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Top 20 Revealed on SYTYCD Season 16 Academy Week 2 Recap

Posted on July 23 2019 by Editor

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Top 20 Revealed on SYTYCD Season 16 Academy Week 2 Recap

In the second week of FOX’s reality dance competition show “So You Think You Can Dance” (SYTYCD), the remaining dancers were faced with the final hurdles before the judges would decide the final selections for the Top 20 – the Top 10 girls and the Top 10 boys.  Last week, eighty-three dancers had to conquer the styles of Hip Hop and Ballroom. Out of those, twenty-nine were sent home.

This week began where last week ended which was in the midst of the contemporary round. B-Boys Bailey and John John had just killed their Contemporary round impressing the judges through the roof, thus, on their way to the next round which was the Group round.

Starting this week with Jarrod Tyler Paulson and Luke Romanzi – both Contemporary dancers.  Luke didn’t wow the judges in Hip Hop or Ballroom.  The pressure was on for him to come through in the Contemporary round.  Jarrod is the boyfriend of Madison whom he auditioned with.  Jarrod was called-on first and was told that the performance wasn’t his best compared to when he auditioned with Madison.  Thus, he was sent home.  He said he’ll be strong for Madison.  Luke was told to do more work to understand his own choreography and was also sent home.  Luke said he plans to return next year.

The last group of the night was three girls – Kaeli Ware (Contemporary Ballet), Juliette Martinez (Contemporary), and Madison (Contemporary).  Nigel spoke for all the judges when he told Juliette they didn’t see strong technique or emotion and let her go.  Kaeli was told by Dtrix that they expected her to get “more in the pocket” and they wanted more authenticity.  She was also let go.  Finally, it was Madison’s turn to hear her fate.  Mary delivered her the good news that they saw “something magical” out of her and stated that it was “difficult to see anyone else” because she “just killed it.”  Madison made it through to the next round and promised Jarrod that she was going to make Top 10 for the both of them.


Award-winning Choreographer Mandy Moore and All-Star Robert Roldan arrived to give the dancers their Group choreography.  For the first time They “cut and paste” the three dance combos that the dancers already learned and put it to a different song in a Group number.   Moore stated that the task to the dancers is how do they dance next to someone in a different style in a round of choreography that isn’t their strength.  Bailey stated that it was stressful.  Moore said by Day 3 dancers are tired, injured and at mental capacity.  “But that’s when the best stuff comes out,” said Moore. Nazz said at this stage, it’s when the dancers need to find a way to stand out.   Moore said if the dancers “can’t hack it now, they’re not going to be able to hack it during the show.”

The dancers worked on their choreography in their groups outside of the stage where some dancers were stepping on each others toes (so to speak).  The next round if they made it through the Group Round would be Solos.

After the Group dance was over, Dtrix was moved to tears. Nigel stated that they know they have something good when they can bring tears to a B-Boy’s eyes!  The judges then narrowed down the field of dancers based on what they saw in that Group performance.  The dancers were called-out in small groups at a time. The first to find out who made it was Sophie Pittman who was praised on showing who she was in four steps vs the usual eight.

Sydney was the first dancer sent home from the Group round.  She said she’ll be back next year.  Mariah and Melany were both called forward.  They were both put through to the Solo round.  From the Contemporary Group, Ezra was called forward first.  Mary told him that from day one, she watched his sister Stephanie most of the time, but he has now come into his own.  Stefan was automatically put through, along with Ezra, Stephanie and everyone in their group.  

Bailey was also put through after Nigel realized he forgot about him because he didn’t see him! Lol.  Nigel owed him a hug after that. Laurieann gave Hip Hop dancer, and one of her favorites, Dezi the bad news that she didn’t advance.  “Just keep fighting, and you’re going to be fine, from one Queen to the next,” stated Laurieann.  Nine others were told “no.” They included: Jordyn, Elan, Caroline, James.

Eddie Hoyt was told to “dance stronger.” And Madison was told to see “more light and shade”  They made it through to the Solo round along with Brandon.  

Thirty-three dancers remained after the Group Round.  The last chance to impress the judges were with their Solos.  Ezra told host Cat Deeley that the they go through “a lot of stress.”  First up in the Solo was Gino Cosculluela (Contemporary).   Next up was Hip Hop dancer Sumi Oshima who displayed incredible technique.  The slew of the remaining dancers displayed their very best and left everything on the stage.

Pictured: Sumi Oshima / Photo: FOX copyright.

Next up was tapper Eddie Hoyt who came to his Solo dressed in lace-up boots and an Army jacket.  What was on it’s way of being a powerful performance, was jinxed when one of his boots became unstrapped and threw him off.  Afterwards, Eddie said he was frustrated with himself.  Other dancers who lost it in their solos included Vlad Kvartin, Anna Linstruth, and Stefen Yeritsyan whom Mary said his routine was “off-putting.”

The last solo was by Bailey Munoz.  He said he wanted it “so bad” for his family.  Afterwards, Bailey said he danced his heart out.  Then, the dancers awaited the judges’ final decision of who would be in the Top 20.  That meant, they had to send 13 home.

Pictured: Bailey Munoz / Photo: FOX copyright.

First called out was Anna Linstruth.  Nigel stated he was disappointed by her solo, however she did well enough in the rest of the rounds to stay.  Also staying were: Sophie Pittman, Ashley Sanchez, Sofia, Nazz, Madison Jordan, Melany Mercedes, Stephanie Sosa, Sumi Oshima, and Mariah Russell snagged the last spot. Unfortunately, the female dancers sent home included Contemporary dancers: Oliva Alboher, Abigail Hau, and Alexa Flores.

Pictured: Top 10 Girls, SYTYCD Season 16

For the boys Top 10 spots went to: first-up was Hip Hop dancer Bailey Munoz,  then Benjamin Castro, Brandon Talbot, Ezra Sosa, Vlad Kvartin, Nathan Cherry, Aleksandr Ostanin, Gino Cosculluela, Bryan “Clocks” Volozanin, and one spot left. The male dancers that went home included: John John Tarrayo, Howard Johnson, Lukas Bartunek.

The last spot on the Top 10 male side was down to tap dancer Eddie Hoyt and Ballroom dancer Stefan.  Nigel told Eddie that wearing those “clog-hopping boots” he made all the problems for himself. Ultimately, the last spot went to Eddie who broke-down upon hearing the great news.  

Pictured: Top 10 Guys, SYTYCD Season 16

The final cuts happen. Each dancer will be paired with an All-Star and a world renowned choreographer, one of which will be Luther Brown. The dancers will be challenged in a duet outside of their style.  The Top 20 will fight for a spot in the Top 10 in the Live Shows.

“So You Think You Can Dance” airs Mondays at 9 pm PT on FOX.

On July 26th, tickets go on sell for the SYTYCD 2019 tour in the Fall!


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