Thriving Artists on THE VOICE Live Playoffs TOP 12 Recap

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November 9, 2015
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Thriving Artists on THE VOICE Live Playoffs TOP 12 Recap

Monday’s first live show of season 9 of “The Voice’ was also the first one filming after it was announced that coaches Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are now dating. It was also the first time the coaches could bring back artists who’ve previously been eliminated, called the “Comeback Artists”.

Pharrell Williams brought back Celeste Betton, Blake Shelton brought back Nadjah Nicole, Gwen Stefani’s Comeback Artist was Ellie Lawrence and Adam Levine’s artist whom he brought back was Chance Pena. Ironically, they chose none of these artists to remain in the competition when selecting their picks of one artist each to save in night three of the Live Playoffs in the Results Show.

The Live Playoffs night one featured artists performances from Team Gwen and Team Adam. In night two of the Live Playoffs, performances were from Team Pharrell and Team Blake artists. In night one, Korin Bukowski hit the stage with, once again, an updated look, a la Gwen Stefani and Jordan Smith brought down the house with a Beyonce song.  In night two, Evan McKeel got a second chance to sing his Blind Audition song and Zach Seabaugh replicated an impressive Elvis move which was rewarded in night three of the Results Show.

The same as last season, artists in the iTunes Top 10 will have their numbers multiplied by ten added to their final scores on the Results Show.


Adam admitted that each season, the coaches always wish that they can bring one artist back, and this season, that will be a reality. Gwen said it’s a dream come true.

The first artist up was Blaine Mitchell who sang “Never Tare Us Apart” by Inxs. Mitchell chose the song because he recently got married to his girlfriend and dedicated the song to her. Blake said Team Adam is the “perfect combination” for Blaine and he’s be “de-hillbillied”. Pharrell called it the right song for him and was convinced that Blaine wrote the song. Coach Adam was glad to see his vision come through because he wanted Blaine to sing the song from the start and was a proud coach.

Keith Semple has not been back to Ireland since “The Voice.” Keith sang “To Be With You” ’90s rock song by Mr. Big. Adam said it was the perfect song for him. Blake said Keith is such a big singer that he filled in the gaps left by the background singers. Gwen loves where his voice “sits” and the tone of his voice is “so high up there.” Adam really loved the song for him and said Keith is developing an identity as a singer.

“If Trisha Yearwood and Carrie Underwood could have a voice together” – Blake Shelton
Team Adam’s only Country singer Shelby Brown says she’s been selling-out her local bowling alley where she sings and people have been driving from Missouri to Alabama to see her. Adam matched Shelby with song “You’re No Good” by Linda Ronstadt. Her performance was so good that it “pissed-off” Blake Shelton as he stated in his reaction. Blake also said her voice was a combination of Trisha Yearwood and Carrie Underwood. Pharrell said her voice is “super-strong” and loved how she showed “all that texture in her voice at the end.” Coach Adam adores her and told her she “crushed it.”

Adam stole Amy Vachal from Pharrell during the Knockout Rounds. Adam gave her the song “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. Blake begged Amy to do a Christmas album and called her voice a good crooner type. Pharrell called it “effortless” and “super colorful runs”. He was sad that he lost her and said he thinks she could win. Coach Adam said “that was NOT The Voice, that was watching an artist perform on the show.”

ADAM’S COMEBACK ARTIST REVEAL: Adam chose 15-year-old Chance Pena and said it was hard to let Chance go in the Battle Round. Chance sang “Barton Hollow” by The Civil Wars. Former coach Blake responded that “there’s one thing that people can’t take away is that you dump 150 percent into your performance.” Adam said Chance is a wonderful human being and “a really talented kid.”

“God has signed your voice. That’s crazy.” – Pharrell
Jordan Smith took on Beyonce’s Halo song that closed-out the night to a roaring audience once he finished. During rehearsals, Adam advised Jordan to do his own version, a more “stripped-down” Beyonce and told Jordan that his Karaoke days are over because his voice is so unique. Pharrell said literally there’s nothing to say, but “God has signed your voice. That’s crazy.” Gwen said the same thing and it’s so god to hear. Adam who had thirty seconds to comment, said to Jordan, “you’re not a singer, you’re a figure. A person that everyone draws this amazing energy from and proud to be a part of it.”


Regina Love finally got a modern song and it was Adele’s “Hello”. Gwen compared Regina to Anita Baker. Old coach Adam told Regina that he misses her and continues to be proud of her. Pharrell called it moving. Gwen said Regina is there “against all odds” and called her performance “moving.”

“The last time Gwen cut someone’s hair on the show, they ended-up winning.” – Blake
Gwen gave Korin Bukowski “Adia” song by Sarah MacLaughlin and changed Korin’s look a bit once again, this time by having her hair cut. Adam said it’s cool when you can picked-up something new about someone’s voice and heard things he never had before. Blake noted that the last time Gwen cut someone’s hair on the show (Craig Wayne Boyd), they ended up winning. He told Korin great job on connecting with the song. Gwen called her beautiful and loves the song so much and knew it would be the perfect song for Korin.

