The Next Vocal Superstar – THE VOICE Live Shows Night One Recap

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The Next Vocal Superstar – THE VOICE Live Shows Night One Recap

Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Usher, and Shakira have finally completed The Battle rounds of NBC’s singing competition show “The Voice” and is left with twelve diverse artists who have emerged. Shakira said “these artists leave their hearts on the stage.” Usher is confident about the talent this season stating, “these artists bring something special to the music industry and can be on the radio today.” Before they took to the live stage, the coaches trained their artists. After Tueday’s live show, only ten artists will move on.

Diamond In The Deep:
Bria Kelly – TEAM USHER
Bria Kelly

Bria Kelly is back with her guitar. She decided to sing “Rolling In the Deep” for her “Soulful edge” in her voice. Usher said, “You can’t be human, how do you hold a note that long?” after she impressed him with a long note. Usher said when he fist heard Bria, he know she was a “diamond”.

Shakira reacted, ” taking an Adele song is really a challenge, but if anyone can do it, is you. I love it when you get all fierce like that and you show us what you’re made of.” Adam said, “It is a tall order. That’s a dangerous one. It takes a lot of courage. The key is hard, it was a lower key, I selfishly want to hear it in a high key.”

Blake knew why Bria chose to sing in a low key. He said, “I love the rock, edge, that approach that you brought. I was interested in what the note was that you held out without breathing. That might be why she started at a lower key so she could step up” Bria said it was in deed.

Coach Usher told her he thought her to be courageous to step into the shadows of an incredible artist. But that becomes a motivation for incredible artists. “This was the first time you took a stab at a contemporary record. You introduced the world who you are. I felt fire in your voice. I felt like you killed it. Your delivery was all about your passion.”


Silky Voice:
Delvin Choice- TEAM ADAM

Delvin Choice

Adam said, “I’m giving Delvin a really challenging song in ‘Unchained Melody'”. He said it is a risk because it’s not a really popular song right now. Adam loves that Delvin is a chameleon. Adam said, “he can do anything. He’s got that strong bravado that lends itself in any song.” Adam said there aren’t many big, strong powerful male vocalists right now. Delvin said he had a problem connecting with the song because he doesn’t have a girlfriend, so he connected through the song by thinking about his mom and dad.

After Delvin’s performance, Blake told him how great he was and about his hair mistake! “Great job. Last week I mentioned that when you let your hair down, you become an ultimate singer. But I was wrong, because this week it’s back in the cow zone and you still sang the crap out of it,” said Blake.

Usher noted, “I do feel that you are an amazing talent,” and Usher said Delvin will have a girlfriend now. Usher also noticed that Delvin mad the song “a little happy. There was a a rejoiceful nature in the way that you sang it.”

Shakira said, “This is the most nostalgic songs of all time. You did not disappoint. Your command of falsettos and runs its perfect.” She called his voice “Silky”. Coach Adam was impressed, “This song is building up to a moment with some lucky young lady, I’m so happy that it all came to fruition and I got goosebumps like I wanted to.”


Propelling To The Next Level:

Dani Moz

Shakira prepared Dani to sing “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink. She said it’s a little Poppy. Shakria said she thinks that the song will propel her to the next level. She also warned Dani not to be too music theater in the delivery of the song.

Adam reacted to Dani’s performance, “the hardest thing about that song is there is no breath in that song. You did a fantastic job .The only thing that I thought – it was so powerful, I wanted there to actually be more dynamic.” Shakira – said she started out so contained. Then the last chorus was big. Shakira took great offense to Adam’s criticism. Blake jumped-in.

Blake playfully tried to get on Shakira’s good side by throwing Adam under the bus, “I may know what Adam is trying to say. But he’s wrong Shakira. I didn’t know if you were going to take one of these Dani moments. When you wail! Whatever it was, it changed everything. (Adam said like a fire truck). And Adam is so wrong!”

You were so fantastic. you’re dynamics were perfect. The first chorus was story teller. By the time you got to the end of the song, you gave us Dani. You have the sickest range.


Maybe It’s A Girl Thing:
Audra McLaughlin – TEAM BLAKE

Audra McLaughlin

Blake told Audra, “All of your fans are artists that you admire.” Martina McBride tweeted back to Audra. Blake is excited about Audra, he said, “I don’t know that there’s a more identifiable country voice that;s ever come across The Voice stage.” She’s singing “Angel of the Morning” by Juice Newton “It’s time for her to put her stamp on he songs” said Blake.

Usher commented on her performance, “It was incredible. You have such an incredible, powerful voice. Maybe it’s a girl thing, that you hold your note so long.”
Adam said “when Blake holds notes that long, he pees. Enough about peeing, Audra I love you very much.” She said she loves him too. Blake said watch it.
Blake complimented her in a great way, “I know that you’ve been going to school to be a medical assistant. I don’t think that’s what you’re going to be doing with your life. The fact that you have got this unique sound and you’re applying it to this classic song. You, I swear, are one of my favorite country singers.”


