THE VOICE 22 Battles Begin, Blake Shelton Steps Down!

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October 3, 2022
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October 12, 2022
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THE VOICE 22 Battles Begin, Blake Shelton Steps Down!

Season 22 of “The Voice” the coaches have had to fill their teams of 14 artists each!  On Monday’s episode, after four weeks, their teams became full.  Each coach was looking for something distinctly different from the other which made them either turn for an artist or not turn.  For Blake Shelton, he said one super young artist on his Team was enough for him.  Camila Cabello couldn’t put it in words, but was looking for someone with that “special sauce.”  More or less, the “It factor.”  

In the last night of the Blinds, the first artist was so good, she still managed to inspire a Four-Chair-Turn from the coaches.  After a special performance of the coaches performing Camila Cabell’s “Havanah” song, the episode ended with an introduction to the Battles by airing the first  Battle from Team Blake. 


Before Tuesday’s night’s airing of the first episode of the Battles, long-time coach Blake Shelton who’s the only original coach left since season one of the show posted to his Instagram that after season 23 of “The Voice” he’ll be leaving the show.  Blake kept the note brief and to the point and without a clear explanation.  He wrote “It takes a lot of work, passion, and adult beverages (Ha!) to pull off a live show twice a week.” Blake also added “a special thanks to those who chose me to be their coach.” 

Season 23 of “The Voice” starts filming at Universal Studios this Thursday, October 13th.  What viewers don’t realize is that season 22 Knockouts just finished filming a couple of months ago.  So, that’s only two months off for Blake Shelton and he’s back to work.  “The Voice” announced it’s season 23 coaches on Tuesday.  They include returning coaches Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson.  New coaches are Chance the Rapper, and Niall Horan.

THE VOICE 23 Coaches: Blake Shelton, Chance the Rapper, Niall Horan, Kelly Clarkson

Pictured: (l-r) Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC



KIM CRUSE (Team Legend)

Pictured: Kim Cruse — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Kim is 30-years-old from Woodville, Texas.  She said it’s a small town with three stop lights.  She’s been singing since she was three-years-old.  Kim posted a video of her singing “Jesus” and it went viral, up to 5 million views.  From that she got to be a back-up singer for Monica, along with other opportunities.  Kim went on “the Voice” she said to take her career to the next level.

Chair Turns:  John, Camila, Gwen, Blake

Gwen called it “unbelievably pretty.”  She told Kim that being able to share all the things she’s learned in her journey, she’d love to share that with her. John told Kim that she has a “magical gift.’  HE said he turned so quickly because of her tone and told her she should be in the finale.  He wants to display this amazing talent she has to the world.  Camila said Kim has an amazing malotic ear, and her tone is incredible.  Blake said he’s won the show with all kinds of artists that include R&B, Pop, etc.. He realized that the other coaches have all heard that song before, and he hasn’t.  It made him realize that he and her have everything to learn from each other.  He swayed her to pick him as her coach because isn’t it amazing to show someone a new song that they’ve never heard before.  Kim chose

Coach:  John Legend.  He said that tone immediately got him. “She’s going to be one of my best artists.”  


Steven is 40-years-old and has had a couple of record deals.  He’s written for big artists like Celine Dion, Tim McGraw, and has a Jimmie Allen song that’s about to come out.  He wrote a song for.  Michael Bolton who was wowed by Steven’s voice.  Steven lives in Nashville with his family.  Michael Botlon sent him a video message.  Steven chose “Never Enough” from the “Greatest Showman.”  He thought about the “most precious” things he has to take care of like his wife and kids.  He said he’s doing it for them.  

Chair Turn:  Camila 

Gwen said it was really beautiful that he has incredible parts to his voice. John said he was impressed by Steven’s range and his voice is “so elastic.”  Camila said she wanted to hear people with that special tone, and she said “this is weird.  I’m going to press my button.”  She asked what genre of music he want to make.  Steven said his main genre is Pop, and “whatever makes people feel something.”  Camila said Steven has a lot of the things that she’s been looking for.  He chose an interesting song that she would never expect and it was bold.  Camila added that “the magical thing is creating your own lane.”  


