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Two For One Combo Acts! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Radio City Week Four Recap

Posted on August 14 2013 by Editor

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Two For One Combo Acts! AMERICA’S GOT TALENT – Radio City Week Four Recap

Four New AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Semifinalists Announced:

On Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at Radio City Music Hall, four more acts from the top sixty joined the season eight semifinalists Here


This week’s acts get themselves one step closer to the one million dollars and Las Vegas headline show  that is at stake as the grand prize.  This week’s talent acts proved to be versatile and brave. It was a night of combined talents weather the acts intended to blend their skills or not.

Combined talent acts included: video mapping and dancing; a pop singer singing rock; comedy and music; skating and aerial acrobats. The judges praised the singers, and danger acts of Timber Brown and David Ferman.



Third time a charm?

They said, “A lot of people think of classical music as being out of touch. No that’s not true. Everyone in the group are volunteers and friends.”

They performed a Taylor Swift song. Mel B said, “I love you guys the first time I saw you, and the second time. I’m not sure if this song worked well with Call Me Maybe. I’m not sure if your style worked with this particular song.”

Howie said, “I think the uniqueness that you do is the element of surprise. But you did give us a new term – showmance which is brewing between Howard and I.”

Howard asked the question, “Have we seen it over and over again? At the end of the day how do you win $1 million when you keep dong the same thing over and over?”

Heidi reacted, “you guys put me in a good mood. The last time when you said Call Me Maybe and you put me in a good mood this time. I liked it.”

They reacted to the judges comments, “We gave 110 percent. We sang our hearts out.”

Watch the 3Penny Chorus and Orchestra sing ”We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” Here



“You must have a lot of man problems.” – Howie Mandel

Cannon described Chole Channell as  “a hunting shooting kind of girl.” She said she can be a girly girl but likes being a Tom Boy.”   Her Dad said she started on stage when she was six years old and has been singing since she could talk.

She lost her voice during her song.   Howie said, “You sing like you’re livid. You must have a lot of man problems,” as he referred to the content of the song she sang.   “Right Now” by Carrie Underwood.

Howard noticed, “You’re sweet sassy and take control of the stage. You seem like a beauty pageant girl.   You lost your voice, and that comes with nerves. Sometime nerves get the better of people,” in his discouraging voice.

Heidi jumped-in and told Channell “Don’t listen to him. You’re eleven years old and you just performed at Radio City Music Hall.   You’re beautiful and I enjoy watching you.”

Mel B. was also pleased with Channell and said, “You have an incredible voice. The depth and control are spot-on. If you get nervous next time – do you!”

Watch Chloe Channell sing “Done” Here


CHAMPIONS FOREVER Acrobatics (Eliminated)

Pictured: Champions Forever – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

And then there were twelve!

The father of the group said, “When we first started doing this twenty years ago, we didn’t think we’d be doing it as a family, let alone at Radio City Music Hall.” They have twelve kids, and the mother has to do roll call when they go anywhere.

They did a bicycle routine and got a standing ovation from the audience. Howard joked, “We have to practice birth control at some point. You are a great family to watch. There’s every reason in the world why I should love this. But it comes up as wall paper. I watch it and I kind of zone out of it. The thing that keeps me interested is that you’re a family. I think you gave it a good shot.”

Heidi said she liked it, and “a family that plays together stays together. I never seen an act consisting of a wife and husband and twelve children.”

Mel said she found it “a bit repetitive and a bit boring.” She also said, “I think you’re a great family,” then turned to the audience and told them to stop “booing” her.”

Howie joked, “The fact that you are a family not only an interesting production, but an interesting reproduction.”

Watch the Champions Forever’s family fun unicycle riding act Here


SENSETION – Video mapping (Eliminated)

Opening act, or main act?

They are video mapping dancers. They said that they formed the group because, “We saw each all the time at dance auditions. It’s how we became friends (3 of them) We watched America’s Got Talent for years and really loved the technology involved in the acts.” This is what made them think of video mapping. They explained – “It’s like being inside of a video game and not seeing what you are doing.”

They combined lights and magic into tonight’s routine. Heidi reacted, “I have to be honest, you lost my attention very quickly. I felt like I was in a night club. I do like the tech of all of this. I feel like its an opening act and not a main act.”

Mel B. gave them credit, “What you do is very difficult. Some of it worked, some of it didn’t. I’m rooting for you guys. I like you. You’re likeable!”

Howie said, “You said you were watching years ago and were inspired by past acts,” Howie pointed-out a flaw in the at when a dancer’s light went out. “Your light went out. It’s not your fault. I hope America votes.”

