Two Self Eliminations on Zach’s No Drama THE BACHELOR Week 3 Recap

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Two Self Eliminations on Zach’s No Drama THE BACHELOR Week 3 Recap

Pictured (l-r): CHRISTINA, ZACH, BRIANNA / Photos: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth, Nino Muñoz

The third week’s episode of “The Bachelor” season 27 began with Host Jesse Palmer delivering the first date card of the week to the women.   The date card was for Kaity and read: “I want a love for the ages” – Zach.   Two major surprises happened this week.  SPOILER ALERT! One was that it turned out that Brianna was onto something last week when she called-out Christina’s malicious intentions when telling her that she “hates” her. 

Because, we got to see Christina fully coming out as a villain in this week’s episode.  The start of that happened after Kaity received her date card.  Christina felt jealous and said “I didn’t expect how weird that would be.”  The second major surprise was when ‘Bachelor Zach Shallcross invited his first one-on-one date of the week to sleep over.  Kaity didn’t get back to the mansion until 7 am the next morning.  This was sure to cause some drama and friction amongst the group of women.  There was a lot of jealousy expressed during the confessional interviews.  Kaity did tell them that she didn’t sleep.  So, hmmm…none of us know what really happened between her and Zach during their mock camping date.  Everything was sweet and normal with Zach’s second one-on-one date this week with Aly. 

Two women realized that there was no chemistry between them and Zach and self-eliminated.  After Zach couldn’t give Bailey the validation that she needed during the After Party, Zach bid her farewell.  Then, at the pool party, Brianna also realized that there was no chemistry between her and Zach and she decided to tell him about Christina’s nasty comments she made to the other women before exiting.  

This gave Zach some info to heavily contemplate especially since she had met his family, which he was then regretting.  He decided to not give her a rose during the Rose Ceremony where she seemed to have had too much to drink. That’s where the episode ended.



Pictured: KAITY, ZACH SHALLCROSS / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Zach said he and Kaity had an early connection in night one and described it as a “spark” that they have between them.  For their date, Zach took Kaity to the Natural History Museum after hours, and had the key.  They had the whole museum to themselves.  

Back at the mansion: The group date card arrived.  The names on the card were:  Ariel, Mercedes, Kylee, Christina, Bailey, Genevie, Brooklyn, Brianna, Jess, Katherine, Anastasia, Davia, Gabi, Aly, Greer.   The card read, “There are no rules in the game of love.” – Zach

Back to Zach and Kaity:  Kaity said she’s never experienced something so romantic and it’s’ like going from zero to one hundred.  Zach asked her what she’s looking for in a life partner.  She told him about her past “tumultuous” relationship.  Moving forward, she’s looking for someone “safe.”  And “someone who’s not going to run away when things get hard.”  She then got emotional.  She said “just the basics.”

Zach told Kaity that she deserves so much more, like five star dates like the one they’re one.   Zach gave her the date rose.  He asked her if she’d like to spend the night there with him.  She answered “absolutely.”  He told her that he has something special planned for them. 

It was a mock camping setup with a tent and campfire.  They got into their pajamas and ran through the museum to see the wildlife. 
Back at the mansion:  The girls were speculating that Kaity wasn’t coming back any time soon and expected the worst, that she might not come back that night at all! 

The Next Morning:  The girls at the mansion were up at 7 am and realized that Kaity still had not come back from her date.  She then walked in with a rose and dressed in pajamas.  Brooklyn said “it definitely looked like a walk of shame.  But, I don’t want to think about that.”  Kaity told the girls that “it was really romantic.  It was a really good time” and that she didn’t sleep.  Of course the women were super jealous.  


THE BACHELOR Bowl 5, Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Zach met the women on a football field.  He said the date is a good opportunity to grow a connection with the women.  Two NFL legends joined them on the date.  Both men were from the L.A. Chargers,   Shawn Marriman and Antonio Gates.   They told the girls that they would be playing “Bachelor Bowl 5” where the winners would join in the after Party and the losers would go back home. 

Brianna said she had no athletic background at all.  She did notice that the date card said “there are no rules in the game of love.”  Christina said she’s done Cross Fit since she was eleven years old.  Jesse Palmer and Hannah Storm were the commentators of the game! 

Soon after kick off, Anastasia was on the ground.  Everyone was worried, but she assured everyone that she was okay.  Christina was the star of the game making touchdowns.  Christina’s team, the Blue team, won the game and got to go to the After Party.


The women on the winning Team were: Charity, Brooklyn, Kylee, Christina, Bailey, Ariel, Katherine (Kat), Brooklyn.  The girls noticed that Christina was talking a lot about her one-on-one with Zach last week and made them uncomfortable.  Zach shared some alone time with each woman where they got to talk more, and for some, make-out time. 