Rowan is a Junior in high school. She sang “Traitor” by Oliva Rodrigo for her Blind Audition.  

Chair Turns:  John, Gwen, Camila

Rowan told the coaches that she’s 16.  Gwen said it’s hard to do what she did, and at 16, you control it and be angry.  She hasn’t even lived her life yet, and she’s that good!  Rowan said her dad plays the drums, she was in a band last year. Gwen said “I did that.”  John said he has drums,  He said she really connected with the song which made her connect with the audience. and to do that at 16 “is not normal.”  Camila said she sees a young aspiring singer-songwriter and can help her through the nerves.  Camila told Rowan that she reminds her of Oliva. Gwen chimed in that she won the show with Carter Rubin who was 15-years-old at the time.  Blake told her that many times they’ve seen people her age who are not nearly as far along as she is.  

Coach: Gwen Stefani.  Gwen said Rowan is so intuitive and the way she delivered the lyric really took her.  Blake said he could tell that Rowan was super young, and he already has one of those on his team and he can’t take any more!


Yelka is a first generation American.  Her parents came from Mexico with their families.  She said her parents have always been extremely supportive.  She’s the first person in her family to go to a university.  Yelka chose a song to represent her Latin heritage “No Me Queda Mas” song.

Chair Turns:  None

Camila said when she first heard the instrumentation, it got her excited.  She didn’t turn because she’s looking for something to give it a little bit of a twist, “what will set you apart.”  Camila told her she’s really proud of her for representing them. Ho said she has a gift, but the execution could have been better.  Blake said all the points that Camila said makes sense.
Camila said she’s looking for someone with that “special sauce.”



Pictured: Constance Howard — Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC

Constance is a 27-year-old teacher who has implemented music in her class. She said she motivates them through songs.  “That was the first time I saw them excited to take that big test at the end of the year.” Her students always ask her why she doesn’t go out for “The Voice.”  Her mom is also a teacher and has always pushed her to pursue music.  Constance put a twist on “Peaches” by Justin Beiber for her Blind Audition.  Constance said her secret weapon is the high whistle tones.  Upon her first note, Camila pushed her button!

Chair Turns:  Camila, John

Gwen told her it was so cool and creative and said it sounds like she would be signed already.  Camila told her she only has one more spot left on her Team and she’s been looking for someone with that character voice, that distinctiveness. Camila said she also used to be really shy.  The first time she sang in front of people was on “The X Factor.”  Camila said she’s a Pop girl with some swag.  “Beat that John,” said Camila.  John said her chest voice is so different from her whistle notes.  She was able to take this Bieber song and make it her own.  She can transform any song and he doesn’t know that he’s ever heard anyone that sounds like Constance.  Blake said she hit a couple of notes in that song that “defies Science…my ears haven’t heard something that high before.”  Camila said if she was on a dating app for “The Voice” she would swipe right, and Constance would swipe right.

Coach: Camila Cabello.  Camila said Constance has so many different styles to her voice and has some things she needs to work on technically.



Justin is 34-years-old from Kansas.  He was raised by his mom who is a single mother.  Her mom recently moved down the street from him.  Justin’s earliest memories was watching her sing in church.  He connects with Gospel music because it gives him hope.  He got a relationship with his dad later in life. His dad passed away after slipping into a coma.  “I’m grateful that I get to carry on his legacy.” Justin said his dad would be so proud and so happy.  Justin chose “Glory” by Common and John Legend.  Justin said he relates to this song because he’s had to overcome depression and loss.  “I pray that when he (John) hears this song, that he hears my life story. But, his words.”  

Chair Turn:  Gwen

Gwen was so excited and yelled “I got YOU!”  Justin told her “I GOT YOU!”  Blake said he was waiting for an epic battle between John and Gwen. John thanked him for doing his song, and said he “always over-analyzing” when it’s his song. Gwen said her and Justin are going places.  She was “mesmerized” by his voice and it was so flawless.  She said she wants people to know his heart and connect with people.  Gwen said Justin is one of the greatest singers they’ve ever heard and the other coaches are “going to feel so stupid.”