Giving It The T.J. Twist:
T.J. Wilkins – TEAM USHER

T.J. Wilkins

Usher said, this is the first time T.J. has stepped out to do something more modern. He is singing, “Waiting On The World To Change” by John Mayor. Usher said it is a “gutsy” song to sing. Usher said T.J. is “giving it the T.J. twist.”

Shakira reacted, “I’m your cheerleader here. You are extraordinary. You are so pure, so sincere. I adore your voice and you too as a performer. Blake found himself rooting for T.J., “It’s hard not to pull for him even as an opposing coach. You have something that is infectious about you in a good way!”
Coach Usher was happy, “for everyone on our team, we decided to go with a current, contemporary record. You decided to go with your instincts. So now the world knows something about you other than having a great voice. You’re a leader.”


Cristina Grimmie – TEAM ADAM

Christina Grimmie

In her last performance, Adam said he’s been waiting for Christina to blossom for a while, finally she’s arrived. She chose to take-on the Katy Perry song called “Dark Horse”. This song paints the picture of how she wants to paint her real life. She said “Dark Horse” combines her love for Pop, electronic and R&B perfectly.

Blake said, “Christina you are one hundred percent proof that dynamite comes in small packages! You’re the artist to beat on Adam’s team.” Shakira said, “I was wondering how you were going to tackle it. It’s a complicated song. I didn’t know you can do the falsettos so well. You nailed it girl.”

Coach Adam said, “I continue to be more and more impressed and surprised what you’re capable of. You’re doing other people’s songs right now. But I might as well been watching the VMA’s – it was so yours. You owned it.” Usher stated, “She completely gave her interpretation so well that people can see how she will be as artist.”


Kick Your Shoes Off!
Sisaundra Lewis – TEAM BLAKE

Sisaundra Lewis

Sisaundra said she’d love to do Pop-Soul. Singing “Don’t Le the Sun Go Down On Me” It allows her to lay back a little more, and show some finesse Usher said.

After her performance, Usher compared her to another power-house, “It doesn’t get any better than this. every time you come out here you blow everyone’s voice. There’s only one other voice in my opinion like that and she would have kicked her shoes off- Patti LeBelle. I was waiting for you to kick your shoes off!”

Adam said, “We all know you can knock the doors off. The most beautiful part of your performance was because you were exercising restraint. We finally got to see this really, really controlled, seasoned thing.”

Coach Blake called for the restraint, “It’s like at what point do you have to say let’s reel it in. It had to be your decision. I hope you are taking all this in. You left the music industry for ten years. I hope you are enjoying what’s happening. People love you.”


You’re Unbelievable:
Kristen Merlin – TEAM SHAKIRA

Kristen Merlin

Kristen is a Country singer from Massachusetts. Shakira gave her “Stay” song by Sugarland to sing . “She needs a moment where she can really expose her heart” said Shakira. Merlin said the song shows a lot of vulnerability. She said that she’s very guarded so it will be challenging.

Kristen had a microphone mishap during her live performance. She kept on going. Adam was really impressed by it, saying it was “bigger and scarier than anyone in your position would have to face. You handled it so gracefully – it was as if nothing had happened. That was inspiring” and he said everyone could learn from that.

Blake said she keeps getting better and better. He remembered that she started the show with a Sugarland song. “I’m kicking myself so much. I can’t stand Shakira right now!”

Usher commented, “I’m really grateful that you and Shakira decided to do that song. I was able to have an intimate time with your voice.”

Coach Shakira stated, “Your performance was so heart-felt, so moving. I was so lost in the moment,. We were mesmerized You’ve grown so much since we started working together.” Shakira told her not to be concerned with her appearance. She finished by stating, “You’re unbelievable.”


Perfect Moment:
Kat Perkins – TEAM ADAM

Kat Perkins

Adam said classic rock genre is a winner for her. The perfect song for the perfect moment. Kat is going to master “Magic Man” song by Heart. Adam said it’s the perfect song for her, and “I can’t imagine giving the song to someone else. She’s a true rock’n’roll singer.”


There Won’t Be Another Jake Worthington!
Jake Worthington – TEAM BLAKE

Jake Worthington

Jake said his passion is to keep Country music alive. “There will never be a George Strait, there will never be another George Jones. I want to be in that one spot where there will never be another Jake Worthington,” said Jake. He sang, “Anymore” by Travis Tritt

Shakira was taken by Josh, “You may be the most enduring contestant on this show. Every week your appeal grows. It’s just by being yourself. You are showing everyone who wants to make a career in music that honesty is the best way.”

Coach Blake agreed with Shakira, “What Shakira just said is the exact truth. Honesty, especially in Country music is eighty percent. You nailed it. You made me proud.”


Tougher, More Passionate:

Tess Boyer

Shakira said Tess is one of the best vocalists. “She knows what she wants in life.” Tess is singing male vocalist Jon Bon Jovi’s “I’ll Be There For You”. Shakira noted that Tess is a tough girl that’s putting herself through law school. Shakira said the biggest challenge for Tess in performing the song is that it’s a male vocalist. “female vocalist have a different register than male vocalists.”