Back at the mansion:  A box arrived for Aly’s upcoming one-on-one date with Zach.  The date card read: “Aly, are you ready to fall in love?” – Zach.  Inside the box was a wedding dress.  The girls were flipping out!

Back to the After Party:  Christina was going on about her strong connection with Zach and her one-on-one again.  Finally, Brooklyn told her that they didn’t want to hear about her date anymore, and it was starting to seem that she was being “malicious.”  Hmmm….maybe Brianna was on to something last week after all!

In Bailey’s alone time with Zach, she said that she was concerned that they don’t have that strong connection anymore.  She was looking for validation from Zach.  However, he agreed with her.  She was heart broken and wanted to hear that he wanted her to stay. 

Bailey decided to go back and talk to Zach again to let him know that she really wants to be there.  Zach told her that he really doesn’t know and is not that confident that there is a future with them.  Bailey said she fely that if they have more time together, that she’s certain that they could get there.  Zach told her that there are other women there that he has stronger connections with and sent her home.

Zach said that their relationship just wasn’t growing at the rate that other relationships were and he didn’t want to lead her on.  Zach told the other women that Baily wanted validation and he couldn’t give that to her, and he can’t lead people on.  

Zach gave the date rose to Charity.  He said it was going to someone where there’s something there that he wants to explore more.   After Zach left, Christina said she was “confused.”  She didn’t know why she didn’t get the rose.  The other women came to Charity’s defense.  Brooklyn told Christina that every situation, she turns it around on her.  


Pictured: ZACH SHALLCROSS, ALY / Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Aly met Zach at a mock altar where Zach was wearing a suit.  Then Zach took Aly to go up in a private airplane.  He said “Aly’s a blast” and she’s adventurous.  He asked her if she would jump out of this plane with him.  She answered, “I do.” But, she was freaking out, and trying to appear calm in front of Zach.

After jumping out of the plane, Zach and Aly finished their date off in a hot tub.  They went to dinner that evening.  Zach told Aly that he’s really lucky with her because he’s looking for someone who has their “sh!@t together.”  Aly said for her, she likes to be in control of the date.  And, that stems from past relationships with men who were too controlling over her.

Aly told Zach that she wants a safe space but also where she can invest in a healthy relationship.  Zach told Aly that she’s “this kick ass woman” and wants to see more of her.  “What you are naturally is what I’m 100% into,” Zach told her.  

Aly got the date rose.  Zach said he wanted to give her the date rose because he wants her to continue there with him, and also he wants to see where this goes. 


Pictured: ZACH SHALLCROSS, BROOKLYN / Photo:ABC/Craig Sjodin

Jesse Palmer told the women that Zach doesn’t feel he needs a Cocktail Party that night. Instead, he’s having a pool party!  A lot of women took full advantage to get closer to Zach.  Ariel, Jess, Christina were some of those women.

Brianna was starting to think that there is nothing romantic between her and Zach and feeling like she’s on her way out.  Zach explained that when talking to Brianna, it doesn’t feel real, not natural.  She said she is real.  

But, she told Zach it’s because of “hard things going on in the house.”  She said she’s sharing this information with him because she’s planning on leaving. Brianna told Zach how Christina has been intimidating the women. 

Zach was shocked. He decided that he needed to figure out what’s going on.  Zach was smooth in how he asked to talk to Christina.  He told the group of women that he was going to talk to everyone, then called Christina first. Zach said what’s worst for him is that he’s there to find his best friend and he has to deal with stuff like this! Lol!

Christina started breaking-down and asked Zach to help her.  Then, Zach hugged her and told her that he had to think about this.  He grabbed Brooklyn next.  She told him about how Christina said she was “confused” after Charity got the date rose.  After talking to Charity, it didn’t seem to take a whole lot of convincing for Zach to determine that he would most likely send Christina home.  The pool party was ended by Jesse who told the ladies to get ready for the Rose Ceremony. 


Zach opened up the ceremony by saying he is so grateful to be there with this group and realized that everyone sacrificed a lot to be there.
Roses went to:  Jess, Gabi, Ariel, Geneieve, Greer, Kat, Kylee, Davia, Anastasia, Brooklyn, Mercedes.

Women who already had roses: Kaity, Charity, Aly

Christina could be heard saying “fuuuddge” while waiting for that last rose.  It appeared that she might have been a little tipsy.  Ultimately, she did not get a rose.  

Women who went home: Bailey, Brianna, Christina.

NEXT WEEK: Zach and his bachelorettes will go to The Bahamas!  Zach gets closer to:  Ariel, Kat, Aly.  Then more drama erupts when one of the women gets accused of being there for social media.

Pictured (l-r): CHRISTINA, ZACH, BRIANNA / Photos: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth, Nino Muñoz



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