August is 21-years-old from Chatsworth, Ca.  Her parents wanted her to go to college and find a stable job.  She dropped-out of community college. She shaved her head before her Senior year of high school.  August was obsessed with Kenny G. and learned the sax, and guitar.  She took voice lessons and learned guitar which helped her with her rock sound.  August teared-up when she heard her mother say as long as she does her best they are proud of her.  August chose to sing Miley Cyrus’ version of “Heart of Glass” by Blondie.

Chair Turns:  None

Blake said she had all of them in the first few seconds.  But, it sounded like she was running out of breath. Then, she didn’t have enough gas to hit all of the notes. He said it “got wobbly after that to me.” Camila said it was hard to hear what her tone of voice was because her vice was at a high intensity the whole time.  Gwen said if she’s only hearing one speed, on a singing competition show, then it’s hard.  John said it would have “been nice to hear the nuances of your voice.”  Blake said he’s waiting to hear the kind of voice that he doesn’t have on his Team.

JAEDEN LUKE (Team Blake)

Jaden is 22-years-old and is from wine country.  He knows nothing about wine.  He performs at 30-40 wineries which allows him to play 100 plus shows per year.  He started songwriting at ten years old.  He liked Ed Sheeran, and John Mayor shaped his sound and who he is artistically.   He likes that people are able to express their “true artistic self” on “The Voice.”  He chose “Make it with You” by Bread.  Jaeden said Bread is a cool 70s sound and that’s who he is.  He hopes to stand out with his originality by singing this song.l  The biggest audience he’s played for is of 4000 people while opening for Chris Issak in his hometown of Washington.  Blake turned early on.

Chair Turns: Blake, John

Gwen said she was devastated that she could not press her button because she loves that song.  John said some of his coolest Team members come from Washington state.  Then Jaeden said he was going to open for John, but he didn’t pick him!  John said he didn’t know.  But, whatever is happening up there on stage, he created a vibe that is transcended and mesmerizing.  He said he loves bringing his Team members up on stage to sing with him.  And that could happen with him!  Camila said she’s mad that her Team is full but hinted that she would try to Steal him if the opportunity comes up.  Jaeden told Camila that maybe he was singing that song to her!
Blake complimented him on his “bad ass mullet.”  Blake said he and Gwen listen to “Bread” all the time.  Blake told him that he has one spot on his team and Jaeden could be the one that completes him.  ‘I never fired you!  John fired you!”  Blake said he’d be honored if Jaeden is the last artist on his Team. Jaeden couldn’t resist Blake’s finger and chose Blake for his coach.

Coach:  Blake Shelton.  Blake said Jaeden completed his team as far as genres go.  “Team Blake is unbelievable this year,” said Blake.



NIA SKYFER (Team Legend)

Pictured: Nia Skyfer — Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC

Her grandmother was a huge inspiration for her to sing.  She would bribe her with money.  Nia chose to sing “Bam Bam” by Camila Cabello featuring Ed Sheeran.  She hoped to do the song justice and said it’s hard to be a crossover artist.  Nia is a singer-songwriter and a DJ.  She works on her craft in the studio.  Nia said she’s never felt more sure about anything ever.  Camila tried to pressure John to turn.  When he heard Nia hit a high note, he turned.

Chair Turn:  John

Camila recognized her song immediately.  Nia is 26-years-old from Havana.  Camila told her that her Team is completely full and couldn’t turn for her.  She loved her personality and said she’s so fun.  Gwen said there’s singers then there’s star energy.  She has an amazing style.  Camila told her that she really likes her energy and that’s what’s going to make people fall in love with her. It was the first time that anyone auditioned with her song. And the first time that Blake heard any of her songs.  She said that she hopes that she can Steal her from John at some point.  John welcomed her to Team Legend and said he had to check with Camila.  “I looked over at her and said “do you approve of me pushing my button?”  He said she has so much charisma and energy in her voice that it really cuts through and feels celebratory and fun.


