Too Cool for Blake and Kelly on THE VOICE Season 20 Live Playoffs Week 1 Recap

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March 28, 2021
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Too Cool for Blake and Kelly on THE VOICE Season 20 Live Playoffs Week 1 Recap

NBC’s “The Voice” had it’s first live show of season 20 Monday night.  At the top of the show, host Carson Daly had the first order of business to tend to.  That was, after two weeks of wait time, the four artists (one from each Team) finally found out which one of them would be moving on to the Top 9 and next week’s Live Playoff show.

Pictured: (l-r) Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Nick Jonas, Blake Shelton — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)


On Tuesday’s Live Playoff show, two artists from each Team will move-on in the competition, giving us Top 9.

Devan Blake Jones was announced at winning the Four-Way-Knockout and part of the Top 17.  He left the stage to prepare for his first ‘Live show performance.  That meant Emma, Savanna, and Carolina went home.  Each Team’s artists performed a solo.  Team Kelly was up first with Corey Ward.

Pictured: (l-r) Emma Caroline, Devan Blake Jones, Carolina Rial, Savanna Woods — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

COREY WARD (Team Kelly)

Nick Jonas reacted to Corey’s performance, “You continue to blow us all away and “you have so much nailed it with this performance.” Nick said the passion “sometimes sacrificed a little bit of technique.”  Coach Kelly reacted “forget technique.  It’s all passion.”  She said “you can’t teach someone to be emotional,” and compared the emotions similar to an actor in a movie.  Kelly called Corey “a very powerful singer.”


GIHANNA ZOE (Team Kelly)

Gihanna sang “Always Remember Us This Way.”  John said they heard that Beyonce comparison in the package, but tonight they heard “Queen Bee” and her talent is beyond her years.  Coach Kelly reacted – “when you work with someone who can do things that I can’t do is challenging.”  She credited Gihanna as having “the biggest voice on the show…and she’s 17.”


ZAE ROMEO (Team Kelly)

Kelly called Zae is so special with the rawness and he picked a great song to compete.  Kelly said she had never heard that song and commended Zae on picking a cool song.




Kenzie sang Country song “Red Dirt Road.” Blake said the last time he spoke to him, he learned a new lesson – he deeply regrets saying that Kenzie is going to win the show and said “good job and I hope Nick doesn’t win.”  Kelly said she challenged Kenzie to do “bigger things with it.”  She said he rose up and did things. She asked if he’s a song-writer, Kenzie said yes he is.  Kelly said getting Kenzie by Blocking Blake, “it’s the best block I ever used in my entire existence on the show.”





Ryleigh sang “Driver’s License,” by Olivia Rodrigo.  John said it was so special.  She put so much heart, beauty and emotion into the song.  It was Ryleigh’s first performance on Team Legend.  He said he’s happy that she joined his Team.



Coach John Legend said Zania “I always knew you were a great singer, but today was extra star power.”  John called it “sultry, good,” and he loved it!


PIA RENEE (Team Legend)

Pia Renee sang “Need You Bad.”  Blake said he doesn’t know what’s in John’s mind where his members rank, and called it the best Team Legend performance tonight.  Blake called it a “great time to have a break-out.”  John called it “fantastic” and loves seeing Pia blossom on stage.  He told her, “when you come out on stage, you give everything, the outfit, the energy, the high notes.”



John noted Victor’s coaches’ standing ovation and pointed-out that it was the first four-coach standing ovation of the night  John called Victor’s performance “flawless…so much energy and charisma.  You are a super star!”






Dana Monique gave a stellar performance while singing “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue.  Kelly, who was throwing things at Dana’s performance (that’s how good it was!).  Kelly explained that she threw anything near her at the stage!  She told Dana she has “such a gift that it’s amazing,” and called Dana her spirit animal.  Nick said she just blew that out of the park and she’s unbelievable.



Nick Stole Andrew Marshall back on his Team from Team Blake.  Nick called Andrew a star with a wonderful tone.  He said not everything came together perfectly in this performance. But, Andrew still gave it his all.



John told Jose that he has such a special gift, so powerful, engaging, beautiful, and emotional performance.  Nick said Jose pushed himself with the song choice, and told him he’s very proud of him.



Devan won his four-way-knockout earlier, and went back on stage to give his live performance.  Devan sang “Shape of My Heart”.