It’s a power rock ballad and Tess said she is drawing from past relationships and “the desperation for wanting to be there for somebody.” Shakira said she wants Tess to be herself, just tougher and more passionate.

Blake continued with his prediction, “I think you’re the artist on Team Shakira to beat. I can not be happier to have the chance to get to know you when you were on my team for five minutes.” He said she will go further.

Usher, who also had Tess on his team, said “There was never a question that you’d go this far.” Usher said it would go terribly wrong if Adam coaches her.
Coach Shakira said, “You are amazing and you’ve grown so much. You nailed it. You’re so admirable. She takes every note and digests it all and executes everything in a way that is so efficient. That attitude that she has in life (putting herself through school), she shows it on stage.”


Making Usher’s Night:
Josh Kaufman – TEAM USHER

Josh Kaufman

Josh sang “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. The song feels retro, but is current. Usher said it’s time that Josh “modernize himself”. Usher made him run around the stage. To make sure he gives his energy to the entire room. Usher said Jose must connect to the audience if he wants to stay in the competition.

Shakira reacted to Josh’s performance, “Josh I’m such a fan of yours . Your so clever to start the song so understated and contained, then knock us out with the sickness of your voice. Your skills as a vocalist is so extraordinary.”

Adam said, “Josh, I’m so stupid. Every time that you get up there, I realize it more and more. It upsets me when the audience starts clapping out of tune.” He said he’s glad that Josh is still in the competition even though he’s not on his team.

Blake continued to size-up the competition on rival teams by stating, “In my opinion ,you’re the guy to beat on team Usher.” Coach Usher said, “You’re an incredible student. I have to give it to Adam because he got you prepared, then you came over here and just took it away. You completely commanded this entire room. You have completely made this my night.”

The “instant save” is back tomorrow night. Shakira will perform her song, “Empire” as well.


THE VOICE Tuesday Eliminations:
After Kat Perkins moved on. Adam said the pressure is off of them (coaches) because they don’t have to choose. Shakira said, “Anything can happen on live TV, and to perseverance through anything like Kristen did when the microphone went out on her during her performance. Shakira said she’d always be there for her team. Usher said he hopes that America will keep his other two artists. Blake said he wants people to realize what great human beings the people are on his team.

The remaining ten artists brought out onto the stage on Tuesday night were: Jake Worthington, Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin, T.J. Wilkens, Bria Kelly, Kristen Merlin, Dani Moz, Tess Boyer, Delvin Choice, and Christina Grimmie. Host Carson Daly announced that America saved Kristen Merlin from Team Shakira, and Audra McLaughlin from Team Blake.

Shakira performed “Emipire” song in lace unitard outfit. Shakira took her team to Los Angeles school, “Roscoe Elementary School”. Shakira told them about her foundation in Columbia dedicated to rebuilding schools. The team helped the kids paint a wall.

The next eliminated round of the night announced Delvin Choice from Team Adam as saved. Then Jake Worthington from Team Blake was deemed as safe.

Blake Shelton performed on “The Voice” stage with his team – Jake Worthington, Sisaundra Lewis and Audra McLaughlin singing country tune “Put Some Drive Into Your Country.” Sisaundra brought some soul flavor to it.

Daly announced who America saved next as Bria Kelly from Team Usher, and Christina Grimmie. All three of Team Adam’s artists moved on to the second week of the live shows. Sisaundra Lewis was the last artist of the night announced as having garnered enough of America’s votes to remain for another week.

T.J. Wilkins, Dani Moz, and Tess Boyer were the last three left with the less votes. Each artist had to perform for an “Instant Save” where America got five minute to tweet #VoiceSave followed by their favorite artists’ name to vote who to keep in the competition.

T.J. Wilkins sang “I’ll Be”; Adam said “It was a great performance.” Usher was tweeting #SaveTJ. Daly corrected him – #VoiceSaveTJ. Dani Moz performed “Turning Tables” on ‘The Voice’ stage. Blake said “I’ve never seen you do anything less than what you just did, and what you just did was brilliant.” Shakira called her a “hard worker” and “she’s amazing.” She also said Moz can hit any note. Tess Boyer sang “Dark Side”. Usher said “it was incredible” and he’s rooting for her. Shakira said Tess is one of the best singers in this competition.

Daly then officially opened the “Instant Save” which by the time it aired on the West Coast, was closed. During the commercial, The percentage of the voting was displayed to show which artist had which percentage of votes. Tess was shown at 42%, Dani 23%, and T.J. at 35%. Both of Shakira’s artists were on the chopping block with Tess and Dani. Shakira told them to keep doing what they are doing and wished them the best. Usher told T.J. that with everything that he had, he put everything into T.J. and Tess who was previously on his team and said he was rooting for both of them.

Daly announced the from America’s tweets, the Instant Save was for Tess Boyer.  Shakria was relieved that one of hers was saved. The two artists going home were T.J. Wilkins (Team Usher) and Dani Moz (Team Shakira).


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