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Top 6 Revealed on SYTYCD Season 16 Live Show Week 3

Posted on August 26 2019 by Editor

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Top 6 Revealed on SYTYCD Season 16 Live Show Week 3

FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” (SYTYCD) season 16 week 3 of the Live Shows opened with the Top 8 giving a very colorful performance choreographed by Jonathan and Oksana Platero. It was “Showgirls” meets “Blue Hawaii.”

Host Cat Deeley stated that it was the “biggest night of dance yet.” They started with Rio de Janeiro, and would be traveling all around the globe (via dance numbers) throughout the night. The night’s routines brought two dances from all duos, one solo from each dancer, and two more group routines. SYTYCD show format was back to it’s usual two-hour format this week from previous seasons and will continue with two hour episodes for the rest of the season.

ANNA & BENJAMIN (Tahitian by Tiana Liufau)

Anna was still recovering from being in the bottom four and getting a negative critique from Laurieann. Benjamin said he doesn’t want to go through SYTYCD competition without Anna. Judge’s Comments: Nigel said he’s been spoiled in the past with Tahitian dance and didn’t feel like they were as into the characters. Anna felt too “showgirl.” Mary said they need to call the dance police. She said this dance style is harder than you think. “Benjamin, holy smokes,” stated Mary. She felt they were “in it.” Dominic said in that style dance, the hips are supposed to tell a story. Both of their hips told him a story. He was really entertained. Laurieann said week three is clearly a defining week. She added that Anna connected, but her stamina lacked the endurance she needed to support this dance.

SOPHIE performed her Solo.

MADISON & EZRA (Hip Hop by Randi & Hef)

The theme of their dance was Space. The judges loved the concept. Judges Comments: Mary stated that choreographers Randi & Hef brought something new to the show. She felt the most towards the end with knee slide and some of it she wasn’t feeling it. Dominic called Madison an amazing dancer, and she stood out so much to him. He was “blown away.” Laurieann thought it was “amazing…out of this world” because the intent was met and they danced like hip hop dancers. Nigel said they performed the steps “brilliantly.” Ezra told Cat that he has a serious fear of heights. This routine started them out up on harnesses that lowered onto the stage. He was afraid to get up into the harness.

GINO performed his Solo.

BAILEY & MARIAH (Cha Cha by Dmitry Chaplin)

Last week Mairah said she was “in charge” of her partnership with B-Boy Bailey. But, this week, she stated that “Bailey has to take charge in this routine.” Judges Comments: Dominic was laughing over Bailey’s expression as he was lifting Mariah throughout the performance because he can relate to lifting a girl taller than himself. He added that Mariah is “solid.” Laurieann said Dmitry Chaplin – “what a genius. ” It was big girl routine and they handled it. She added that she wasn’t looking at a B-Boy and a Contemporary dancers. She was looking at “dancers.” Nigel stated that it was the first time he’s seen Bailey be uncomfortable in a routine. “That’s what the show is about” and the audience loves Bailey. He stated that Mariah is “a star.” Mary said Bailey got stronger and stronger along the way. The footwork for both of them is strong. She added that Mariah “annihilated” the routine. Cat asked Bailey if he still buys Mariah flowers each week and he answered “yes.”

MADISON performed her Solo.

EZRA performed his Solo.

SOPHIE & GINO (Contemporary by KC Monnie)

Sophie and Gino’s routine was about when choreographer KC came out of the closet. He wrote a letter to the people he loves. Sophie represented “people” in the routine, and Gino represented KC. It was the first week for the new duet performing together. Judges Comments: Laurieann reacted “to be found. We all want to be found, to be seen.” She said she was so proud of KC Monnie to dance truth and let the world know about him. She called it “magical.” Nigel stated that Gino and Sophie’s chemistry is “magnificent” only after one week of finding each other. Referring to an earlier comment made by “Good Morning America” (GMA) host Lara Spencer where she dismissed men dancing ballet, Nigel asked if Gino took Ballet. He said all of his life. That GMA comment affected so many lives of young men wanting to go into dance. “This comment set us back,” Nigel stated and hoped that Lara Spencer realized what she said and retracts it. Gino responded “I’m just here to be the change.” Mary said “you two are the change, and welcome to our family.” She added that their dance is memorable this season and memorable in dance history. Dominic said when people lose partners, use it as an opportunity to find new partners. He Thanked them from the bottom of his heart for that performance.

