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Top 10 AMERICAN IDOL Eliminated Olivia and Gianna INTERIVIEW

Posted on March 08 2016 by Editor

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Top 10 AMERICAN IDOL Eliminated Olivia and Gianna INTERIVIEW

“American Idol” Top 10 parted with two of it’s singers which left the FOX competition show with their Top 8. Unfortunately, judges and fans had to say goodbye to two of its female singers.

The Bottom Three contestants – Olivia Rox, Avalon Young and Gianna Isabella had to prove that they were worth saving during their performance. At the end of the show, the judges selected only one contestant to stay for the final spot in the ‘Idol Top 8. That contestant was Avalon Young.

In a telephone press conference call, eliminated “American Idol” contestants talked about their last performances on the show and what was going through their minds.

On Being in the Bottom Three:

Their response to what it was like being in the Bottom Three and waiting until the end to perform – Olivia answered: It didn’t affect my performance. It may have improved our performances because we had something to live for. We had something at the end of the tunnel.” She added that they knew they had to be better than the others. ‘

Olivia also said she started to count all of the faces and recalled “Oh, they were really good last week!”

American Idol season 15, Top 10 Olivia Gianna

Pictured (l-r): Olivia Rox, and Gianna Isabella

Gianna prepared herself to be in the bottom three and said she always prepares for the worst. “I could have done way better performances last week.” But either way, if she was in the Top 8 or the Bottom Three (like she was), Gianna said she would have still given the same performance – “with every piece of my being.”

On Song Choices:

Olivia stated that she originally planned to do “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack. She said they (show producers/mentor) encouraged her to do a more “upbeat song” so she came back with “Trouble” song by Pink which is the song she performed. Olivia said she wished she had have picked a mellow song and performed while sitting on a stool (much like Avalon Young, also in the bottom three). Olivia stated, “I should have done a more mellow song to showcase more of my voice and perhaps sit on a stool or something and just really focus on the emotion on the song.

However, she said, while performing “Trouble” It was really fun for me because I just let everything go. Any thoughts that were in my mind, honestly just fell away when I started the song and that was really refreshing for me.” She also said, that “in the competition you’re always stressed – was I better than this person or that person.” Olivia said that all changed in her last performance because she wasn’t doing that and it was good “to just let go.”

Favorite On-Camera Moment:

Gianna stated that her favorite ‘Idol on-camera moment was when she got to sing with Demi Lovato. She stated that her friends once went to a Demi concert, but she didn’t have that kind of money. Now, “how many 15-year-old girls can say that they sung with Demi Lovato?”

Olivia said she liked it when the judges made the comment of “Olivia Rocks…Yes she does!”. She said she loved it when they said that and would like to put the phrase onto her tour T-Shirts.

Listen to a portion of their phone call interview below!


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