With that, the Blinds were done for “The Voice” season 22. Next, the coaches performed Camila Cabello’s “Havana.”


John said it’s hard because you fought for these people to be on your Team and now you’re telling them to go home.  Team Blake was up first.   His advisor is Jimmie Allen.  He was the CMA New Artist of the Year.  Jimmie told Blake that he tried out for “The Voice” twice.

Jimmie it’s really rewarding to give back because he still sees himself as a new artist.  Blake’s first pairing was Austin vs. Tanner


Pictured: Austin Montgomery, Tanner Fussell — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Austin is 19 and does old school County and Tanner auditioned with Travis Tritt.  Tanner said Jimmie Allen moved to Nashville around the same age that he is and he’s done massive things.  Blake said Austin and Tanner both have a vintage sound.  So, he gave them a Johnny Cash song.  Austin said he’s always had stage fright and it’s because of his family that’s helped him break out of his shell.   Tanner said he’s been pursuing music for ten years.  Blake told Tanner to lighten up with the growl in his voice.  Blake advised Austin to loosen up and have fun with it.  Jimmie said Tanner has that Southern Rock vibe.  Jimmie advised them to start thinking about the kind of music they want to make and the kind of team they want around them.  Jimmie said he’d fly in to watch them perform, that’s how good they are.  Blake said it will come down to who he believes the most.  They sang “Folsom Prison Blues.” 

Camila called it an award show performance and it was “so fun to watch.”  Austin said it was only his fifth or sixth live performance.  Then, Camila didn’t pick anyone.  Blake was annoyed.  Gwen was blown away and said a character style is so hard to do.  She said it felt like she was back in time.  Gwen said even Camila knows that that was a good version of a song she doesn’t now.  Gwen said Austin did some rock star yelling and she couldn’t believe Tanner’s voice was perfection.  What blows her away is that Austin is so young and she’s curious what he’s going to do.   John said Austin IS younger and the fact that he’s so committed to his craft and naturally good at it means he has a lot of potential.  With Tantner, he said if felt so real and authentic,  he picked Tanner.  Coach Blake said they’re so different Tanner goes into a growl and Austin keeps his notes cleaner. “This is one of those that’s just tough.”  He said there’s two ways to go and they’re both right.  

WINNER was to be continued to Tuesday’s episode!



Blake chose Austin as the winner of his Battle against Tanner.  Blake said Austin is “in touch with that classic Country sound.”  He said it’s important that the show has an artist that represents that sound.  Blake said with the Three-Way-Knockouts coming, it makes it that much more important to build the Teams that they already have. 


There were three battles aired in Tuesday’s episode.  The Battles advisers were Sean Paul on Team Gwen; Jazmine Sullivan on Team Legend; Jimmie Allen with Team Blake; and Charlie Puth working with Team Camila.  The coaches have a SAVE and a STEAL in play during the Battles.  New coach Camila Cabello didn’t waste any time using her SAVE.  



Pictured: (l-r) Jillian Jordyn, Rowan Grace — Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC

Fingers Crossed by Luaren Spencer Gwen said Rowan can take lyrics that she didn’t write and make you believe she wrote them.  Gwen said Jillian has a lot of confidence and personality “She really blew me away.”  Jillian and Rowan told Gwen and their advisor Sean Paul that they are best friends.  Gwen said it showed because there was “a lot of love in the room!”  

During their rehearsal, Gwen noted that Jillian needs to work on her body language.  Sean Paul said when he looks at the crowd’s happy faces at his concerts, he transfers it back to them.  Both Gwen and Sean advised them to feel the lyrics and take on the characters in the song.  Gwen told them that she used to film all of her performances with No Doubt, and suggested that if they did that during their private rehearsals at the hotel and send it to her, that she’ll give them her feedback.   