“You need to be what your hair looks like because that’s who you are.” – Gwen
GWEN’S COMEBACK ARTIST REVEAL: Gwen brought back Ellie Lawrence. She said there’s something unique about Ellie that she connects to. Ellie sang the song “X’s and O’s” by Elle King. Adam said it was Ellie’s best performance. Blake also told her it was his favorite performance of the night. Pharrell liked how she had herself “a good time” on the stage. Coach Gwen called it “awesome” and said Ellie “manned the stage” with loads of personality and it felt like Ellie’s show.

“I am so winning right now.” – Gwen
Jeffery Austin sang “Say You Love Me” by Jessie Ware and said he could relate to the song about someone who is falling in love. Gwen encouraged Jeffery to wear a suit for his live performance. Adam who had Jeffery on his team said it was a great performance and told him he could win the show. Pharrell called it “easily the best performance of the night” and good advice to take the emotional path on the song. Coach Gwen responded that she’s “going to win this whole thing.” She told Jeffery that he was an artist emoting beautiful, talented voice and she’s winning.

Gwen gave Braiden Sunshine strong song “Everything I Own” by Bread she said because he’s so young and it would be cool for Braiden to pull out the emotion of the song. Adam said his wife is obsessed with Braiden and he thinks he’s spectacular but felt that he wanted to do more than what the song allowed. Blake told Adam that Gwen is going to kick his ass during the break, and that Braiden always looks different each time he gets on the stage. Gwen called his voice “tender and beautiful”, and he looked “cute tonight.”

Viktor Kirlay from Hungary is a new member to Team Gwen. Gwen gave Viktor 1980’s song “All Around the World” by Lisa Stansfield and called it a well-crafted song about love lost. Adam said “Viktor” has arrived and that he misses him on his Team. Blake went out on a limb and said Team Gwen is “whipping the crap out of Team Adam” and told Viktor “great job.” It makes him “so happy” to see. Coach Gwen said “that was crazy” and everything was good.




Darius Scott sang “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West. Gwen reacted “music just lives inside you, it’s crazy,” and asked if the last note was planned. Adam said he loves the song and choice. Although Blake didn’t know the song and said he loved Darius version so much that he’s going to buy it. Pharrell pointed out that the audience got on their feet and he stood back on his feet to show his appreciation for Darius’ talent.

Evan McKeel sang “Overjoy” by Stevie Wonder. It’s the same song he impressed the judges with during his Blind Audition. Pharrell said this time it’s different because back then, viewers couldn’t vote for his performance. Gwen reacted that the song is really hard to do, but he was too theatrical with too thought-out movements. Blake noted that he navigated through the melody “perfectly.” Pharrell said he liked the honesty and it felt genuine.

“The Voice” season 8 winner from Team Pharrell Swayer Fredricks returned and will be back tomorrow night to perform his new single “Take it All”.

Pharrell said Madi Davis is “signatory” and different and could make a record now. Madi sang “Songbird.” Madi was crying at the end of her performance and Adam asked if they were happy tears. She confirmed that they were and he told her great job! Blake said what was so impressive was her transition into her falsetto and called it a “break-out moment”. Coach Pharrell thought it was great and reminded America that she’s a “super-talented” 16-year-old.

PHARRELL’S COMEBACK ARTIST REVEAL: “After the battle of the amazing Mark and the amazing Celeste” is why Pharrell said he chose to bring back Celeste Betton and that she inspired such a big change. Celeste sang “Something in the Water” by Carrie Underwood because she said she feels like a different artist coming back. Gwen was crying and said the song was so Celeste and called it amazing. Pharrell reacted that it’s all they could ask for and she sang like people don’t want her to go home now.

Riley Biederer – sang “Should Have Been Us”. Former coach Gwen told Riley that she misses her and her voice is beautiful and strong.

Mark Hood sang “What Do You Mean” by Justin Bieber. Pharrell said this song shows that they are many different colors to his ability. Gwen cried again. She told Mark that he’s one of her favorites because he has so much personality. Adam said he was blinded by how many lights there was and called his performance “awesome.” Blake said he was listening to a Blind Audition because of the bright lights, and said he sounded amazing. Coach Pharrell called him unbelievable and said he’s amazing.


Blake’s returning artist Ivonne Acero whom he said is “one to watch.” Ivonee sang “One of Us.” Pharell said it blows his mind for Ivonne to have such big notes and it’s her super-power. Gwen was most impressed with Ivonne’s confidence. Adam thought it was so cool how amazing her voice is and the emotion in it is a “slow build.” He complimented Blake’s “amazing work” with her. Coach Blake called her the “perfect example of what makes this show cool” because she’s till shy, bu not a shy performer and it blows his mind.