RACHEL MAC (Team Nick)

Blake said he thought that Team Kelly and Team Legend did a great job.  But, with Rachel Mac on Team Nick and his Team, the other coaches need to “go back to the drawing board.”  Nick told Rachel she’s a special artist and she was born for the stage.  “I just love hearing you sing this song, and can’t wait to hear you sing more,” stating that he’s sure she’ll move-on.  Rachel is the youngest in the competition.




‘Voice coach Blake Shelton called Cam Anthony his Pop “Super Star.”  Blake said Anna Grace is his Indy, Pop artist and can compete with anybody.



Jordan sang “Gold Dusk Woman” by Fleetwood Mac.   Jordan got a standing ovation. Kelly said Jordan is way too cool to be on Team Blake.  “It made me want to see live shows again,” stated Kelly.  Blake called the performance a breath of fresh air for this night.  Blake told Kelly that “it’s a slide guitar,” that Jordan was playing and that it’s very cool!  Kelly exclaimed that she knew what it was! Blake told Jordan to “bring down the thunder!”


ANNA GRACE (Team Blake)

Blake said nobody tonight has sung with so much artistry, finesse, and control.  Just calmness and confidence from Anna Grace.  Blake was astounded that he got Anna from Team Kelly, stating, he can’t even believe that he has the chance to work with her…”So good.”

Pictured: Anna Grace — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)


PETE MROZ (Team Blake)

Blake said obviously he has a special place for Pete, who was his former band member.  Fast forward 25 years later to see that Pete still has the same passion and talent that he did back then, it’s great to see.

CAM ANTHONY (Team Blake)

Pictured: Cam Anthony — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Cam Anthony closed out Team Blake and the night’s Top 17 performances.  John said it breaks his heart every time he hears Cam.  John continued that Nick would use his Block in such a way that harmed him and Nick!   John told Cam “I see such a bright future for you. You shine in every way.  So much potential and you’re showing it every night on stage.”  Blake said he promised Cam that he would keep the lane open for him.  “The rest is up to you and you have delivered every time on this stage.”  Blake said Cam is the most asked about artist he has on his Team ever and he could see Cam being the first super-star coming from “The Voice.”
TUESDAY NIGHT: The Voice Top 17 will become the Top 9!


“The Voice” live show on Monday included the Top 17 performances which America voted for their favorites.  Those voting results were revealed on Tuesday’s last show, making the Top 17 into the Top 9.

The top artists with the most votes from each team automatically moved on to next week.  Then the coaches chose a second artist per Team.  One artist from each Team got to perform for the Wild Card spot which viewers voted on at the end of the episode.
Before announcing the top voted artists of the night, host Carson Daly asked each coach specific questions about their Teams.  Blake said the best thing about going live is nerve-wrecking BEFORE they sing then exhilarating after his artists perform and it goes well.

Monday’s live show was Nick’s first ‘Voice live show (non-virtual).  Nick said he feels so lucky to come into to work with the rest of the coaches and see the incredible artists.  He said the caliber of talent was so high.

John answered a question about the coaches having to choose one artist to move-on tonight.  John responded, “we care about rehearsals and all the experience we’ve had. But, he cares the most about how they deliver (in front of the audience) “when the pressure is on”
Kelly said the eliminations are tough for her because she’s been there.  They still have to work very hard.  “It’s tough, but they all know what they signed-up for,.”



TEAM BLAKE – Anna Grace, Jordan Matthew Young, Cam Anthony, Pete Mroz.

The first Team to come out on stage was Team Blake.  Daly asked Anna Grace what her journey on the show has been like.  She answered that accomplishing her dream of being on this stage is crazy, and she’s so grateful.  Jordan said he’s looking to show America the extra instrumentation and show that he’s “totally open for Blue Grass…I’m here to do my thing.”

The artists receiving the most votes, SAVED by America was, Cam Anthony (Team Blake)!  Blake had to pick among Anna Grace, Jordan, and Pete.  Blake chose Jordan Matthew Young.

TEAM NICK artists are: Rachel Mac, Devan Blake Jones, Jose Figeroua, Andrew Marshall, Dana Monique.

Dana said the most consistent thing in life is change.  She said it was a great opportunity to sing a powerful song from a powerful girl group.  Andrew said Nick has taught him professionalism.  He thanked Nick for pointing-out specifics about his voice.