Camila told them they should be proud and they are both great singers.  John said Rowan is even better than he remembers her being. “It was like a revelation”  He said they didn’t pick him. Blake said Jillian does a great job at control.  When Rowan makes a record one day, she’s going to sell him a copy.  Blake went with Rowan.  

Coach Gwen said she could hear the nerves in Jillian’s voice and she recovered and got better and better. She proved to Gwen how talented she is.  As for Rowan, her ability to be tasteful and do runs that come from her heart.  She nailed it.  Gwen picked Rowan Grace because she’s already “so ready to make a record.”  





Pictured:(l-r) Dia Malai, Valerie Harding — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

John said Jazmine will help them to tap into authenticity themselves.  John had Dia nad Valerie sing Jazimne’s “Bust Your Windows”  Jazmine is a two-time Grammy winner.  She advised them to “keep going. You never know when that moment is going to be.”  Valerie said it hit home for her, at 40-years-old.  Jazmine said she really did bust the windows out of an ex-boyfriend’s car and the next morning she wrote the song.  

John advised Dia to be “a little less pretty” with her singing.  Dia said she’s been able to formulate her own style.  Jazmine told them that they made her feel it and she wrote it.   John said Valerie and Dia are going to  come at it with different tones and different styles.  Valerie said she wants to show her kids and grandkids to keep pushing and you’ll make it in life.

Blake reacted that they scared him a little bit. Dia had a more consistent performance and Valerie had an explosive voice. Camila noticed that Valerie has a “more mastery” of her voice. She said with Dia, her movements and face were conveying the emotion of the song.  She chose Dia.  Gwen said Valerie knows her voice and knows who she is as a singer.  When Dia came out, she had this attitude and called her a “really budding” entertainer.  She went with Dia.  John said they talked a lot about being in character for this song, and he felt that Dia embraced that. He said she carried herself with the demeanor of a star.  He said Valerie is a great singer.  John chose Valerie

BATTLE WINNER: Valerie.  John said he had to make a tough decision. Dia was a little bit better at being a character, “But this is called The Voice and I have to honor the better vocalist,” John said. 

TEAM CAMILA – Advisor Charlie Puth


Pictured: (l-r) Morgan Myles, Steven Mcmorran — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Camila said Charlie Puth is incredible at playing piano and has written songs for Justin Bieber, Pit Bull, etc.  Charlie said giving his advice to artists on “The Voice” is just as rewarding.  Camila paired Morgan and Steven because they’ve both been writing for a long time and both are from Nashville.  Camila gave them “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.  She said this song “is like super Pop for them” because Morgan sang “Hallelujah” and Steve sang “Greatest Showman” for their Blinds.   Camila chose the song because “they’re both powerhouse singers in different ways.”  Camila observed that Morgan is so special because she’s connected to humanity and her feelings, “it’s so emotional.”  

Steven said the song is easy to connect to because he’s been married for 18 years and knows the heartbreak that goes with that.  Morgan can relate because she had a toxic person in her life. Camilia said this song should feel like they’re telling a monologue of their lives.  This Battle will be about who can connect in the moment. Charlie Puth said they have voices that cut through like a record and he’s happy that he doesn’t have to decide the winner.  

Gwen said it was crazy how good their voices sound together.  She loved that before the chorus, she thought that Morgan had given it all.  But,  the chorus hit and she gave more.  John noted that Steven’s tone is smother, and Morgan’s tone is “fire.” He said she reminds him of a singer that should be making records and singing at the Grammys.  Blake said Morgan “hits that Bonnie Tyler gear” and he went with Morgan.  

It was Camila’s first Battle as a coach on “The Voice.”  She said she wailed up with pride. She said Steven they haven’t tapped into the song that’s brought the house down yet.  Because he has more to give.  Camila chose Morgan as the

Battle winner – Morgan Myles.  Camila said they both did a great job but chose Morgan because she is irreplaceable on this show.

Camila hit her SAVE for Steven as he was walking out.  She said she can’t sleep knowing that they haven’t cracked the code yet with Steven.  She wants to show what Steven is capable of.



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