The Right Decision – THE BACHELORETTE Season 10 Finale

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The Right Decision – THE BACHELORETTE Season 10 Finale

“The Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman has narrowed her choices down to two men- Nick Viall and Josh Murray, in the Dominican Republic. Nick is from Chicago. Josh is from Atlanta, the same place where Andi is from.  In fact, we later learn in the “After the Final Rose” episode, that they live five minutes from each other!  After nine weeks of dating these two, Andi will finally decide who she will chose and be able to tell that one special man openly that she loves him.


Andi is wondering if her connection with Josh is too good to be true. She said that he’s her type and he lives in Atlanta. During their visit at Andi’s hometown, Josh met Andi’s parents and sister. Josh asked her Dad for her hand in marriage. He said their conversation was natural and un-rehearsed. Her Dad said it’s Andi who has to decide, but he’s okay with Josh marrying her.

What happened on AFTER THE FINAL ROSE? Recap here!

“Our relationship is as high as it’s ever been” said Josh while him and Andi were sailing in the ocean. He said he wants to make Andi his wife and spend the rest of his life with her. Later that evening, Josh told Andi while getting cozy on the couch that “the love that I feel for you is not just a puppy dog phase. The love that I feel for you is going to last for years.” He presented her with a flattering gift that was a baseball card with her photo on it from their date on the baseball field in his hometown. The card read “Andi Murray” – Josh’s last name. She loved the gift.


Nick and Andi went off-roading in a Jeep. “I love you in ways that I thought I’d never love somebody” Nick told Andi. He said he told her family that he is going to marry her. Nick said he told her dad that no priority will be more important than Andi, no job,etc.. Andi loved that and gave Nick a kiss.  Nick said if he doesn’t know it’s him, they are not going to get engaged.    Next, Andi and him went swimming in a lake.

Later that day, they spent some time on the couch and drank some wine. Nick said he hoped it wasn’t their last date. Nick gave Andi a necklace from the beach where he first told her that he loves her. He said she would most likely remember the first time that he told her that he loves her, but just in case she now has this necklace to remind her! “Nick is basically everything that I’ve been looking for in a man,” said Andi.


Jewelry designer Neil Lane met with Josh in his room with a wide assortment of bling! Rings that is!  Josh looked at rings and found the “perfect one”. Before Nick could get a chance to pick-out his ring for Andi, there was a door knock on his  door.  But, it wasn’t the guy from the jewelry store!

Andi knocked on Nick’s door looking upset.  In the live studio where host Chris Harrison was with a studio audience, farmer Chris Soules (from Andi’s season) and Claire from Juan Pablo’s season were both there in the live audience gave their perspective. Claire said she wishes someone came knocking on her door. Chris said about Andi knocking on Nick’s door “it could mean a lot of things.  But, probably not a good thing. You have to trust the process and hopefully she’ll make the right decision.”


Andi told Nick that she woke-up that morning and didn’t feel everything was right. “It’s not what I envisioned. It’s not right.” She continued “It’s clear to me that the things that I see for us is ultimately not what’s best for us.” Nick said when he told her that he loves her, he didn’t understand how she could look at him and respond to him in the way that seemed her love was reciprocated back to him. All-in-all, Nick seemed to hold-up to the break-up fairly well. He did tell Andi that he wished that she hadn’t had said certain things or done certain things during their time together.  Nick packed-up his things and was driven out of there.

FINAL ROSE CEREMONY – Will She Say She Loves Him?

It’s that final moment of the show where the Bachelorette stands on an island with an ocean backdrop to profess her love for that one lucky guy! Andi wore a beautiful cream-colored gown an greeted Josh.  Josh told Andi that she is the woman of his dreams and her smile just brightens his day. It makes him feel that he can do anything in the world. Andi basically said she was sold on Josh when he told her that the next time that he told a woman that he loves her, it would be the woman he marries.

She admitted that she loved him from the first moment that she saw him and he’s the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with and have babies with. Josh was over-the-top excited and got down on one knee to propose. Of course, she said yes!  What happened on AFTER THE FINAL ROSE? Recap here!



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