Howard didn’t get it. He said, “What was the story with you. I saw a dog and a box and an American flag. What you were saying was lost on me. We need a story guys. We were lost and kind of drifting.”

They said they think they did enough to get through.

Watch SensEtion’s dance turns up the talent Here


THE ROBOTIX – Rock band (Eliminated)

Bringing Ozzy Osbourne to the stage!

Pictured: The Robotix – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

The oldest member is sixteen. The other members are twelve, thirteen, and fourteen. They were friends and made a band. They found the singer Angelina from online. They converted her to Rock and Roll.

They performed an Ozzy Osbourne song. When Robotix were done, they got a standing ovation. Mel B. commented, “I have to say you sounded great tonight. The band rocked the house!.” She said to the singer, “I want you to vocally go for even more. I want you to step-up more and shine. All and all I thought you owned it. Rock-on baby!”

Howie shared Melanie’s opinion, “I agreed with what Mel said. That band was off the hook. You talked about being a Pop singer, you sang the song like a pop star.”

Howard said, “it was good and it was bad. The problem is the drummer was the most exciting thing to watch. You have a problem. That song was too big for you (Angelina) to sing. That song was way beyond you.”

Heidi said she enjoyed it. “For me it felt like watching the School of Rock live. I feel like you have a lot of potential. But I do feel that the musicians were a little better than you.”

Watch The Robotix perform ”Paranoid” Here


TIMBER BROWN Acrobatics (Semi-Finals)

Made something old new again.

Pictured: Timber Brown – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

Brown stated, “I got into acrobatic when I was a kid. Nothing was normal about my childhood.” He said his mom was an alcoholic and his dad was a drug addict. It’s the first time his mother will see him perform during his act tonight. He said he is performing without wires and without a net.

Judges gave him a standing ovation when he was done. Howie said about the audience, “they’re screaming and you deserve the screams! When you come to this point on this stage, you have to ramp it up. You Sir are the first act to take it to the next level.”

Howard said, “People have been saying that I’m grumpy tonight. I’m just honest. He made it elegant, made it scary. He updated it. He did it with no net or wires. That’s a real danger act. You figured out how to make something old and make it new.”

Heidi said Timber Brown was her “favorite act so far.” She said, “You are awesome. You deserve your own act in Las Vegas.” Mel B. asked him “what made you choose that apparatus? America should vote for you.”

Brown said he wanted to show people that he wasn’t going to dot he same thing every time.

Watch acrobat Timber Brown as he spins and hangs from high above Here


CAMI BRADLEY – Singer (Semi-Finals)

A brave rendition!

Nick Cannon introduced Bradley as “a shy singer that wants to get her song out to everyone.” Bradley admitted to being shy by saying, “I’ve always been an introvert but have learned how to hide it really well.” Her husband encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone. Bradley said, “If you’re comfortable your whole life, you’re not going to get a lot out of it.”

Bradley performed “Believe” song by Cher. Howard loved it and said, “we’re having a fantastic night on AGT. You’re going to go through. America will vote for you. You are a star. That song, you took it and for the first time I heard the words and the words meant something. You are fantastic. You look like a star. You look like Lady Gaga playing the piano and you are right up there with her.”

Heidi reacted with “We could really hear a pin drop . Your voice was beautiful.” Mel B. said to Bradley, “Cami, that was very bloody brave. I think you’ve given Cher an idea of how to sing that song. You just took it to a whole new level.”

Howie said, “You are stunning, you’re beautiful. You are brilliant. You are a star! That’s exactly what happens to people like you!”

Cannon said it was a “brave rendition.” Bradley explained of her rendition, “I love to arrange music. I wanted to choose something that would relate to everyone.”

Watch Cami Bradley sing “Believe” Here


TUMMY TALK – Musicians (Eliminated)

Musicians turned comedians!

Pictured: Neve (center) Tummy Talk – AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

We’ve been musicians for a very long time. We thought it would be a fun idea to take our music skills and put it on a human body. Neve is a drummer whose body is the one that they play on. He is also a youth counselor.

When it was over, the judges looked dumbfounded. Heidi responded (to Neve) “I felt like being put in a position to laugh at you and not with you. It feels weird when you got slapped in the face. It felt uncomfortable.”

Mel B. reacted, “I liked the first time that I saw you. I’m not sure about all the things going on.” She was referring to all of the added elements added to their act such as drums and a boxing ring with women.

Howie said, “I think you guys made a big mistake. I think you’re great musicians. You’re doing comedy on comedy. Comedy is not your forte. Music is your forte.”

Howard stated his point, “These three (pointing to the other judges) were proponents of yours and I was not. The problem is that the act doesn’t work. This is going to sound weird (coming from me), but this seemed juvenile to me.”

