Top 5 AMERICAN IDOL Eliminated Sonika Vaid INTERVIEW

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Top 5 AMERICAN IDOL Eliminated Sonika Vaid INTERVIEW

Former “American Idol” contestant Sonika Vaid’s interview on letting go.

Sonika Vaid was in the “American Idol” Top 5 when she was eliminated, bringing the show to it’s Top 4. During a recent post-elimination press conference phone call, Sonika talked about her future plans, getting advice fro Sia, and her comparison of being a contestant on “The Voice” vs. “American Idol”.


American Idol top 10 Sonika Vaid

Sonika is currently finishing-up getting her college degree in Biology. She stated that she’s going to continue to focus on music. “This whole experience has really opened my mind up to doing this professionally” and she hopes to work with Disney. “I just love the music that they (Disney) put out and just their whole vibe. I love Disney channel.” Sonika also plans to write songs and taking song-writing seriously she stated as well as putting out an album. She said she used to write songs, then stopped due to her busy college schedule.

Before Idol, Sonkia stated that she didn’t have any experience really outside of performing in high school where she sang chorus she said “once a year.”

Sonika said she plans to stick to Pop music, and has thought of naming her first album “Infinity”. She said because she wrote a song called “infinity” and “its’ empowering” and it’s about living life to infinity. It make you feel limitless.”

Although there are no solid plans made as of yet, Sonika said she thinks “it’s in the cards” to move to either Nashville or Los Angeles to continue to pursue music.


Sonika was one of the few contestants who cried as soon as she got eliminated on the show. She said, “I always prepare myself for that (elimination). I was crying more for the fact that this experience of sharing my whole entire day with people who share that same passion with me” was ending. She said she was sad at the thought of not seeing her friends from the show or working with the band again. “I feel like I saw it coming because I had been in the bottom for the past two weeks.”


Sonika said her toughest song choice was singing Whitney Huston’s song “I Have Nothing” because people could have hated or loved it. “I pick songs that I really feel that I connect to” she said even if the story of the song is not true to her. “There’s just some songs where I relate to the melody of the chords. It doesn’t have to be the words necessarily.”

Sonika said as for her song picks for the week after her elimination, Yep, they were already picked-out! The judges’ selection for her was “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Scott Borchetta’s pick was “The Flame” by Cheap Trick. Her Hometown Song would have been either “Come Away With Me” By Nora Jones where she was going to play piano for the first time on “American Idol”, or “To Where You Are” by Josh Groban. The latter would have been dedicated to her Grandpa who passed when she was in eighth grade.

Overall, “Bring Me To Life” was her favorite performance that she did on “American Idol”. Sonika stated because “that was the performance that really made me feel that I can do this, that I do have the confidence somewhere in me to perform and push myself and get out of my bubble.”


American Idol season 15, Sia

Sia mentored the Top 5. Sonika said Sia gave her advice to “have fun”, and called Sonika “very marketable.” Sonika thought that was insane coming from Sia. She also told her that now that she has the “singing down” to just enjoy herself. Sia also advised Sonika (same advice all season long from the A.I. judges) to “let it go..let it pour out of you.” Sonkia said when she tried to belt-out a note again after getting this advice, that “it felt different.”

I admire the fact that he took the time to say that That he sees who I am from the two seconds he gets to see me talk. I think I’m just going to stay true to myself. My family is really important to me and my parents raised me with really great morals. So, I will present myself like that throughout my career.”


American Idol Top 5 Sonika Vaid

Sonika said what rang true to her throughout the entire season is “the aspect of letting go.” She said as she watches herself back, she sees how much she’s changed. “This whole experience has shaped me and pushed me to limits where I thought were never possible.”

“The Voice” vs. “American Idol” –

American Idol season 15 auditions, Sonika Vaid

Sonika agreed with MacKenzie (former ‘Voice contestant) who said that ‘Idol allowed him to be more of himself than “The Voice” did. Sonika also shares the experience from being on both singing competition shows and agreed with MacKenzie. “He couldn’t have been more right in saying that,” she responded.

Sonika continued, “American Idol really morphs you and helps you to become a better version of yourself. They make you feel like you can push yourself and it’s okay. They strive for us to be the best that we can be. You can’t ask for anything better than that.” Sonika followed-up with that the show “was just a great experience.”


Sonika was on the fence, “I couldn’t even answer that even if I wanted to. I genuinely think they are all so different and so talented. America has a REALLY hard decision I think anyone there deserves to win. They are all really great.”


American Idol Top 10 Sonika Vaid

Sonika thanked her fans for the support and she’s amazed that she made it so far on “American Idol”. She told people that if they want to keep up with her, follow her on social media using her first an last name and she’ll follow them back!

Unfortunately for “American Idol” fans, there is no news on the ‘Idol summer tour yet.

Listen to a portion of SONIKA’S INTERVIEW below:



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