!


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