The artist on Team Nick SAVED was – Rachel Mac.  Nick told them it’s been a pleasure working with them.  He said working with artists so talented are already at such a high caliber and brought amazing performances to the world.  He called Dana Monique,  unique; Jose a star, before making “a tough choice.”  Nick saved Dana Monique.

The three remaining members were; Andrew Marshall, Devan Blake Jones,  and Jose Figeuroa.

TEAM LEGEND – Ryleigh Modig, Victor Solomon, Zania Alake, Pia Renee.

Ryleigh said her most memorable moment so far was when John Stole her.  She remembered during her Blind Audition when John Legend told her, her bravado was “captivating.”  The lesson that Pia wants her kids to be affirmed, is that their passions and talents are not by coincidence and they have everything they need to be accomplished.

The artist SAVED by America from Team Legend was – Victor Solomon.  John had to pick the next artist.  He told them that they approach the competition with such class and it was a gift to be a part of their journey.  He chose Pia Renee.  The two artists remaining were Ryleigh, and Zania Alake.

TEAM KELLY – Kenzie Wheeler, Corey Ward, Gihanna Zoe,  Zae Romeo

Corey said he’s humbled to be there.  Sometimes life throws things and depends on how you respond.  Zae said he wants people to know that when it does get hard and when it gets dark.  Keep going because it’s going to get better.

The first artist on Team Kelly SAVED was – Kenzie Wheeler.  Kelly said it’s horrible for her to have to choose from such different artists.  Gihanna keeps showing her different things.  Corey’s “ache” is a beautiful gift.  Kelly said she’s been thinking about this decision for a week.  She said she based her decision on last night’s performance alone.  That artist was Gihanna Zoe.



One team at a time was brought back out onto the stage to hear the next artist with the most votes.  That artist competed for the Wild Card spot.  The remaining artists went home.  Carson Daly called out team by team.

Team Blake was first.  The artist with the most votes from last night’s show was Pete Mroz.  That meant  Anna Grace was going home.  Next, Team Nick came back out.  The artist with the most votes from the live show was, Jose Figueroa Jr.  That meant Devan and Andrew were going home.

Team Legend’s artist with the most votes was Ryleigh Modig.  Zania went home. Next was Team Kelly.  The artist with the most votes was Corey Ward!  Zae Romeo was heading home.



Pete Mroz (Team Blake) sang “Speechless”  Blake reacted that “Pete obviously you’re an incredible singer.  It’s one thing for people to hear their back stories.  It’s crazy to know Pete back then “when we were getting started….and we’re still trying.”  He said he hoped America would vote for Pete.

Jose sang “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder.  Nick reacted “that was an electrifying performance and one of his favorite songs of all time.  He said to Jose that no one has been more dedicated and focused.  “I hope that everyone votes for Jose.”

Corey Ward sang “Lose You to Love Me”.  Kelly said she was “floored” and hadn’t heard him rehearse that.  She told Corey, “you’re an incredible vocalist.  You are incredible. You have a golden voice that moves everyone.”

Ryleigh Modig performed next.  John said Ryleigh has so much potential.  She’s so young and has so much fire.  He told America to give him a chance to work with Ryleigh some more.

Pete said he wanted the audience to know living is good.  Blake asked “what’s with the goodbyes?”  He said he didn’t believe it would be the last time he was seeing Pete on that stage.

Jose told Nick that he was so grateful and appreciated Nick for bringing him to the Top 17.  “Let’s see what happens,” said Jose.  Nick responded that he liked that better than “goodbye.”  Nick added that working with Jose had been a dream.  Corey Ward told Kelly that he’s humbled, and thankful that he got to work with her.  Corey said he learned to believe in himself and Kelly taught him to be himself.  He also thanked Kelly for pushing him to be better.

Kelly said they are all dreamers, and that’s important.  All the “no’s’ are just stepping stones to where you’ll end up, she told them all.   Ryleigh told John “thank you and I love you.  That’s all.” She said she’s a woman of not many words.  Ryleigh said John Legend means a lot to her.  John said Ryleigh puts so much into her music and lest the music speak for her. She’s a great story-teller and he believes so much in her potential.



Pictured: (l-r) Pete Mroz, Jose Figueroa Jr, Corey Ward, Ryleigh Modig — Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The Wild Card artist chosen by America’s votes was – Corey Ward (Team Kelly)!!  Corey was shocked.




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