They Did It on THE BACHELORETTE Season 16 Final Rose Recap

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They Did It on THE BACHELORETTE Season 16 Final Rose Recap

TAYSHIA ADAMS. Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

“The Bachelorette” season 16 Fantasy Suites episode ended with Ben Smith returning to tell Tayshia he wanted back on the show because he had missed his opportunity to tell her he had fallen in love with her.  It was a lot for Tayshia to take-in.

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Ben said he was scared because it was such an intense thing. He’s never felt that way before  “I was terrified to tell you,” when she asked why he told everyone else (i.e. Chris Harrison) except her.  Then Tayshia asked a fair question,  if down the road, is he going to run away when something gets hard?  Tayshia admitted to Ben to missing him.  

TAYSHIA ADAMS, BEN. Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Tayshia said she needed time and invited Ben to participate in the Rose Ceremony later that evening.  Ben told her, “I am in love with you.”  When he said it’s not fair.  She said no it’s not because he should have said it sooner.

Tayshia said Ben showing up tonight “affects everything” then couldn’t believe that she just kissed him before going off to the Rose Ceremony!  Ben said he was surprised that Tayshia kissed him and it made him feel 100% confident that he was going to get a rose. 


Ben rejoined the men as they waited in line for the Rose Ceremony.  Zac and Ivan didn’t seem too surprised.  Possibly because after Bennett making the same move, they’ve seen it before. 

Tayshia joined the men and opened with, “Fantasy Suite is a pivotal moment.  She explained that “it just didn’t work out” with Brendan which is why he’s not there.  Tayshia pulled Ivan aside in private to tell him some things made for some concern.  “I wish I could say there were a lot of red flags prior to this week. But there haven’t been any.”  Tayshia was referring to the religion topic.  Ivan apologized for not bringing it up sooner.  Ivan said he meant every word when he told her he was falling in love with her this week. 

IVAN, TAYSHIA ADAMS. Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

She walked Ivan off as the other two men looked-on.  Ivan stated that he knew in the back of his mind that “this thing could be what explodes everything.” 

Tayshia told Ben and Zac that there are some things with Ivan that “just didn’t align.”  She said this is a big deal for me because you’re actually going to meet my family.  Thus, she handed out the two roses to Zac first, then Ben.


Tayshia said as much as she hated to say goodbye to Ivan, she felt like she did the right thing.  Tayshia met with her family which was her two brothers, mom and dad before bringing in Ben to meet them. Her dad, Desmond, was already skeptical based on the fact that Ben left then came back.  He also said he doesn’t want her to “work so hard to be on the same page as you.”  

Ben told Tayshia’s mom, Rosario, that he’s in love with Tayshia.  She appreciated his honesty.  Then Ben sat down with Tayshia’s dad next.  Ben said what made him come back was “the way she makes me feel.”  He said the first thing that she asked him was “to show up for her.”  So he’s been doing that along the way.  He said it was his fault that they were on different pages. He said he fell in love with Tayshia a couple of weeks ago.  “I never experienced a relationship that was anywhere like this.”  Desmond said he thinks Ben is a sincere man and appreciates his honesty.  Desmond also said he felt better after talking to Ben and liked that he admitted to making a mistake.

After Ben and Tayshia left riding on scooters, Tayshia said she’s starting to fall in love with Ben and called it the perfect date for the two of them. 


Zac said within minutes of first meeting Tayshia, she made it clear that family was important.  So, it is important to him to make a good impression.  Zac explained to her family that him and Tayshia built a good connection.  Tayshia told her dad that Zac makes her happy, excited, it’s all the things!  She said an 8.95 on a scale of how important it is to be engaged to Zac.  

 TAYSHIA ADAMS, ZAC C. Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Zac talked to Rosario first.  He told her that he loves Tayshia.  Zac explained the story of them being on their last date when he told Tayshia that he loves her.  In the next eight years, he sees them married, happy, still in love and starting a family.  Rosario really liked that response.   Zac said he hopes that her parents see that they’re in love

Zac told Desmond that his marriage lasted a year and a half.  He said he was in his 20s and not ready for it.  Desmond said as one gets older in life one hopes that they take note so the same thing doesn’t happen again. He said he doesn’t want this to be a “test.” Tayshia and Zac should know whether it’s going to work or not.  Desmond started getting teary-eyed when Zac said he wants to take over the slack from Desmond who gave Tayshia some great opportunities.  

Desmond said he likes Zac.  “He’s a good man” and seeing another man love his daughter the way he expressed, “I’m at ease.”  Rosario noticed Zac and Tayshia had good chemistry.

Tayshia reflected on both of the men and how it’s two “completely different worlds.”  Then, there was a random knock on the door.  Taysia was afraid of who it might be now!  It was her dad Desmond.  She said she noticed that he didn’t seem like himself, a little reserved which worried her.  

Desmond asked her how she was feeling. “Are you 100% confident? Is there no doubt?” He came to Tayshia to let her know what the family had all been talking about.  He said he likes Zac and Ben is a good guy.  “I’ve seen you hurt before, and I can’t let that happen this time.”  He said seeing these guys, I don’t want things to go backwards for you.  I don’t want you to be making the biggest mistake of your life.”  

Possibly, was dad saying she shouldn’t choose either guy?  Because Desmond never specified which one of the guys they thought the mistake would be.   This conversation left Tayshia “so confused” and she reacted “this is too much.”  


