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THE RICKI LAKE SHOW: Grown-Up A Little! Sneak-Peek!

Posted on August 29 2012 by Editor

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THE RICKI LAKE SHOW: Grown-Up A Little! Sneak-Peek!

Exclusive Set News Report!
After about a fifteen year break on the talk show airwaves, actress Ricki Lake (Hairspray, Cry-baby) has succeeded in bringing an updated, and older version of her self-titled talk show “The Ricki Lake Show” back from when it was last broadcast in 2004.

Ricki Lake during her first talk show years ago.

HOLLYWOOD JUNKET caught a sneak-peek glimpse at the new version of “The Ricki Lake” show during it’s filming on the Culver Studios lot. It wasn’t in the same studio as “The Greg Behrendt ” talk show…whew!, which was also shot on the Culver Studios lot and didn’t make it through the first season on 2006. We wish Ricki Lake better luck.

Our Set Report on the pilot show of the new Ricki Lake Show here!

Upon her entrance onto the stage, Lake looked terrific! Wearing a black blazer and top with a khaki colored skirt, her skin was nicely tanned and she was glowing with positive energy and a sense of confidence and self-love. The new, grown-up “The Ricki Lake” show touches upon some major grown-up topics such as marriage, sex, kids…in all aspects of the topics and everything else in between. We sneak-peeked a show where Lake had a woman who started a “make love not porn” website because she thinks too many young people are growing up thinking that the way to have sex is like what they see in porn films. Indirectly, it turned into a brief show about cougars when the guest revealed that she is into younger men because she benefits from their “quick recovery and stamina!” T.M.I! Lake also had guests on from a Playboy reality show.

Audience members were given the free gift of the “Magic Banana” kegel exercise tool which is used to strengthen the pelvic floor in the vagina.

On another show, Lake had guests who are a couple that are in a Polyamorous relationship where the they each openly have other lovers and even live with two of them!

In the same show, a young twenty-two year old man proposed marriage to his equally young girlfriend. He said he wasn’t nervous on the show, just excited. “The Ricki Lake” show picked-up the tab on the ring and the wedding gown. The audience was thrilled when Lake announced they’d all be getting gourmet chocolates and a $75 gift certificate for flowers.

The return of “The Ricki Lake” has come back with built-in advertising. It’s all one big ad for whatever new company decides that the’d like to get their product endorsed on the show by giving free give-aways to either the audience or the guests. Viewers won’t be able to Tivo or Hop past these ads!

The new version of “The Ricki Lake Show” enters daytime television on September 10, 2012.


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