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Posted on August 15 2010 by Editor

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We at HOLLYWOOD JUNKET first heard of BRAVO’s new docu-series, “Thintervention with Jackie Warner” from local comedienne and warm-up host, Vivica (who did not make it on the show) on the set of E! channel’s “Bank of Hollywood”.

BRAVO officially announced the new reality series will be premiering Monday, September 6th at 10 pm ET/PT. Unlike other weight-loss shows who send their weight-loss candidates to a boot camp in a controlled environment, this one keeps dieters on their toes by Warner, of “Workout” fame whose job is to bombard them with surprise visits while dieters are caught in real-life situations at home, work or while in social situations.

Season one cast of “Thintervention”.

The series is shot in Los Angeles with all locals. Included in the exercise regimes outside of the gym setting are “intense workouts at amazing locations”. Some locations as seen in the preview video on the BRAVO website are what appears to be the beaches of Malibu, and Dodger Stadium.

Each dieter will learn how to coupe with keeping eating habits consistent during the stresses of life. Group therapy with Doctor Ramaney is included in the show along with progress tracking through weekly weigh-ins.

Warner’s eight clients include a cocktail loving life advisor, a stand-up comedian, an independent film producer who hides food from his boyfriend, a cancer survivor, a boutique event business owner, and an ex-Housewife and former Playmate center fold.

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