Before her date with Zac, Tayshia said her dad’s conversation made her feel cautious.  She said after talking with her dad, she can’t decide if she wants to get married again.  She asked Zac if he’s nervous for “what the rest of this journey may look like?”  Zac said he’s ready!  He could sense that there was a feeling of trepidation from Tayshia.  “I want her to know that I’m not going anywhere” Zac said to her moments of doubt.  They then went to take dance lessons from dance teachers to learn a first wedding dance together.  Tayshia said “it’s a lot” like now she’s getting cold feet.

During their dance Zac noted that they’re bond was as strong as ever and they were in unison.   Tayshia said Zac makes her so happy and she can’t find any flaws in Zac.  But it worries her to possibly find out bumps down the road.  Later that evening, Zac guessed that Tayshia’s parents probably mentioned some concerns and that made him scared.  His goal was wanting Tayshia to go to bed that night knowing 100% how he feels about her.  

Tayshia said she worried about them falling for each other how they are now, then down the road, what if life happens and she just wants to be a stay-at-home mom.  Then, what if Zac falls out of love with her because she would no longer be ambitious.  Zac reacted that yeah things change, but he’s never laughed and had so much more fun than with her.  Tayshia was worried about Zac walking away when things get hard.  Zac said his sobriety is the most important thing in his life because it allows him to NOT run away.

Zac said if he has the opportunity to propose to her, it means he’s committed for life.  He told her it doesn’t matter what she wants to do five years from now,  as long as she’s happy.  He said it’s not the reason why he loves her.  Tayshia said there’s so much genuine behind Zac.  Her divorce hurt so bad that she didn’t think she could get engaged again.  


Tayshia was feeling upset before meeting up with Ben for their date.  So, Tayshia went to his room to talk.  Tayshia told him the whole week she had been thinking about her journey there and Ben set the bar for people because he was being vulnerable.  “This week is a really heavy week.  I care about you so much.  I feel that my heart is with someone else.  I don’t want you to second guess anything”  She said she truly wanted to give him a chance because she saw something.  Ben reacted that he was excited to be back and thought they’d be together.  He said him loving her doesn’t change.  “I saw it going differently.  But, when you love somebody, you want them to be happy.”  In their goodbye Ben told her that he’s happy for her.

Ben said he put all of himself “into this.”  He said he thought he was going to be her husband.  “I’m still in love with her.  I don’t know what the f-@$* to do now.”  He said she was perfect for him.  


The morning of the final Rose Ceremony, Tayshia said she can say 100% that Zac is her person and doesn’t have the words to describe how she feels about him.  But, it worries her of how things will change after they leave this bubble. 


As Zac got ready, he stated, “my love for her transcends any physical beauty” and she’s everything that he’s ever wanted in a partner.  Zac picked-out an engagement ring for Tayshia.  

Tayshia said going on this journey and finding love is overwhelming.  She knows she loves Zac, but it’s still scary.  Thinking about all that made her wonder if it’s “too much too soon.”  

Tayshia arrived in the middle of barren desert, the location of the Rose Ceremony, in a beautiful silk sliver/white long gown where host Chris Harriosn greeted her.  Tayshia said she questioned if she had ever been in true love “until now.”  She then started crying.  Harrison asked “what’s going on?”  She answered “I’m just so excited.”  Harrison reassured, this is a good thing.  It’s all the show ever wanted for her.  

As Tayshia awaited for Zac’s arrival she questioned if she was doing the right thing because she’s been down the same road before.  As Zac rode up he said when they’re together, it’s like there’s no one else in the world.  
Zac said he came there because he was supposed to fall in love with her.  From their first kiss to riding the ferris wheel to meeting her parents, nothing felt more right.  He said she makes him smile more than anyone has made him smile.  

As the two stood in front of each other, they took turns expressing their feelings for each other.  Zac called her a “strong independent woman” that makes everyone around her feel better.  “I love everything about you,” he told her.   “I was listening when you spoke about loyalty.  I promise I will be loyal to you.”  Tayshia responded that she was extremely excited about the possibility of finding love.  When she met Zac, she thought to herself, “he’s different, kind, and shows gratitude and has the biggest smile.”  She said he’s been through a lot but has never given up.  “He learned how to read me better than anyone has.”   She ended with ‘I deserve love with a man that won’t run away…yes it is real.”  She said she wants to make a tradition of jumping into fountains with him around the world.  She said she’d do absolutely anything to keep that smile on his face because he’d do absolutely anything to keep a huge smile on hers.  

After that, Zac got emotional in telling her that she gave his parents the best gift when they saw a smile on his face.  “That’s when they knew.”  He said he can’t picture another moment without her in his life.  “I’m going to choose you right now.  I’m going to choose you next week, next year.  I’m going to choose you forever because I love you.”  Then he proposed to Tayshia.  It was one final step, Tayshia asked if he would accept the last rose!  Of course there was no question that he did!

A cardboard taxi was nearby to carry them away out of the desert which they got in to walk away into the sunset.

BACHELOR PREVIEW: On January 4th, it’s the premiere of “The Bachelor” with Matt James!  He said love for him is about the heart.  James grew up in North Carolina.  He currently is a real estate broker in New York City.  In the preview, James spoke about his family with his parent’s broken marriage and family has affected their lives.  “How love would cause you to do things that you would normally not do,” as he had an engagement ring in his hands.



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