ANNA & BENJAMIN (Broadway by Al Blackstone)

The concept of the routine was a old time period piece to take place in a smoky piano bar where Anna plays the piano. Anna reacted to the routine that she knows nothing about Broadway. She said in Hip Hop, it’s hard-hitting. Judges Comments: Nigel thanked Al Blackstone for a beautiful, romantic routine. He said Anna and Benjamin always have chemistry and he’s crossing his fingers that America will vote for this piece. Mary said “it was played just right,” and they transported her to a different era. “That’s what dance is, it makes you feel something.” Dominic said his breath was taken away with the genius of their movements. Laurieann stated that “the tempo is one thing. Feeling is everything. That was amazing!” She told Anna, it was “so good” and “that’s my warrior!” Cat asked Anna if she was nervous. Anna replied “yes” and she let the music take her. “The music took me where to go,” said Anna.

Pictured: Benjamin, Anna / Photo: FOX copyright.

MADISON & EZRA (Argentine Tango by Miriam & Leonardo)

The choreographers Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo stated that the routine represented death. In the routine, Madison’s character is dying. The style, Madison said, is harder to pick-up on. Ezra, who’s Latin Ballroom, also struggled. He called it the hardest routine they’ve gotten so far. Judges Comments: Mary said the routine was incredibly difficult and made it tougher than normal. It’s like another world and they did it beautifully, she added. Dominic called Ezra amazing and he made it look like his style. Laurieann called it intense and felt like she was in a movie. She said they “smashed it!” Nigel reacted that Madison’s general demeanor showed. Ezra told Nigel that it was a lot of late night rehearsals. Nigel responded that it showed.

BENJAMIN performed his Solo.

ANNA performed her Solo.

MARIAH & BALIEY (Contemporary by Mandy Korpinen & Elizabeth Petrin)

Pictured(l-r): Bailey Munoz, Mariah Russell. / Photo: FOX copyright

For Mariah, Contemporary is her own style. Bailey said the goal was keeping her safe as they had to dance a routine on top of a mock house roof which slid down. Mariah said she can trust Bailey too. Judges Comments: Dominic said in 16 seasons this one is one of his favorite routines. He said also thanks to brilliant choreography. Laurieann gave a shout-out to Bailey’s upbringing (complimenting his parents). She called him a gift and to stay focused and to keep confidence in himself. Laurieann told Mariah NOT to suppress her abilities as a dancer because of Bailey. Nigel stated that Bailey is certainly at home in this routine. The pair of the is magnificent. Mary said she loves the pair of them. Mariah is like a rock star. Baily seems “free” up there.

SOPHIE & GINO (Jazz by Jonathan Redavid)

The concept of the Jazz piece that Sophie and Gino danced was that if was their first date and Sophie is a thief. The movement of the routine is so stylistic. Gino had a hat as a prop in the routine that he couldn’t let fall. By the end of their performance, they proved themselves as a new dance couple to be reckoned with and got a standing ovation from the judges. Judges Comments: Laurieann said it was so soulful. She added, that Elvis (“trouble” song by Elvis) Gino that was amazing! She called them the new couple to beat! Nigel said Jonathan gave them a great routine and it made them shine. He said Bailey and Mariah have great opponents. Mary made the judges all do a choo-choo train movement, ending with her signature Hot Tamale train squeal. She said they’re a threat to be reckoned with. Dominic reacted in the words of Mary as he made the Hot Tamale Train shriek!

Pictured (l-r): Cat Deeley, Gino, Sophie / Photo: FOX copyright.

BAILEY performed his Solo.

GROUP ROUTINE 1 – consisted of Madison, Benjamin, Mariah, and Gino choreographed by Talia Favia. Judges Comments: Nigel reacted to the performance stating that it’s difficult when choreographers on the show are given dancers who are out of their style. But, “Talia must have been happy to get four out of our best Contemporary dancers on the show.” Mary said they took it to a whole other level. Dominic said it’s a strong routine, amazing across the board. Laurieann stated that she was so blown-away because she’s looking at four dancers she wants to hire.

Pictured (l-r): Cat Deeley, Gino, Benjamin, Madison, Mariah

RESULTS: Host Cat Deeley revealed the first round of America’s votes. Gino and Mariah were “safe.” Benjamin and Madison were “in danger.”

GROUP ROUTINE 2 – The second group routine included dancers Anna, Sophie, Bailey, and Ezra choreographed by Sean Cheesman in an African routine. Laurieann reacted that she could “feel” everyone of the dancers in that routine and told them “welcome to the real world [of dance]. That’s what it takes!”

RESULTS: Nigel said the judges were unanimous out of thousands, choosing their Top 10. He said, “somehow, they haven’t related to America. Whoever is staying, think about how to relate to America.” The judges are unanimous in there decision. The male dancers they chose to stay was Ezra Sosa. The female dancer staying was Madison Jordan. That meant Benjamin Castro and Anna Linstruth went home. Anna’s final words was that Benjamin was always there for her and believed in her.


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