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Top 8 AMERICAN IDOL Eliminated Lee and Avalon INTERVIEW

Posted on March 15 2016 by Editor

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Top 8 AMERICAN IDOL Eliminated Lee and Avalon INTERVIEW

After the contestants finished their duets with each other, that was followed by the ‘Idol To 6 reveal.

“American Idol” revealed the singers who made it to the Top 6 one-by-one followed by a solo performance. The last three of the night understood that their performance was more crucial because only one out of the three would be selected by the judge to also move-on to the ‘Idol Top 6.

Eliminated contestants Lee Jean and Avalon Young participated in a press conference phone call with reporters the next morning. They answered question about their performances and their time on the show.

American Idol season 15 top 6, Sonika Vaid, Lee Jean, Avalon Young

Pictured (l-r): Sonika Vaid, Lee Jean, Avalon Young

LEE JEAN – Was he ready to go home?

While standing along side the other contestants in the Bottom Three, Lee made a brief speech about if he could be an inspiration for other young singers out there, then his job is done. It almost felt like a farewell speech before knowing whether he had made the ‘Idol Top 6 or not.

We asked Lee if he was ready to go home. He answered that he always tries to prepare himself for “something like” that and is “always ready to go home and I don’t ever want to get comfortable at being in the top”. Lee said he didn’t want to put himself in the top and then be shot down. The biggest reason that he got into doing something like “American Idol”, Lee stated, he’s always been touched by people who are doing what they love to do and people who inspire. “That’s what I”m going to strive for, for the rest of my life – just to be someone who inspires people,” Lee concluded.

AVALON YOUNG – Her reaction to JLo’s comments

Avalon sang Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.” (Pretty Young Thing) for her solo performance to gain the judges vote in order to move onto the ‘Idol Top 6. Surprisingly, Jennifer Lopez commented that Avalon should go out of her comfort zone. “Maybe do things that you haven’t done because we’ve seen this and this performance is much like your other ones.” Harry said it would be nice to hear Avalon sing a ballad. Jennifer also added that Avalon needs “a little more urgency”.

During the interview, Avalon said she was surprised because prior to that, Jennifer Lopez told her that she loved the performance. “When they told me to do something different, I was a little lost.” She said if she’s only going to get to sing for America for five more times (before the end of the season), she just wants to do her thing, have a good time and really be herself on TV. “So when I did come out of the competition. I didn’t have to change anything or go back to being any kind of way. I’ve been myself from day one and I remain the same as I was on that first audition,” said Avalon.

Was Lee nervous?

American Idol season 15 top 6, Avalon Young, Lee Jean

Before Lee’s solo performance, host Ryan Seacrest revealed that America’s votes garnered him the unfortunate place of being in the bottom three. Lee, along with Avalon Young and Sonkia Vaid, had to sing for the judges’ votes. After his performance of “Let It Be” by The Beatles, his nerves was the thing that stood-out the most with the judges. Harry Connick Jr. called Lee “really sharp,” and said “the pitch was off.” Keith Urban said the nerves does affect pitch and his tone is “gorgeous.” Keith told him not to worry about the other stuff because it will come in time.

During the conference press call, Lee was asked if he indeed was nervous.
Lee replied “I would definitely say that I was nervous and I don’t say that often.” Just being in the bottom three was nerve-wrecking for him. “I’m 16 and I’m ill experienced,” Lee stressed. He said the performance that he gave was from the heart. “Never mind the nerves and the pitch, everything that was right with it was right for a reason,” stated Lee.

Listen to a portion of LEE & AVALON’S phone interview below!


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