Blake stole Morgan Frazier back from Pharrell during the Knockout Rounds. She was 16-years-old working as a waitress in Nashville when she got signed for a recording deal which didn’t work-out. Morgan sang rock song “Lips of an Angel” by Jack Ingram as a country version. Pharrell told her congrats and could see why Blake picked her back up. Gwen said she loves her tone and belting of her voice. Coach Blake said Morgan is like a “country standard” already the way she carries herself and builds everyone up with her voice. He finished with “so good…so good!”

Zach Seabaugh chose to sing “Brand New Girlfriend”. After Adam told the girls in the audience to calm-down, told Zach that it’s a dangerous thing that he was doing up there (gyration), but he did it well and told him he “has that thing”. Blake told him “let’s start the Elvis talk,” and said he didn’t know he was going to do THAT and just bought his ticket to perhaps the Live Finals.

BLAKE’S COMEBACK ARTIST REVEAL: Blake said he believed in her from day one – it’s Nadjah Nicole. She sang “Upside Down” by Diana Ross. Blake said this song shows a young, playful side which we haven’t seen yet, and it’s charismatic. Nadjah hit the stage with a new look with long hair. Adam told her she looks amazing and sounds amazing. Blake said she got to be what she wanted to be.

Emily Ann Roberts Chose to sing “In the Garden”. Blake said it’s one of his all time favorite songs. He said Emily Ann is almost creating her own genera. Gwen said Emily is one of her Team Blake’s favorites and that she’s excited about her. Adam said it’s nice to enjoy a moment of purity and astonished how much talent (Emily included) is on “The Voice” show. Blake told Emily that she has the voice of an angel and when she laid her heart on the stage, “that’s what makes for a great artist.”

Barrett Baber  sang, “I Drive You Truck” by Lee Bryce. Barrett said it’s a big story to tell and hope to do it justice. Gwen told Barrett he gives so much every time and emotion of himself. Adam and Gwen both said it was very powerful. Coach Blake said Barrett amazes him, and he give as much of himself as Garth Brooks!



Only one artist can be saved and the top two from each team will move-on to next week’s live shows.

A performance from Team Gwen opened the show by artists Braiden Sunshine, Viktor Kiraly, Regina Love, Jeffery Austin, Korin Bukowski, and coach comeback Ellie Lawrence.

The Voice season 9 Team Gwen Top 12

Pictured: (l-r) Korin Bukowski, Gwen Stefani, Braiden Sunshine, Jeffery Austin

The artists saved by America’s votes were: Jeffery Austin, and Braiden Sunshine. The remaining three were Korin, Ellie, Regina, and Viktor. Gwen was allowed to select only one artist to save. It was Korin Bukowski because she was the one that she could help the most Gwen said.


The Voice season 9 Team Blake

Pictured: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Emily Ann Roberts, Zach Seabaugh, Barrett Baber

From Blake Shelton’s team, America saved Barrett Baber, and Zach Seabaugh. The artists left were Emil Ann Roberts, Ivonne Acero, Nadjah Nicole, and Morgan Frazier. He said he had to pick the one artist that can thrieve that most on the show. The one artist that Blake saved was Emily Ann Roberts.

Team Pharrell performed R.E.M’s “Everyone Hurts” whose artists include: Madi Davis, Darius Scott, Evan McKeel, Riley Biederer, Mark Hood, and Comeback Artist Celeste Betton.

The Voice Season 9 Team Pharrell

Pictured: (l-r) Mark Hood, Pharrell Williams, Evan McKeel, Madi Davis

America saved Madi Davis, Evan McKeel. The artists left were Celeste Betton, Darius, Riley Biederer, and Mark Hood. Pharrell said he’s not going to make it about him. During his decision time, the artists looked really upset and hopeful. Pharrell saved Mark Hood.


The Voice season 9 Team Adam

Pictured (l-r) Jordan, Shelby, Amy performing before Results.

The Voice season 9 Team Adam

Pictured: (l-r) Amy Vachal, Jordan Smith, Adam Levine, Shelby Brown

Artists Jordan Smith, Shelby Brown, Blaine Mitchell, Keith Semple, Amy Vachal, and Comeback Artist Chance Pena from Team Adam performed “Diamonds”. The artists saved by America were Jordan Smith, and Shelby Brown. Because his team was the last one, Adam had approximately one minute to save an artist. At first, Adam said he’d send himself home. He went with his gut and saved Amy Vachal.


The Voice Season 9 Top 12

Pictured: (l-r) Shelby Brown, Amy Vachal, Korin Bukowski, Braiden Sunshine, Jordan Smith, Jeffery Austin, Barrett Baber, Madi Davis, Mark Hood, Evan McKeel, Emily Ann Roberts, Zach Seabaugh



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