Neve responded to the judges comments by saying, “I believe that we put everything on this stage.”

Watch Tummy Talk’s belly slapping musical act Here


TAYLOR WILLIAMSON – Comedian (Semi-Finals) America’s Vote!

Too much explaining to do!

Williamson said, “In my career and my life I was never the guy that got picked. This is what I’ve been dreaming of for ten years.”

He stepped out to a Spice Girls song. When he’s act was over, after reading over a reminder check-list, Mel B. said, “Taylor I do find you funny. Tonight was a little bit of a miss for me. You are nervous. You were mumbling.”

Howie interjected, “You can’t judge on the material. He’s an amazing singer when it comes to comedy. People are going to remember this awkward guy.” Howard said to Williamson, “You are a very likeable guy I think women are going to like you. I think you delivered. I think your material is good. I think your character is great.”

Williamson replied to Howard that he thought he was very pleasant and not “mean” like the other contestants have said. Heidi yelled, “I am the meanie!” Then critiqued his act by stating, “When you are being just you, I like you. But, I’m looking for an act that I can go and see with my family. I would have too much explaining to do with my kids.”

Watch comedian Taylor Williamson use humor to explain what he has learned from his time in New York City Here


AERIAL ICE – Acrobatics, dancing, skating (Eliminated)

The year of combining different talents.

Their act consists of skating, dancing and aerial acrobatics.

Since their first audition, they received a letter from Olympian gold medal winner Sarah Hughes congratulating them. They have a multi-level stage to perform on at Radio City Music Hall.

Howie said “This is the year of combining different talent as far as aerial and skating. The toughness of being able to skate on synthetic ice is parallel to judging on pleather seats!”

Howard was glad to see that they took his advice, “You did exactly what I wanted you to do. I said you have to step it up and you delivered. Look at what you’re doing. These ladies heads are two inches off the ice. Its dangerous yet graceful. Fantastic job!”

Heidi thought it was “awesome.” She said, “This is what America’s Got Talent is all about. I’d go see this act with my kids in Vegas.”

Mel B said she “wasn’t blown away by it” like the other judges. “The tricks that you did at the end, I wish you had started off with that. Because you can up the antie.”

Watch Aerial Ice dazzle and mystify with a beautiful routine on the ground and in the air Here


DAVID FERMAN – Juggler (Eliminated)

His balls were burning!

He was inspired by a juggler on a cruise with his parents. David said, “Being a showman is a bit difficult when I’m a nerd inside.”

His act required him to be suspended himself upside down over a fifty-gallon drum of gas while he is juggling balls of fire over it. He has to juggle the burning balls fifty times in order to stop the rising drum of gas from getting too close.

Heidi said, “I liked it. I loved the story that your parents told us. That you used your Barmitzah money. You always come up with something that is new and different.”

Mel B. was a bit tougher to please and said, “I think what you do is very dangerous. This is your problem – we almost don’t know when it starts and when it finishes. There’s no showmanship.”

Howard agreed with Heidi and stated, “You’re very talented. Your set-up takes too long. You make us not care. You have to work on showmanship and have more razzle dazzle.”

Howie exclaimed that he didn’t know what “razzle dazzle” is and said, “It’s crazy what you do. Most kids your age are working over the fryer.” Howard pointed out – “He juggles upside down!” Howie matched him by saying, “and his balls were burning!”

Watch juggler David Ferman’s barrel of fire act Here


JIMMY ROSE – Singer (Semi-Finals)

Better than Marty!

He’s from Pineville, Kentucky. He said, “When you graduate from High School where I’m from, I went straight under ground. I decided if I’m going to risk my life, I want to risk it for my country. I didn’t want to be that guy that didn’t chase his dream of being a singer. Things like this doesn’t happen to people like me.”

He sang Bryan Adams “Heaven” for his performance act.

Heidi reacted by saying, “Well Jimmy you sing with a lot of heart and soul. I like that you take your time when you sing. You’re super relaxed. I think America will vote for you.” Mel B. said “That is actually one of my favorite songs. For Me personally that didn’t hit the spot.” She got booed by the audience.

Howie didn’t hold a lot of faith in Rose when he said, “I think you’re very good. I don’t know if it was exciting. If Marty is any testament to how America votes, I think you were better than Marty!” The audience didn’t like Howie’s answer and scattered “boos” could be heard.

Howard was also not impressed with Rose and said, “You are a Veteran. you were a coal miner. I think you are a very adequate singer. But they have to vote on talent and not on back story.”

Rose said he felt that he did great and that it was just an honor to be there.

Watch Jimmy Rose sing “Heaven” Here


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