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THE X FACTOR: First Day Los Angeles Show Sneak-Peek!

Posted on May 10 2011 by Set News

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Creator and Executive Prouder Simon Cowell is bringing to FOX, the successful British import talent show that has produced such world-wide talent as Leona Lewis, called “The X Factor”.


The Americanized version started filming in Los Angeles on May 8th. The show filmed selected Los Angeles auditions from the show’s open casting calls held last month. The show travels next to Chicago, New Jersey, Miami, Dallas, and Seattle to find the best of the best. The winner of this competition wins a $5 million grand prize.

Inside the the walls of “The Galen Center” where the show filmed for two days in Los Angeles, Simon Cowell took to the stage and addressed the audience by telling they that they are the fifth judge!

Cowell then introduces judge L.A. Reid (a.k.a. Antonio Reid). Reid, making sure to start-out on the right foot, said to the crowd -“I’m not the Randy of the group. I don’t say dawg”. Reid then introduces judge and former “American Idol” judge, Paula Abdul.

Paula says “I’m thrilled to be invited back. It’s a blessing to be part of this” Abdul was a guest judge on the British version of “The X Factor”. Abdul introduced the next judge, Cheryl Cole.

Cheryl says “Thank you so much for the warm welcome and enjoy the process. And please bare with my accent”.


The show opener talent was a male duo called “B Squared”. They sang “Waterfalls” by TLC. Cowell told them to pick another song. They switched their tune to “Proud Mary”. Another act was a vocal ringer for Rihanna. They came-out wearing tu-tus and sang a “Maroon 5” song.

Unlike “American Idol” which has a strict cut-off age limit of 28, “The X Factor” has no upper age limit. Sunday’s show saw some acts from the senior citizens age-range.
A 52-year-old woman sang “Wind Beneath my Wings”. Cowell commented that she sounded like someone playing the piano with their toes. “Jetta”, a 61-year-old female rocker screamed to “I touch myself” for her talent song choice.

One contestant to watch for is a charming and lovable 13-year-old Rachel Crow who out-performs most of the contestants that day, and received the first audience standing ovation.

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  1. Patty Weber Says:

    The young teenagers were by far among the top talent of the night with the mentioned 13-year old girl named Rachel, a duo of boys-a 14 and 17-year old, and a 14-year old girl who sang like an adult. Siamese was very entertaining with his over-the-top performance.

  2. Desiree Coleman Says:

    Hey, I was actually at the X-FACTOR auditions @ USC earlier this year in L.A. and I saw this SIAMEZE guy,who I understand is Las Vegas’ youngest headliner @ The Las Vegas Hilton Hotel & Casino, where he is hailed as ‘The Godson Of Rock & Soul’ (; and I gotta tell you, his performance audition was bananas!!!! He came out dressed in skin tight blue jeans & a blue fishnet shirt & matching blue high heels and he performed an original remake Dance / Funk version of the old Rick James classic; “GIVE IT 2 ME BABY” (

    OMG, this boy was HOT!!!! He first sang a 1 minute acapella gospel opening that sent shock waves through the crowd because who knew he could sing his ass off! And then by the time the musc kicked in, this guy sang, dance, excited & ignited the 3,000 of us into an absolute frenzy… kicking, leaping, spinning, sliding, twirling, leaping and prowling on the stage like some kind of Sex Rock God! When he finished, L.A. Reid had to demand that the audience simmer down because we were on our feet for a well deserved standing ovation for 3 minutes. That’s when L.A. said; “FIRST OF ALL, IT’S A TESTAMENT TO HOW GOOD YOU ARE TO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO PERFORM FOR 10 MINUTES… WE’VE NEVER LET ANYONE GO ON THAT LONG”! And then Simon said, “I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYBODY WORK HARDER IN AN AUDITION IN MY LIFE”! Cheryl Cole was in absolute awe of him and said “THIS COMPETITION NEEDS YOU” and Paula Abdul was ‘spellbound’ citing that “WATCHING YOU WAS LIKE SEEING A YOUNG PRINCE ALL OVER AGAIN”!

    More accurately though, this guy SIAMEZE was more like ‘The Love Child Of MICHAEL JACKSON & PRINCE’! LOL!

    They put him through of course and his Mom & Dad, I understand were celebrities Producer, ERIC FLOYD and international Pop/Dance diva and ‘Voice Of The KLF’, WANDA DEE. And his grandmother was American Idol’s ‘Vocal Coach From Hell’, PEGGI BLU! Now that’s what I know about SIAMEZE and me and my girlfriends can’t wait to see him when X-FACTOR U.S. stars airing on FOX-TV this year. He truly has “IT”… The X-FACTOR! I don’t know where he’ll place on this show, but I do know that whenever he takes his place up onto The World Stage & the masses discover his awesome performance power, he will ROCK & RULE!

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